#energyupdate Lions Gate Portal CLOSED, but - another opens - the Galactic Crossover is REAL ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ’ซ

#energyupdate Lions Gate Portal CLOSED, but - another opens - the Galactic Crossover is REAL ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ’ซ

There has been some huge shifts going on right? I thought it was just me... then I remembered... where we ARE ๐Ÿ”ฅ

We've just come through the Lion's Gate Portal and literally walked into a NEW WORLD. 

One that feels familiar, but it doesn't - it is almost like this complete new way of being that we've 'worked so hard to get to' - is like - a pile of doubt coming up in this new space - wondering if you've made the right choice. Yet - you know you have but - ๐Ÿค”

You may be feeling: 

  • super funky and weird 
  • digestive issues/gut gurgling/shifting/burping
  • bloating when usually you don't have it 
  • cycles have changed 
  • questioning everything 
  • feeling somewhat ungrounded and making conscious effort to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground 
  • know you're shifting through something huge right now and that soon, you will be in a completely new way of life and that things will have 'landed' but right now it's not quite 'landed' yet
  • have so many signs that you're on the right path, but you're somewhat 'walking blind' in DEEP BLIND FAITH and that is 'all' that you have to 'hold onto' 
  • everything that you ever knew, has fallen away and you are deeply questioning if you have done the right thing 
  • things that are not in alignment - are being walked away from more than ever before 
  • you are letting go of anything that is distracting your energy from where you know you have to go and be
  • you are saying no more than you ever have before and saying yes to what is in alignment more than you ever have before
  • you have a new sense of self that you are 'still getting used to your new skin' - but like it too 
  • sleep patterns somewhat disrupted but also tired moreso this past 24-48 hours but pushing through anyway 
  • have deep waves of feeling super solid and grounded but feel when you are not and recognise the waves of things coming up and surfacing out of your aura/being/subconscious and shifting them out as they surface, but how 'fast' these waves have been occurring - especially in the last 72 hours
  • feeling clear, then 'foggy' then clear again, then 'foggy' #thesewaves
  • feeling like your old clothes don't 'fit' anymore, not 'who you are now' - but you only just got them recently ๐Ÿค”
  • feel your creativity somewhat 'blocked' but you feel 'bloated' in a way that something is about to be birthed from within you bigger than what you've ever experienced before and you're deeply preparing for this at the same time 
  • you're ready to take action, but feel 'blocked' but you're wondering if it's just 'waiting for the sign' or you're needing more information about actually which step TO take at the same time 
  • you're ready for action and adventure, but feel these next 2-3 weeks 'holding you back' - you have more to do first, before you can go and do the thing of 'adventure' as you're still preparing/tidying up these last few loose ends
  • earthing new things you are doing - whether creating in your business or personal life, you are starting to really put things into motion and birth your Soul's desires

As I mentioned, we've walked into/through a new world - the Lions Gate portal as we pass/move through different cycles through the stars above - we are moved along with it and whether we 'stay or go' - depends on what we are being called to do, trust ourselves and how our tolerance of our life is going. 

There is a deep part calling from within you, from the Heavens 'above' the stars are aligning so to speak, quite literally probably and 'there is a few more details in heaven that are needing to be worked out' and the gateway is almost complete for this planetary cycle of a new beginning, one which will see a new world order come to pass and = people think that already a lot of information is coming to surface about truths about what the government is doing and all sorts of 'scandals' coming to light... BUT - 

What I always say? 

TRUST YOUR INTUITION - now hang with me for a moment here - 

This fogginess and cycles of back and forth - this - which way will you go? 


Whatever is showing up in your reality is influencing your decisions - and guiding you at the same time. 


And that is a big HOWEVER - 

You will feel what is right for you and any doubt that comes into that is something you have let make your decision change. 

This way and that way - at the beginning of last week - or all of last week - BIG life changes came about from ways you entered into being in your life, consciousness levels of self, the way you show up in the world and plans you were going to do - ALL OF A SUDDEN CHANGED. GONE. CAPUT. 


Do you trust the SPACE? 

That when there are things that shift out this SPACE can become mighty uncomfortable when the space seems to 'take longer than we are comfortable with' the HOLD IT HOLD IT HOLD IT - STAND YOUR GROUND - STAND YOUR GROUND - just... a bit longer here - is that - in 2-3 weeks time - your reality will be COMPLETELY different as you walk right into a new reality. 

Whether that 'hits' home and you physically move house, whether the decision you have been contemplating comes to light and you make a decision and things move RAPIDLY to support your decision that the Universe has been waiting on for you to move forward AND all of this along with Divine timing - the GATEWAYS ARE ALMOST COMPLETE is such a strong message here today ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

The which way - this way or that way, walking away from this relationship or staying - we are literally at cosmic crossroads right now, I can see (they are showing me) that our Universe's are 'colliding' - literally jumping and changing timelines and this in and out of grounded reality and not grounded reality, fogginess and clarity is literally like this middle cross point, where realities are merging and then will be separating again in a few weeks - so which are you pulling in from another dimension? What aspect and life of yourself - that you are, because you are this multi-faceted being like a crystal, that is in all places at once - which reality are you merging into/from and pulling into this dimension and reality here now and grounding into your now? 

This gurgling digestive system, this in and out of groundedness - is a shifting and merging of worlds. Imagine combining a higher frequency of dimension with this one - our physical body is going to undergo some changes. 

Perhaps you have felt a sudden urge to exercise when you haven't for ages, or have started a new routine with self - this is your other dimensional self merging. 

Activate these new codes and frequency of light into your system by staying grounded, choosing to let go of anything that feels the slightest bit 'off' and moving away from what no longer feels good - to noticing what DOES feel good 'all of a sudden' when it never did before. 

Trust the signs, trust your feelings - now is not the time to doubt or look for outside confirmation for what you already know to be true - you already do - just trust and act. Your realities are merging - ground it in by trusting and allowing this integration of the dimensions you've been pulling in across time and space to become who you really are. 

Full Moon tomorrow - that is all of these 'mergings' of self/realities/worlds are being amplified and on this Masculine Healing Full Moon tomorrow - we are deeply taking our power back, let alone releasing any resentment, hurt, betrayal and fear of abuse/power/control is being shifted out of the collective and your body now. 

By Sunday, big shifts will have occurred and/or the signs that by early September is a 'taste' of the life you will  be living/moving into deeply in alignment with your Heart and Soul's true Life Purpose desires. The entire reason you're here. To become YOU. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

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