ENERGY VAMPIRISM Cultivating your own energy.

energy vampire how to trust your intuition life purpose Jan 07, 2019

ENERGY VAMPIRISM - even the 'high vibrations' - do you energy vampirism off someone's high vibe too? πŸ˜–

Cultivating your own energy. What I am about to share goes against all manifestation and techniques that are currently being taught from all trains of thoughts, teachings and the law of attraction. 

It's all good for when people say, 'Get away from them, get away from their energy because it is negative and it pulls you down.' 

But then they tell you to come over here in 'this good high vibration' because what you are around you become and you amplify yourself to reach their levels because you are around it. 

You know, you can go to a high vibe positive seminar that amps you up and everyone is super high and happy then get home and 3 days later you are lower than when you went there! (Gosh that is no different to an addiction or party drug - up and down, up and down)

Why? Because you are pulling on their energy, you are in a collective energy that is all following the crowd so to speak. 

So - tell me - what is the difference of energy vampirism - of darkness or light? 

Of good and high vibes or low and bad vibes?

There isn't any, is there? 

It is still the same technique. 

Be around bad, low vibrations, you'll drop and you'll be bad and low. 

Be around good, high vibrations, you'll rise and you'll be good and high. 

It's the same technique - you are allowing your energy and your internal space to be affected by something outside of you, by THEM - instead of what YOU are cultivating within YOU. Instead of what YOUR intuition is telling YOU to cultivate. 

It' not about what is around you and affecting you. 

It is what you are aware of and what you choose to let into your energy field, choose what you feel and what you do with what you feel. 

THAT is the golden key - it is what you do with what you feel. 

Do you let it overtake you and consume you? 

Or do you consciously let it pass right on through you? 

Do you have an awareness of what you are even feeling and who and what it is even coming from?

Empaths have this uncanny ability to drop all of this current reality and be in atom land. Meaning - totally present right here, but see and feel everything as atoms. We are literally seeing beyond the Universes in present day reality. We are right here doing our thing - but we see deep beyond the cosmos at the same time. Comment below if this is you!! πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»These are exactly the skills that are taught and learnt in my Trust Your Intuition Course. 

This gives us this gift of seeing right through the bullshit, but also deeply into the truth and core of the situation. 

It also gives us the gift of the deepest purest intuition, because we are acutely aware of and see and feel everything as atoms. 

We all know that we have the power to affect atoms around us. 

So why do people tell you to get away from bad things, but come in this high vibration? 

That is still a separation, a judgement of good and bad, right and wrong. 

Why not teach others to cultivate their own energy within them and guide them to find what is right for them? #lifepurposerules

Where are you being influenced by those around you? 

Where do you need to pull back into yourself and reconnect to you? 

Where do you need to trust your intuition - even when it goes against everything that is currently being taught on this planet? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘

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