ENERGY VAMPIRISM Cultivating your own energy.

ENERGY VAMPIRISM - even the 'high vibrations' - do you energy vampirism off someone's high vibe too? 

Cultivating your own energy. What I am about to share goes against all manifestation and techniques that are currently being taught from all trains of thoughts, teachings and the law of attraction. 

It's all good for when people say, 'Get away from them, get away from their energy because it is negative and it pulls you down.' 

But then they tell you to come over here in 'this good high vibration' because what you are around you become and you amplify yourself to reach their levels because you are around it. 

You know, you can go to a high vibe positive seminar that amps you up and everyone is super high and happy then get home and 3 days later you are lower than when you went there! (Gosh that is no different to an addiction or party drug - up and down, up and down)

Why? Because you are pulling on their energy, you are in a collective energy that is all...

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