emf's empath dilemmas Oct 06, 2019


I underestimate how important it is in sharing this

If you're feeling cloudy, foggy, feel like you always have no energy, struggle to fall asleep or constantly wake up tired - it is so important to check what I am about to share here with you. 

Of course, as always, there are MANY other contributing factors, but this, I think a lot of us FORGET - How much we seem to take technology for granted these days, let alone the EMF energy we are constantly energetically breathing in. 

So many people are complaining about 5G (btw they are almost ready to release 6G did you know this?!😱Imagine what people are going to freak about then!) - but what is the reality that you would live with out your phone, bluetooth in your car, home wifi these days? Could you really - do you choose to? Probably not.. So be mindful what you are 'complaining' about... 

Let alone.. the nano technology that people are now carrying in their bodies - people are walking EMF radiation towers now #imaginethat πŸ˜± #yikes

So what do we do about it? 

Regardless of that question, the message I am feeling called to share is to check - how much do you hold your phone? Is your wifi on when you do? 

On iphones, unless you change the setting every morning at 5am, wifi and bluetooth automatically turn on, on your phone. 

If you are sleeping with your phone next to your bed, you are being bombarded by wifi before you even wake (well, depending on what time you wake!) 

If you are using a wireless mouse on a computer, your hand is holding bluetooth vibes all day. 

If you are on a laptop, 99.9% imagine you are using wifi. 

Bluetooth vibes in your car... on your airpods or wireless earphones... 

You can't walk down the street without picking up 10-15 to more wifi signals... have you tried it?? See how many you pick up.... 

If you are in a home or other building with wifi, you are being bombarded with wifi all day. Yes - this means your children at schools/daycares/home and other places. 

If you can, turn your wifi off your phone whilst holding it. Limit the time you hold your device with wifi on - and yes, of course check your data plan, sometimes there is no option for you but to use wifi to limit data usage on your plan, depending on what plan you have - yet - be mindful. 

If you start feeling super drained with energy and don't know why you can can't shift it (again, yes, MANY factors that can and do contribute to wiped energy) - but this is so important to check, because so many sleep with their phones by their head, wake up and jump on their phone immediately when they wake, people have televisions in their bedroom and so much more. 

Let alone the devices themselves putting off their own radiation energetic vibes that they do, the bluetooth and wifi amplify this. Take note of how much time you spend carrying around your device, how much time you spend on it, what wifi you are constantly around (you can't even walk down a suburban street or shops or anywhere unless you're in the middle of nowhere without being bombarded with everyone's wifi these days). 

Let alone other devices in your home, microwaves and other electrical items. 

When the power goes out in a house/street/suburb - have you ever noticed how different the energy feels? I notice it HUGELY and it is like I can breathe again, like I feel calm and nothing I 'did' made this feeling, but ALL electricity being cut to my suburb. When it comes back on, it is like I am all jittery again.. and then I get used to that jittery. Interesting right? 

When you sleep, turn your phone on airplane mode if you MUST have it by your bed. 

When you sleep, remove as much technology out of your room as possible, let alone your children's. Make sure all devices in the house have all their wifi's switched off - especially for children holding those devices for long periods of time. 

When you sleep, notice what is on the other side of the wall of where you lay your head - does the head of your bed, is it up against a wall, that on the other side is where the television and other devices are? What about your children's? 

Can you turn your wifi off in your home when you sleep?

Let alone low energy I have also noticed other symptoms of skin irritations, sensitivity to light, what feels like burning of the skin and sensitive muscles/weak muscles/hurts to push on something in people I have spoken to about this. 

The people... who are now injected with nano technology... they are going to have to work super consciously at balancing their energy and coming back to natural homeostasis. It will be big work. 

If you're around people who are like a 5G tower.. that... is also big energetic work. 

Hence, why I keep saying that your energetic practises are more important than ever right now. 

How to fix this? 

#1 - Spend Time in Nature, preferably away from the city/suburbs where wifi is bombarded let alone what is already hitting our towns - yes, I am not even going to mention it! If you can't travel away, being outside and literally placing your hands and feet on the Earth barefoot, hands on trees literally resets your energy field. (Here is ways to do this, without looking like a crazy hippy - yes, you can do this anywhere: https://www.realityawareness.com/blog/day-8-almighty-tree-alignment) Get in the ocean, spend time in remote places or places that are away from buildings and places where wifi is. Reconnect to our Earth. 

#2 - Start using the suggestions I have written here about monitoring how much device holding and technology bombardment you are around compared to how much nature time you experience. Increase your nature time and decrease the device time, especially whilst sleeping and monitor it over 3 months to notice the difference it makes to your system. Especially notice it with your children - get them involved, tell them why you are doing it, do it as a family and get them to monitor their own feelings as well, let alone teaching them to clear their energy when they get home from school. (Click here, if you haven't listened to my free audio on how to help your children with this: https://soundcloud.com/realityawareness/how-to-support-your-kids-energetically-by-hannah-andrews-reality-awareness)

#3 - Crystals. There are plenty of powerful Crystals that absorb negative energy, especially as the devices increase to match the increasing systems being implanted on our Earth as we speak. Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Andalusite, Lodestone, Manganite, Shungite are just to name some. There are many more I am sure. 

#4 - Remember it is your WHOLE health and well being. Are you in a toxic relationship or career that is sucking the life out of you? Are you needing to support your physical body with diet changes? Are you needing to shift out deep trauma healing? It is the WHOLE picture, not just one thing, yet, I felt super called to share this about technology and wifi, because it has been coming up a a lot again recently and I think so many forget we are constantly in this energy too. 

#5 - Exercise is imperative to brain health, let alone physical well being. This moves energy and reconnects you back to your body - which is, the best form of protection and clearing you'll find around. Of course, clear your chakras and more, but this, mustn't be overlooked either. 

#6 - Detox your body. Take supplements that support your health. Remember - not point in adding supplements if your body is full of crap and you haven't cleansed your system. So important. 

#7 - Get around people who are living the life you want to be living. Spending time with people who drain you... is only going to weaken your energy. Yes, be around them, but limit the time and notice how you feel when you leave. 

#8 - Trust Your Intuition. If you are not acting on your intuitive guidance - you are going to feel more drained. The fastest way to health is to act, on your intuitive guidance. 

How can you start monitoring and changing your technology resets in your home and energetic practises today? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘

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