#energyupdate August Full Moon

#energyupdate Two floats in one week ๐Ÿ’ฆ a powerful Full Moon Ceremony ๐ŸŒ• let alone the Masculine Healing ๐ŸฆŒaspect of this Full Moon deeply playing it's part in the huge stepping up and shifts of taking back our power (all on Solar Plexus Week!) and returning to the pure connection of self....Native American Indian Energy Surfacing, the Mayan Civilisation Energy Surfacing - the World is at deep unrest...  

I don't feel like.. it's all me though... ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ  

I feel like there is big shifts going on - WAKE UP calls to what no longer serves us - no, what no longer NOURISHES OUR SOUL and we are shedding, shedding, shedding.  

Layer upon layer, upon layer, upon layer - of releasing everything that we no longer feel useful or in alignment anymore.  

Letting go of roles that no longer serve us - like shedding a skin that we've outgrown and no longer need..  

Taking back our power by saying no to what no longer serves you, releasing the exhaustion by gaining support and finding the 'food' that fuels our SOUL....  

We are in the Solar Plexus - but that means - the Sacral Chakra has been activated...  


Our Sacral Chakra is what nourishes us to our CORE - not the surface connections, not the unsustainable areas, but the deep, sustainable SOUL FOOD FUEL sustainers - like connection to Source, to your SOUL and trusting yourself over any outside source of what refuels your Soul before anything else - including people.  

You have come into a deeper sense of self - you may be starting to have realisation after realisation right now about the truth of a situation - that is what happens when you take back your power, come into deep alignment (all Solar Plexus) and then realising what sustains us and what doesn't - as this is Sacral Chakra, deeply nourishing us to the core and the realisations are coming from/through the Third Eye which is deeply connected to the Sacral Chakra - but also then - this alignment and taking back your power, returning to empowerment, instead of staying in victim mode - this alignment of energy - allows us to see clearly.  

I almost posted earlier today after my float (soooo YUM having 2 floats in one week!) that - "The clarity of energy that comes when I leave anything behind that no longer is in alignment, when I say no to what drains my soul and energy which only is coming from over giving, saying yes when I mean no or don't want to, or choose to do something out of guilt, I get clouded with energy, other peoples energy and carry them all at the same time.  

When I have moved further and further away from my people pleaser role and say yes to my soul, instead of yes to others - all of a sudden, my energy field is SUPER clear and there is SPACE.  

I am energetically clear when I say yes to my SOUL and follow my intuition with every breath and choice that I take.  

I nourish my soul with activities that deeply replenish me and I come alive as a result, let alone come into deep alignment with who I am meant to be and deeply own this right now.  

Notice the affirmations in my everyday speech?! (Who wants new affirmation tracks and guide sheets for their journalling/mindset practise?! Comment a ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’šbelow if YES!)  

You may have or about to:  

~ manifest something that is so huge for your Soul - that you KNOW you are meant to do and become and BE who you are within this realm of space  

~ you be right on the edge to becoming who you are, manifesting what you've been working on, manifested something in physical form, or about to  

~ have had reconnections back to the Feminine - whether your own feminine energy self, deeper self love or a reconnection with a Mother/Woman/Feminine figure that you thought was long gone OR anger coming up and out about one or hurled/directed at you 'seemingly out of the blue'  

~ you may have been feeling deep waves of Peace this week, coupled with bouts of anger or wtf's going on - but at the same time, this deeply grounded Peace - which is somewhat confusing at the same time  

~ you are taking action more than you ever have before and are feeling deeply grounded in that space  

~ protecting your divine energy self more than you ever have before, not out of fear, but out of deep self love for who you are and your practise that is deeply taking you to where you want to go  

~ you may be getting urges to start a new routine, particularly relating to self care/exercise and consciously working on your dreams in a big, big way...  

With the Ancient Cultures surfacing - just like every Easter and Christmas - Jesus comes to remind us of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ONENESS - these culture energies pouring through right now are reminding us to BE WHO WE ARE - more than ever before, the world is at deep unrest - we can all feel it, crossroads energetically - but these 'sleeping/slumbering' cultures are waking from their sleep - and they are awakening WITHIN YOU. This consciousness pouring through the cells of your BLOOD of the activations that you are and have walked these lands before... this remembrance of WHO YOU ARE and taking back your land (your power and your sense of self) before you were killed for it - who were you?  


(You can do that with my Past Life Meditation if you don't have that already, click here for this)  

This is the time for deep, divine change - these next two weeks are going to see huge shifts in August, that you've never felt before.  

I feel like more is going to 'come out' on a global level early September, but even the last week of August - so even though you may have big stuff surface yourself - know, there are HUGE collective shifts going on right now, 'focusing' you to 'face the reality of your own part in it all' - which is us stepping up and facing our own stuff, more than we've ever faced before.  

Trust these big changes - the Solar Plexus is deeply coming into honouring your self worth and trusting yourself - leading you into what nourishes your CORE at your Sacral Chakra - THE PLACE WHERE OUR DREAMS ARE MANIFESTED/GESTATED - the Sacral is our Womb, the Sacred Womb of ALL creation - and you deeply have to trust yourself, to give birth to your dreams.  

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ๐Ÿ‘‘  

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