I have been nervous to even write again....

I have been nervous to even write again and I am not even sure what has ‘knocked’ it out of me. Yet, of course, I could name several things #ofcourse and I am sure I will begin to share them soon, as I can feel them BUSTING to speak out of me, to be HEARD and VOICED. Amazing, I just typed HEART and realised how close it is to be HEARD HEART - amazing. Hearing the Heart. Okay, okay! 

The biggest space that has been going on for me recently is what do I even do anymore?

What is, the point if sooo many spiritual teachers are now out there and emerging, so what is my purpose even more? If everyone is doing it - then… ?

It has been MIGHTY uncomfortable to sit in this space of not knowing! But it actually isn't the 'not knowing'! It is that the internal driver has gone! The motivation if you will, the why or the - needing to do it to be good enough, to achieve or SOMETHING. Yet, it is also REALLY hard to put into words this feeling - yet, I realise, that this is part collective to - as there are others feeling this shift, from the internal driver of DOING to the internal driver now BEING. 

I am usually SUPER clear what I am offering, what I teach, what I DO and that is the key - that is the SHIFT - from DOING to BEING. 

The thing I have been working and walking toward and internally shifting TO - it is now here, the reality of the BEING state has now arrived. 

And it is very, very different. VERY different. And, extremely uncomfortable - but ONLY when I forget that is what is really going on. All this SPACE that this time last year? Gosh, I was overwhelmed with busyness and stress and never had time for anyone let alone myself! 

This Online Journey that has seen me continually grow and evolve - this space - is actually amazing to be in, it is just recently, I have forgotten how far I have come and I have been in a deep space of reflection as I question why and what, all over again. 

I always talk about the 6, 9 and 18 month healing cycles. It wasn't until last night it dawned on me. That 9 months ago - was when my signature program, Trust Your Intuition, was approved with Certification, so that my students can become Certified Intuitive Healers & Life Purpose Activators. So, now - I am birthing an entirely new reality of what that even means to have a Certified Course and be training Healers!

No WONDER I have been in a daze of what on Earth am I doing! Creating this Certification changed the entire 'game' in a way - it went from being a purely personal development course, to being able to take your own clients through the healing processes that heal and shift deep trauma that has been sitting there for years that no other healing modality has been able to shift until now - yet, you training to become an Intuitive Healer, even if you haven't had any formal training before. 

Everyone in my Trust Your Intuition Tribe last year, felt the shift and there were many conversations about how significant a change this is for the tribe. I guess, just like changing to a company in February and removing myself from government benefits, I didn't really know what I was doing, I was just trusting the step in front of me, living, trusting my intuition - as I have always done. 

Now, the bigger picture is becoming clearer to me and now all this 'space' and not feeling the huge internal drive and strive for MORE anymore and I am questioning - but what am I supposed to DO Spirit?! 

This, is the direct question that asks for MORE. 

Yet, the MORE drive - is already here. 

Of course there is more. ALWAYS. 

Always, always more. Creativity, desires, evolution - is ALWAYS there - it is what keeps us ALIVE as a Human! 

Yet, the need to push is gone for me. Now I can just be and receive and actually ENJOY it! Something I have been working four years understanding the ins and outs of not only the online world navigation/technology and platforms that support me to bring this to you in the capacity that I do, but also the deep clarity of my Life Purpose and what I am supposed to DO and HOW and WHAT and WHY! I get it now! 

I have always had a 10 year vision, moving into 20 year vision. I am 4 years into that vision. This past few months have 'thrown' me into what on Earth am I doing again? 

Yet, what I really see is going on? 

That deep shift from driving striving Masculine, to BEING Feminine and allowing myself the SPACE to actually receive what I have been 'striving' for in the first place. 

This recalibrating, because it is EXACTLY what has been going on for me, from shifting from Masculine DOING to Feminine BEING - (IN BALANCE btw!) (You know, my name isn't a palindrome for no reason! 😉Same backwards, complete BALANCE) and in that? I have become SUPER clear of what I even do! 

Yet, it hasn't JUST been that shift, but this SPACE that I have been going ergh - what is THIS? This is not how I have ever felt before, this is what I KNOW it is supposed to feel like, but I am still in a space of getting used to it. Because I tell you one thing there is NO WAY I am ever going back to what WAS! That is for sure! 

It has been such a gift - to realise, by reflection that the clients I attract? Are shifting through the darkest trauma that no one or no modality has ever been able to shift before, no matter how many courses, healers or psychologists they've ever seen in their life - they are at giving up point! 

The other client that I attract? Is one that has done a bucket load of inner work, needs some inner tweaking, yet, they KNOW they have the gift, they use it but are deeply scared at coming out into the world with their gift and sharing the truth about who they are as well as using their gift for business decisions and trusting their intuition on it at the same time. That is where I come in. 

And I am noticing that when I help people shift through the darkest trauma, which enables their system to become freer and clearer - their intuition naturally increases and THEN fine tuning that gift that they already know they have, are scared of their own gift, because perhaps something bad has happened in the past, or are afraid of telling the people closest to them, let alone coming out into the world and then leaving their 9-5 mainstream job to truly follow their heart, make a decent living and change the world at the same time ðŸ•ŠðŸŒâ¤ï¸

Yes, yes, I know, blatantly obvious right? Yet, this has taken me quite some time to even realise what I actually DO! 

That hasn't come without turning up and doing the work that I do, every single day, that hasn't come from supporting the number of clients that I do on a daily basis and have not been without a client for over 18 months now - this has enabled me to hone my gift even more and realise the depth of what I do - so I THANK YOU! â¤ï¸ðŸ™ðŸ»â¤ï¸

Has it been easy? NOPE! 

Yet - I was willing to walk through FIRE to get where I am today (and gosh have I what!) 🔥- so that I can lay on the beach, my favourite place in the world to be, get paid for doing what I love, work when I want to work to my own schedule and build a solid foundation to set me up for life. 

Literally blood, sweat and tears.

Yet that needing to PUSH is gone... the just being in my own flow ALL of the time, having people around me ALL the time, that totally get it and are consciously and constantly working on their dreams, intuition and changing the world, being of service ALL the time. Now THAT is life worth living for ðŸ”¥

You can really create ANY life you choose - so are you? 

Are you willing to walk through FIRE to create the burning desire, birthing it into reality, that your Soul is calling forth from within you? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

P.S. If you're ready to step up and out and create the foundational structures that enable you to birth your burning desires into reality - without Colleen and her seemingly magical guidance guiding me step by step about all the technology I needed to learn to bring my Intuitive Gifts to the world, to serve more people and create the dream lifestyle I have been dreaming out - I would not be where I am today! Nor, would I know you dear Soul! #grateful

For the next four days, Colleen is running her free mini course on being able to bring your burning desire of what your Soul is calling you to share with the world, into a format that is not only easy for people to follow and understand, but to support you long term in creating that dream life - time to birth it into reality dear Soul!

I am super looking forward to sharing this with you! This totally changed my life and I only wish the success and freedom for you too - because don't we all, want the freedom to be able to follow our Heart? Isn't that, why we are even here? Click here for all the details, we start in a few hours! https://hannahreality.krtra.com/t/lQVj3cqmYoYf




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