Did you see the article I shared about the Resonance of the Earth Geomagnetic Field?

energy awareness heart healing how to trust your intuition magnetic field Nov 05, 2019
Did you see the article I shared about the Resonance of the Earth Geomagnetic Field? There has been HUGE shifts in the evolution of consciousness, the vibration we are sitting at and moving into and EVERYONE is feeling it. And this sudden spike? Well, we are in Lion's Gate and coming up to the Total Solar Eclipse that astrologers have been harping on about for years to this date! (You can check it out here if you didn't: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/resonance-earths-geomagnetic-field-has-quadrupled-last-24-hours ) Apparently it quadrupled!! Right when I am channeling Calling In Your Soulmate and Integrating SACRED 4!!! QUAD!!! HA! Coincidence much?!!? I know I have a powerful presence and purpose on this Earth!!! 
I speak about this exact thing in Heart Chakra Consciousness - for the Heart's Magnetic Field is so powerful and strong - and the Earth has one too - and this is what has been shifting and of course, so have we - for there is no separation in the energy fields, we are all connected and all mirrors.
We all lose consciousness at times and act in ways we regret later on. Yet, with practise, those moments can become longer and longer and fewer and farer in between... just like a toddler learning to walk, they continue to fall over and eventually they walk and only rarely fall over after that.
The Heart Chakra and the magnetic field that surrounds your beautiful Heart (remember, we want this field to be like a Rose Bush, not a concrete wall PM me if you don't know what I am talking about here).... this Heart Chakra field is a muscle and becomes stronger with practise and exercise - just like going to the gym and strengthening your muscles, it takes practise, discipline and consistency to stay strong.
Benefits of staying in your Heart?
~ Transforming those negative vibes with ease
~ Clear Intuition
~ Compassion becomes your middle name
~ Balanced, centred and aware
~ You receive more LOVE and ABUNDANCE
~ You align with your Life Purpose
~ Forgive and Forget easier than you've ever done before (yep, this is how you let shit go and move on for good!)
Want to strengthen your Heart's Magnetic Field?
In Heart Chakra Consciousness I show you EXACTLY how to do just this!
~ Healing Heart Meditation
~ Archangel Resonance Attunement (Life Purpose & Relationship Healing)
~ Slow Down Breath Technique Meditation (to create a truly powerful Heart Magnetic Field)
~ Clairsentience Healing (get clear in your 'gut feelings', so you can listen and act on your intuition)
~ Processes to help heal the grief in your Heart from past hurt and pain and allow the LOVE into your life that you are consistently trying to call in and it isn't working for you babe.....
Powerful Processes for you.... 5 Audio Meditations all to get your Heart's Magnetic Field strong, aligned, balanced and clear now babe... click here to open your Heart now: https://www.realityawareness.com/essentials-free-meditation-pack

❤️The Shift Is Here ❤️

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑