About those upgrades last week? Oh, and Happy Solstice!!!

ascension symptoms energy update life purpose sacred rituals Jun 20, 2018

Hey beautiful! You know how I posted about those upgrades last week? 

(Oh! And Happy Solstice!)

Well, I asked what I needed to do to take extra care of myself to support the process of expansion (because that is all they are), and I received the message to juice fast from Monday lunchtime to Wednesday lunchtime and get more exercise. 

For me, that meant going back to the gym as I realised I hadn't gone to the gym since Adaya was supposed to go back to New Zealand last time. 

And how much I remember that gym to me, means strengthening muscles, which enables my physical body to hold more Light. 

So I did those things. And more. 

And the reveal from them? 

Huge. Amazing. 

And - right on time. #ofcourse

I had been questioning, something felt off, something wasn't right with HOW I was offering my services, of - DOING WHAT I AM MEANT TO BE DOING ON THIS PLANET!

Aka how I was DOING my Life Purpose, wasn't at the highest level and what I contracted in the highest good of all to be of service of WHY I EVEN CAME TO PLANET EARTH. 

Aka - my POTENTIAL. 

Yesterday before my fast finished I was at the shop and it all felt so weird (maybe because I was fasting and my senses were exponentially heightened, maybe because going to places like the shops, makes me realise how much I live in another reality, maybe a combination of all of them and more) and all that was jumping out at me - it was on the cover of a magazine, but at the time it was like a banner was stretched across the entire shopping centre with flashing lights and all - lets say IT STOOD OUT. 

And made me feel weird! lol 

Well, not really. 

I was like - What Am I hiding?? 

Well show me! 

Because, goodness, what on Earth more can I let out?! 

And then, of course, my answer came!!! 

So, many things came. 

This past week - all the pieces of the puzzle have been put together. 

I could feel something screaming (again) to be let out of me, but not sure what! 

And now, I deeply know. 

And now, I deeply bow humbly to my Life Purpose. 

There is so much that I cannot reveal right now. 

But I felt called to share this with you right now - that - remember this date, Winter (Southern Hemisphere) Solstice, Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) 2018. 

Remember it, because I am going to refer back to it - frequently! Well, maybe not, but who knows, all I am saying is remember this time of the 21st June 2018. 

Many of you know, I have been going through an intensely huge restructure of my business and this past week, so many things have been brought to my attention about what I am doing in my business and life aka my Life Purpose:

  • in my showing up
  • in my supporting you
  • in my caring for you 
  • in my holding your heart space 
  • in awakening you to hold your heart space 
  • what I am REALLY doing on the planet (yes, I thought I was already doing it too!)
  • so much more I can't reveal at this moment in time 

Many of you saw, how I posted about facebook wanting to ban me for typing too fast (yes I am aware that it is to prevent bots and more), yet - what is the solution!? I type fast, and more and more this past several weeks I have felt a bit 'off' for some reason in a way I was showing up, serving, BEING of service and more.

Something, was obviously awaiting to come out of me. The facebook typing thing is just one scenario! 

There are things like my iphone7 going slower than usual and again, me wanting to type fast or open programs at rapid speed and feeling like all of our current technology is out of date (anyone else feel this?!!?) (I love you to bits Steve Jobs, just time for upgrades - are your team onto it?!) 

And more... that will be shared in detail in my book... 

I am deeply excited, in so much gratitude at the clarity I have received about my Life Purpose and what I am here to do. 

If you are in my private groups, you are probably going to get the inside goss, otherwise, you will have to wait for my book! 

Or - you will see it very soon... the big reveal is coming - are you ready? 

I am soooo excited, elated and totally revered to my knees, humbled, in deep gratitude what I am here to do and feel soooo in alignment and on purpose, I didn't realise I was so out of alignment! 

So, the final parts of my business restructure, are now also being restructured! #awesome #makessomuchsense #timing 

"Your Purpose is to Remember Love. And when you do, help others to remember Love too - not turn away from those screaming out for LOVE the most." - and yes, there is a way to do this, without compromising your own values, energy, time, morals, self-care, (anything else you can think of), whilst energising you to your highest potential and LIVING it, being in complete joy and gratitude and having anything at all you completely desire. (Okay, that was a slight, teeny, tiny reveal of what is to come! And I'm serious when I say teeny tiny!)

And I am in deep, deep gratitude. 

Serving you, is my calling. 

Serving Humanity, is my calling.

Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity is my calling. (has been since this downloaded to me in August 2006!)

It is here, I bow to you. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

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