I know that my relationships failed because

how to heal a broken heart how to trust your intuition leaving unhealthy relationships Nov 10, 2019

I know that my relationships 'failed' in the past, because I 'fell for their potential' not the current reality of who they were. 

Due to this, I found myself always ‘nit picking’ what was wrong with them, what they weren’t doing right, how they weren’t stepping up and… the list goes on.

This, was only reflecting me not owning and living, my own potential that I was seeing in them.

I was nit picking my own self - because I didn’t listen to my intuition from the start to not walk any further down this road with them. But all my fears of ‘this is all there is’ ‘they love me, why should I walk away’ - yet, what I learnt, is no matter how shiny it is on the outside, if my intuition is telling me no - I need to not only listen, but act on it. 

Because I didn’t act on what my intuition was guiding me to do, I felt angry, agitated and anxious 99% of the time, there was an underlying unsettled feeling, that they were going to leave or hurt me, because I wasn’t listening to my own self about the fact that I needed to leave.

I was only hurting myself by staying, because my intuition KNEW it wasn’t in my highest good to continue down this path with them.

What I was wanting them to step up in their life to then be ‘good enough for me’ - was actually what I needed to do for myself, but I wasn’t doing it.

Their non-commitment to me, was a reflection of how I wasn’t committed to myself.

Their too scared about what others think to make the changes in their life they keep saying they are going to make, was a reflection of how scared I was about other people’s opinion’s of me - even though I thought I was all good with this.

Yet - they were the greatest teacher, showing me how much I wasn’t actually committing to my full potential and having the courage to LIVE it.

I ask you - if you are compromising in relationship - where are you not willing to face the reality that you are compromising on your own heart?

Do you feel anxious most of the time? And it turns into paralysing crippling fear? Do you realise this is because you're not listening to your intuition and it get's so 'blocked' that it 'paralyses' you to even move?

Do you continually wish they would put you first, step up to the plate and be the person you know they SHOLD be in relationship to you?

Do you get angry, frustrated and heartbroken time and time again, because ‘this always happens to you’?

Do you…. see now - why?

Are you… ready to step up to your own plate and whatever it is that is breaking your heart about what they are not doing - don’t you see now, how you are your own knight in shining armour and will continue to be heartbroken until you become the potential that you know deep inside LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE?

With you and with someone by your side doing same?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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