I raised the bar and set boundaries for myself.

awakening your life purpose how to find your life purpose life purpose Nov 09, 2022

Over the years, I got tired of being walked all over so I raised the bar and set boundaries for myself.

Time and time again I was met with pretty extreme push back… the amount that I felt showed me how low I had let myself fall. It was time to make a conscious choice.

I’ve been told I’m too bossy, too controlling, too much and won’t budge on anything.

You see, the reality is, it’s called a standard honey. I know what I want and won’t settle for less than that.

No matter how long it takes me.

No matter the sacrifice in between.

I won’t drop for less than I want, for that would be settling and I’m not willing to settle for a life less than what I see deep inside my heart, that my Soul shows me every day.

My Soul, knows what’s possible and knows what it wants out of this life..

And that… I shall have. In all areas.

When I first came online with Reality Awareness, I didn’t know what to call myself. It was 2.5yrs before I dropped into Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor. It was another 2 years before in deep Ceremony, my Crescent Moon came to me. 

I used to introduce myself as all kinds of different things, single mum, yoga teacher, psychic, Hannah… I would change it every time I would come on livestream, because I do all the things, I didn't know what to call myself… regardless, I kept showing up..

Because even though I didn’t know what to call myself, one thing I knew… is that I am here to Awaken Your Dreams.

That, is a line I would say frequently - Hannah, from Reality Awareness, Awakening You to Living Your Dreams.

That… I realised recently I had sort of forgotten about. I could list a zillion reasons why when I look back on this last 3 years… but the reality is…  

That… has never died.

It is possible for you to have, create and manifest all that you desire in your life - that vision your Soul has for your life and everything you’ve know to date and always felt different for - lives on inside of you for a reason… it’s your guiding light, it’s your lighthouse, your beacon, it’s your road map. 

I’ve always been a dreamer, an outcast, someone who thinks fast and the most efficiently and has the answer and then looks around releasing everyone is staring at me because of what I just said and then wondering why no one else thought of that in that way - like isn’t that normal?


It’s a gift.

And there are not many of us out there that think this way. But we exist.

You’re not born to fit in, you’re born to stand out.

You’re here to inspire others with your out of the box thinking, way of living and you see…

It’s not about what you do…

But it’s who you ARE that inspires people and catches their attention and maybe, just maybe, inspires them to shift their life. 

Awakening You to Living Your Dreams… 

The ones buried deep inside of you… that you haven’t yet let out… that you’ve covered up in shame because of who you once hung around…who you were told you had to become…

But you’re not there anymore… 

You’re free now, you’ve cleared the slate and really, there is nothing more do and everything to be 🤍 

So, who are you?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. there is everything you can do and be… but the question is, who do you want to be?

Who are you without your trauma?

Who are you without your stories?  

Aren't you ready to step into what you're REALLY here for?

Isn’t it time to do whatever the fuck you want to do and find out how free you really can be?

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