Here's what I know from 6 years of Online Purely Heart & Soul Led Life Purpose Entrepreneurial Business

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You’ll have around 6 months of intense transition before you birth your Purpose. 

You’ll know when this kicks in, because you’ll have an insatiable drive to get cleaned up, finish courses you haven’t finished that have dragged on for seemingly years, tidy up long overdue paperwork, change your weight, your body shape, your health, you’ll want everything done, complete, finito. 

You’ll say no to events, outings, invitations that pull you away from your Purpose work. You’ll end relationships. You’ll feel a ‘grand finale’ of your life coming, because you are clearing the slate - so you can solely focus on your Purpose, on this project that is before you and bubbling out of your Soul. 

A bit like when a Mother goes into nesting before baby arrives. 

Because your Purpose is like a Baby. That grows up. Has it’s own mind, consciousness and body. Has it’s own Life Purpose. 

You are just the Guardian.

You are here to guide it to leave a Legacy. 

In July 2016, I first clicked the button to open the course that taught me how to put my business online. 

The first half of 2016, was the insatiable drive to clean up my life. I knew something big was happening, coming, it was coursing through my veins, but I didn’t quite know what. I just knew I had to do this first.

The last half of 2016 was figuring out how to do this online gig thing. I was still teaching yoga classes and training yoga instructors during this time, alongside homeschooling my daughter and being the best mum I could be. I was figuring out all the technical aspects of creating and running  an online business, alongside trying to figure out what I was even supposed to do - even though - opening that online course - I was SUPER clear on ‘why’. 

August 2016 Tuesday Tarot was born. I have not missed a Tuesday since, only when the dogs attacked me in December 2021 and I missed 2 weeks. 

October 2016 I did my first livestream and began consistently live-streaming about everything and anything. 

In 2016, I would take up job offers of carrying cupboards into client homes to help pay my rent. I was willing to do whatever it takes, to build and support my own business. 

I played around with working in a coffee shop, but by the time I did that, then government support would adjust and I wouldn’t make anymore money - it became equal, I made a choice, I stopped the coffee shop and went back to focusing on my business solely. 

November 2016 I ran Trust Your Intuition for the very first time as a 5 week livestream training in my Facebook group. I made $679AUD. (All prices mentioned from hereon in, are in Australian Dollars). 

Towards the end of 2016 it all became ‘too much’ and I made a decision - a big decision - to quit all in person classes, teaching and workshops to solely focus on Reality Awareness online. Much to the sadness of all those I taught in person, I began 2017 with a clean slate to solely focus on Reality Awareness online. It was where my Heart and Soul were being called and I trusted. 

I felt so alive about this. I felt amazing. I showed up. But it was hard. I took a leap of faith and those first six months were huge and hard in recalibrating into online working and earning income online. 

For 2017, I was doing a few readings here and there, but my government support remained my main source of income as I was fumbling around online trying to figure out what I was doing. 

I wanted to give up most of 2017 and it was the hardest, darkest time I went through. 

February 2017, was a super hard, dark time. 

Relationship break ups, death, dying people close to my relationships was a huge upheaval. 

I wanted to give up completely in Aug-Sept 2017. I let myself feel those feelings. Deeply. But of course, I only feel them. 

Giving up, has never been an option. But to feel that - comes around in waves and still does. 

What I realised during these times - is that I am RECALIBRATING. 

Doesn’t make it any easier to feel though! But knowing this, somehow gets me through, even though I didn’t want to at the time. 

Even through all the heart ache, heart break, confusion, not knowing what tf I was doing in my business at the time, I kept showing up. I live-streamed about anything and everything everyday. I did Tuesday Tarot every Tuesday. I blogged everyday. I showed up - CONSISTENTLY - no matter what death I was walking through. 

In December 2017 I hired a car and decided to drive to see my family for Christmas, I was NOT going to spend another Christmas alone with my daughter, I wanted family around us. It was the hardest time of my life. Everyone doubted me. Told me not to do it. Don’t drive that far, don’t do this, don’t do that. Basically, don’t come and see us. I couldn’t believe it. Long story short, let’s say, it was like death warmed up all over again. 

After huge chaos, mess and confusion through most of 2017, I relaunched my Trust Your Intuition Course in December and made the most I had ever made in my business - $1,700AUD in one month. I was ecstatic. Elated and made the hard and death defying year of 2017 all worth it. 

So - in the same month, when I was going through yet another worse death of the Soul, dark night of the Soul with my family telling me not to come because it is too far to drive etc, feeling shame that I was not in a position (yet) where I couldn’t book my first class tickets and fly there instead - I was doing what I could by driving, yet, everyone told me not to come… #devastating I also made the most I had ever made. I was deeply, quietly celebrating this and the contrast was noticeable to say the least. I didn’t tell my family, I didn’t tell anyone expect my mentor. 

January 2018 rolled around and after recovering from what had just happened with family and the deflation of the ‘happy family Christmas’ I kept showing up (of course). 

February 2018 I came alive again. I dyed my hair black for the first time and began showing up as the person I wanted to be, and knew to be. 

April 2018 I signed up with my first long term mentor and this high level mentorship, this alongside dedication, commitment, discipline and courage were/are the game changers. 

August 2018 I had my biggest month ever in my business $6,500AUD. I was rocking! And again, one of the darkest months ever. 

I continued, turning up - CONSISTENTLY. On and with ALL the things. 

February 2019 - I turned around and realised I had made $100k in 6 months and didn’t even realise it. (This was including outside sources included other than my business) I drove straight to the government support agency and told them to take me off the system. ‘You can still receive this single parent benefit’ - ‘No thank you, take me off the system.’ I was adamant about this. This is what I had been working for! (Well, one of the things). This was also the month I changed Reality Awareness from Sole Trader to Company. 

March 2019 - I had my first $20k month. 

May 2019 - I bought my V8 Black Dragon Wagon with my custom number plates. (I didn't know this at the time, but a year later we unexpectedly went on a 5 month road trip and I was grateful for this car!) 

The next year… took me into a huge recalibration as I unravelled threads from being supported by the government, releasing old societal systems, structures, family webs of money and financial wealth belief systems and reality shaking and distorting views of what life was supposed to be. This next 12 months saw me - what felt like I fell into a hole, as I released myself from the society system and truly grounded in my dream reality structure - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - I wish someone had told me this was what was going on though! 

2019 was the year all those years prior of pushing, constantly turning up, walking through a zillion dark night of the Soul’s figuring it all out and trusting myself no matter what or who told me to stop equally zillion times along the way, that I felt it had it’s own momentum. I had burst through the ethers of Reality in Reality Awareness becoming it’s own entity with it’s own momentum. This was a recalibration in itself, as I ‘separated’ myself from Reality Awareness because of it’s requirement to fulfil it’s own Legacy here - which is what it was always about. 

Financial Years of Reality Awareness - the purely Heart & Soul led, trusting intuition the entire way since we began: 

2016/2017 - $3k

2017/2018 - $7k

2018/2019 - $62k

2019/2020 - $141k

2020/2021 - $173k

2021/2022 - $313k

This is no multi-level marketing or get rich quick scheme. Your true Life Purpose never is. It is an ever sustainable, deeply satiating, evolutionary constant expanding asset that requires your humble diligence, responsibility, dedication and commitment the entire way. 

From living and working in this industry since 2005, from first creating Reality Awareness as an official business in 2009 fumbling around until 2016 when I took it online, here is what I know: 

~ Your darkest and hardest times are your greatest propulsion if you know how to work this energy

~ You can listen to others advice and is essential if you are to experience the most growth in personal development and business success. Just don’t lose yourself in it, don’t lose your voice, your intuition or your vision. You already know what to do. A mentor, Guide, Teacher, only propels you into their area of expertise that will expand your vision and is essential for your overall bringing your Life Purpose vision to Earth. 

~ You can speak to 50 coaches, mentors and guides and they will all tell you their strategy of what worked for them. Your Life Purpose doesn’t run on their strategy of what worked for them. Expand you to a point yes, but not solidify your vision. Stay Connected to Yourself. It is easy to get caught up in another coaches way of doing things. Only your Intuition knows the answer to bring your Vision to Life. 

~ Stay Connected to things that bring you Joy. Play more. For Life Purpose Legacy Builders, creation and business building is a Joy and a Play. Be conscious of when this line is met and pivot to continue the Joy and Play.

~ Understand the differentiation between society  structures and Life Purpose Immersion. These will be key to your success in leaving your Legacy on this planet. 

~ Put your prices up before you are comfortable with them and hold the line with them. Or start where you know you want to be. 

~ Throwing in the towel and burning it all to the ground is a sign that you’re about to have a break through. Dark Night of the Souls always precede a birthing to a new evolution of self. Hang in there and get mentored by someone who can hold you to rise through this. 

~ Making money is easy, it’s a mindset. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a frequency. And it takes stepping out of societal norms, webs and continuum’s to step into your own Life Purpose Legacy Pathway. 

~ It takes time. Quantum Leaps, ‘fast wealth’ and exponential growth, comes after years of dedicated hard solid work of ‘nothing’ much happening. It takes time. Be committed for the LIFE part of your Purpose. Or don’t even bother. Sustainable, continual growth, comes with dedicated, consistent evolutionary continual expansion and time. 

I have seen many companies rise and fall in the time that I have ‘kept my intuitive eye’ on them since building online. I have had many people come to me and try to sell me their next great product, coaching program or network asset. To only months or a year or two later that not being in existence anymore. 

I get it. I used to do that too before I fully committed to Reality Awareness. To my vision. To my Purpose. 

Your Life Purpose isn’t here for get rich quick schemes. 

Your Life Purpose is here to change the World, to contribute to the evolution and Awakening of the Consciousness of Humanity. 

These things… stand the test of time. 

Every single time. 

If you don’t know what your Purpose is, you must first clear your vessel and understand the intricate nature of your Intuition. 

You have to trust yourself enough to block out the world, dedicate yourself to your Mission and release yourself from societal structures all at the same time. 

We live in the world, but not of it. 

You weren’t meant to fit in, you were meant to stand out. You are meant to build the new one. 

You’re different - because you’re a Leader. 

So act like one. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Dedicated. Consistent. Relentless. Committed. 

Soul Recognition Alignment Portal is in its final week. 1:1 with me, deeply accelerating your intuition to accentuate your Life Purpose. 

If you're ready to not only understand the intricacies of your Intuition, but the dedication of your Life Purpose Legacy reason you are on this Earth in the first place, send me a message to speak with me about this.