TWO THINGS: Attacking Darkness & This thing on Narcs

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TWO THINGS: Attacking Darkness & This thing on Narcs
1. There are a lot of people talking about ‘dark energies attacking you’ right now.... but don’t you see they are only doing it to wake you up to deeper, stronger, more powerful aspects of your own light? To live, on purpose?
2. A narc is a representation of your shadow, of your unconsciousness.
If think deeply about it, in the start, you knew it wasn’t right, but you entered into the unconsciousness with them. You stepped into the dark, with them.
For your consciousness, your light, your intuition, you already knew it wasn’t right- but you chose to go unconscious with them for a time. You chose to step into the shadow with them.
Find that reason why and your light will be stronger for it.
I always feel a deep heart pang when people call people ‘narcs’ and point the finger at them. Saying how bad and nasty they are and more.
It isn’t them.
They are a representation of your own unconsciousness - you chose to ignore your inner light and consciousness to step into the dark with them.
You ignored the warning signs, the red flags, your intuition when it said no.
That wasn’t them - that was you.
Stop blaming them. This is about you, not them.
On the other hand, is the word narcissistic, the modern day word for warlock 🤔 someone who steals light and energy?
But... is us not having strong enough boundaries for it not to be taken in the first place?
That Warlocks, just like demons - are o my there for us to remember the light in the first place?
To.... truly own and live our purpose,
On purpose, in the light? Like we came here for in the first place?
Where are you not doing that in your full light, that they’ve had to come and show you where you are not?
What are the lessons in that to begin with?
To see your own light so someone doesn’t have to show you by ‘taking it from you’ and leading you into the dark, so you have to turn the light on.
Turn your light on and see/own it now. 💡
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑