Everyone has heard of Generational Ancestral Healing - from our current lifetime bloodline/family. 

Yet, this past 4-5 days, what has been streaming through so strongly, is that there are Ancestral Soul Lineage Shifts going on. 

I have been noticing there is a particular thread/theme through my clients and with myself this past few days and I have been asking what it is specifically and this was the answer that I received. 

The Ancestral Soul Lineage is changing/releasing/rethreading. 

Just like we clear, release, cleanse and heal Ancestral Lineage - the same kind of work applies to Ancestral Soul Lineage - yet, I feel that through all the work we have been doing - this has naturally just detached this past 4-5 days. 

The waves of anxiety around the same time of day that 7am-9am AEST, and the feeling like everything is falling into place, but everything is 'lost' at the same time - I have been getting the message that this is what it is - Ancestral Soul Lineage shifts. The waves are the threads breaking/snapping/moving away from what was, to moving into new territory of what is more aligned energetically with the internal vibrational shifts that you've been working on/through. 

What does that look like in real time reality? 

You know how they say you have your 'Soul Family' - so you have Blood Relatives/Family in this life time, but then you also resonate with a Soul Family, they feel more like home that blood family sometimes - well, it is this, that is changing. 

You will either feel more far away and shifted further away from people who felt like Home, who felt like deep Soul Resonance Family to you - you found your Soul Tribe - yet, you will either feel SUPER distant from them - or feel more connected and a big YES more than ever right now and this next 2-3 weeks I am getting the message that this is still going to occur. 

If things are falling away, let them. 

If you are not clear on something - wait. The answers are coming. 

There is a huge falling away/breaking away/snapping of ties - as one web that you are on, is being released from another and those that felt like Soul Family, just aren't resonating anymore. 


Snapping off - the threads are breaking, the ties are changing. Why? 

The messages that I have been receiving are because we have been doing so much Past Life work, so much inner work, not only has the subconscious become more conscious, but with all the karma releasing, vow releasing Soul healing of past life vows, family karma drama and deep inner healing of the relationships we have had eons of lifetimes together for that so many of us have been releasing the karma bonds and vows that we've continued to be on the same webs for - that BECAUSE of all this work - the Soul Family Bonds/Ancestral Soul Lineage Lines are being released/snapped/changed right now. 

A bit like a thread of a spider web, eventually stretching and then it snaps off, I feel like this is what has been happening/is happening especially this last 4-5 days.

There is no extra work you have to do for this. It is a natural evolution of the work you already do and have been doing. Of course, consciously exploring this is an option and can be done, just like anything. 

Yet, this is what has naturally been occurring and I have been getting messages about and have been called to share with you here. 

So if you've been wondering what the big energetic shifts and changes you have been feeling this past 4-5 days, it is this. You are on a web that is shifting away from Soul Family Ancestral Soul Lineage lines.

When I 'see' it - I see it/they show me, spider web like orbs that are untangling from themselves/separating and going in different directions in, what looks like space, with all the stars, that almost, the 'webs' could look like galaxies, yet, I am not seeing that as such, but it makes me wonder when I get shown these things, what they actually are - because ultimately who would ever really know right? 

Ah, our amazing Universe and this place we call LIFE ðŸ•ŠðŸŒâ¤ï¸

Have you, felt the pull away, the natural drawing away from people that felt like Soul Family before and now, not very drawn to them and wonder why or what is happening? 

Perhaps this is even happening for your current lifetime family bloodline lineage? The truth is surfacing for you, and you are making choices that align more with the person you are becoming? Even if that means walking through, what feels like a pile of selfishness - you KNOW you have to do this for your own future and what you are feeling called to create in your life, even if you're not clear on 'what' exactly just yet? You know you can't continue on like you have been before?

Send me a message if you are struggling! You're not alone beautiful one, you're just feeling the collective shifts and are right on path, that is all. 

Everything is changing. 

We all have been working towards a greater level of Love throughout Humanity after all. That doesn't come... without change beautiful ones. 

Change and movement away from what is no longer aligned. 

Remember, it isn't about what you're moving away from.. it is what you are moving towards that is important ❤️

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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