Everyone has a dream life… but not many even know what they want to pursue their dreams 💫

how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition Jun 20, 2024

Everyone has a dream life… but not many even know what they want to pursue their dreams 💫 

You are BORN knowing your Purpose it is why you entered here. Nothing in this realm is done without a purpose. You only need to look to the symbiotic nature of nature itself to witness this. 

Humans and society is in chaos because they are so damn clouded in societal and generational conditioning they have forgotten who the fuck they are. 

Once you are awake, you can’t go back to sleep. 

Once you are awake, the process of unlearning everything you’ve learnt to date begins, it is like you begin at age 1 again. Learning this world again, through your Soul’s eyes - not societal and generational trainings eyes. 

It’s a tough one, waking up to what society deems normal, to what the generations before you, expect of you. And yet… it is here, life really begins. Your Soul led life begins. 

When you don’t know what your Purpose is - it’s okay, not many people don’t. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, it continually evolves and grows. The more you become conscious of it, the more it shifts and expands into directions you can’t even fathom. 

That is why, one step at a time, today, now - is all that it takes. 

But you have to be committed to the now, to the today, to the next step - today. Every today… adds up to a lifetime of steps to see who you truly are as you let go of everything you’ve ever known and walk where you can’t see the path ahead, just…. the next step. 

Everyone has a dream life… but not many even know what they want to pursue their dreams 💫 

Societal and generational conditioning have led you to believe what you life has been and is to date. 

However, if you’ve found yourself at Reality Awareness - it is because your Purpose is Awakening. It is shifting to the next level - no matter your present level. 

Once you’re awake, you can’t go back to sleep. You can try, but you just can’t. The truth gnaws away at you like a gnat doing it’s job of a tree. 

The first place, which is always the hardest place, is where your current reality shatters to oblivion as you realise that all the pieces of your past, have not been made in soul truth, but in a society and generational truth whose realm construct of a structure is only tangible when asleep. (unconscious). 

As you start shedding generational things you were told, school training and societal belief systems about reality… it’s normal to not know what you want… or what your Purpose is. 

Your Purpose usually comes after you have shed what you have been trained in to date. 

Many people jump on the hating government bandwagon… but that is just a stage of the grief cycle in being angry at who created their reality and life circumstances to date - the system you were born into 'with no choice'. (oh, you take responsibility for your reality? Then why hating on the current state of world affairs that they’ created? Yes, war is not okay, but hating on is only pouring energetic fuel to the fire and I am pretty sure you’re conscious enough to realise that…. reality… is energy)…. 

As soon as they move past this stage of the grief cycle in the hating government stage.. if they ever do…they’ll realise an entirely new facet of their purpose…. 

Your Purpose - is ever evolving as you are through your conscious evolution once you are awake. This is the purpose of your purpose. 

You see, at the end of the day, it is about you…. it is about what YOU want to do. 

Society purposely trains humans for 18-20+ years in being told what to do, so once they are ‘free of school training’ humans are still looking for what to be told what to do and ‘am I good enough now I have done x-y-z, like you trained me as a kid for the first 20 years of my life?’

20 years - is how long it takes on a psychological level to change a human… funny that, they made the schooling system just that right? No wonder they are trying to ban homeschooling & unschooling… 🎤 💥

So, give yourself some grace, when you don’t know what you want… let alone what your purpose is. 

Your first task is to shed the old skin - the old belief systems, the training you’ve endured throughout your entire life to date. 

Go inwards. Psychic development, personal development work - is your key. This is what I do, teach, preach and live, in Trust Your Intuition, Life Purpose Legacy and all my trainings, courses, meditations - IS the purpose for you - to uncover your purpose, by connecting to your soul and clearing the crap that is in between you and just that. 

Your Soul knows the way and the more you release all the crap that is covering the connection between your Human Self (ego - I love the ego, we wouldn’t be in our human body without it) and your Soul, the clearer your connection will be, to knowing what you want… and what your Soul is guiding you specifically to do for your unique, one of a kind life purpose - that you are born for. 

You don’t need someone to tell you what to do or what you want. Psychic Readings, help you get clear on those ascents but then it is up to you to take the action and move forward with what your Soul is guiding you to do. 

Remember - for 20+ years, you’ve been trained to listen to others (schooling system/society) and now.. you’re listening within and going against everything you’ve been raised in. 

Give yourself grace. 

And do it the fuck anyway. 

You’re a leader for a reason, a rebel without a cause, an Ancient Blooded Healer with a heart of gold and you’re here for a reason or you just… wouldn’t have found this post.. if it wasn’t time for you. 

The first step… is in asking what do I want to do today, and following that. That place? Is your Heart? And is your strongest connection to your Highest Self that taps you into synchronistic flow  - where the magic of your path opens before you. 

What do I want? Start there - but stay there, listen and then act from there - before your logical mind has a chance to talk over your heart. When you do this, you’re strengthening your Heart muscle connection… follow your heart is real. 

Your heart knows.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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