I just feel better here.

I just feel better here. 

I shared not long ago in my stories that, this last 3 years has showed me how much ENVIRONMENT MATTERS. 

Who you surround yourself with - MATTERS. 

It rubs off on you. 100%. 

What you listen to - rubs off on you. 

Who you speak to - rubs off on you. 

What you watch - rubs off on you. 

What you eat, becomes you. 

If you watched my livestream yesterday, you will understand more deeply what I share here… 

I am just happier here. 

I haven’t even done anything - but be here. 


Even though I am not feeling the fittest in my body right now, carrying extra weight where I am not happy with things - yes, I have been working on changing it, I joined a gym close to where I live (20min drive one way away)…

And yet here? 

I am not even ‘hating’ on my extra weight. 

I always know I will get my fit, healthy asf body back - I always know this 100%. 

But out in the middle of no where? Where mists hang around some mornings until 10am? Yes, it is stunning, peaceful and my empath self breathes deeply there surrounded by pure nature. 

And yet. I have been struggling to do anything. Get motivated to work. Driving anywhere is a mission. When we first arrived, 45mins into town one way, was no issue… I had just been driving for 5 months solid, and yet, it just isn’t supportive for my Soul anymore. My weight, for me, is a sign I am unhappy. But here, shows me all the reasons 'why'. 

My daughter was even up with me watching the sunrise over the ocean - she woke before I did to watch it! This is her birth town after all, her Soul thrives here. 


Choosing who you listen to MATTERS. 

Choosing who you hang around MATTERS. 

Choosing who you speak to MATTERS. 

Choosing what you want to to do MATTERS. 

I don’t feel depressed here. I haven’t done anything but change my ENVIRONMENT. #simple. 

I have tended to countless clients over the years dealing with all sorts of ailments and the ones who THRIVE are the ones who also know this key fact - ENVIRONMENT MATTERS. 

Don’t like where you live? Move. 

Don’t like who you are in relationship with? Change it. 

Don’t like your career? Change it. 

The ones who do this the fastest - HEAL. 

Sure some things take time, sure, some things need physical changes that take planning, learning, organising and moving… 

However, it can be done. 

If your SOUL is CALLING you somewhere - LISTEN. 

Act on the opportunities that arise, even when you are scared, even when you can’t afford it or don’t know how it will work out. 

Because the reality is that your SOUL would’t be CALLING you anywhere, unless it was also going to support you 100% the ENTIRE way. 

All you need to do, is listen, trust and act on that SOUL CALLING. 

BEFORE you are ready. BEFORE you know how it will work out. BEFORE you know the outcome. 

Your Soul loves you, cares about you and definitely knows the path for you. 

The question is, will you answer your SOUL CALLING? 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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