I remembered the cycles and dropped it all.

I remembered the cycles and dropped it all. 

'Take your hands off the wheel Hannah!' 

I made a commitment to myself a few months back, that I would wake up when the sun comes up, not when my alarm goes off - or when I wake - during Winter - which is now for me. 

That might not seem like a big deal, or something that is like, well yeah, Hannah - of course. 

And yet, it is a big deal for me. 

For the last 5 years, I have been getting up religiously, at 5am and starting work. It is how I have built my business. Maybe there was one or two days I didn't, like literally. 

This time last year - I was in one of the coldest places in Australia in Winter, and I STILL got up, at 5am, when it was dark, would drive after my car defrosted the ice off it with remote start whilst I made my coffee, to drive to the top of the hill with reception and commence work. 

I remember a huge fall out occurring with the people I was staying with - they were SOOOOOO triggered because I would do this! I was super shocked, taken aback and just wtf - they honestly didn't understand what I was doing and had huge issues with it.. and yet, I was just being who I was.... doing whatever it took, to create what my Heart and Soul wouldn't let me die with. 

Needless to say not long after a few more incidents I left that environment. 

After 'taking my hands off the wheel' - I realised that it was time... it is now Winter and this past 6 months of recalibration and restructure of my life and my business... I can now awake when the Sun rises. I did enough last year of getting up in below freezing temperatures way before the Sun, let alone the years prior to that... and right now, unless I am getting up for a training at 3 or 4am, or an early morning Soulmate client on the other side of the World, I am allowing myself to wake when I naturally wake without an alarm any other day (not just the weekends!) and mosey on into the day #bliss. 

Some days I get up and get moving, some days I just take my time wandering outside with the early morning Sunshine, some days I go surfing, some days I sit in bed and write #heaven. 

I am remembering the blissful cycles of life. I LOVE acknowledging, living and eating in accordance with the cycles of nature. This is DEEP in Ear Chakra Consciousness and attuning to the natural rhythms and cycles of LIFE. 

I have realised I get agitated mid-late afternoon which is obviously much earlier in the afternoon, if I can't get off my computer and get into the kitchen and home to commence the 'night time routine' as the sun is laying deeper in the sky, the burnt oranges, pinks and purples as the Sun sets, whilst I clean the kitchen, prepare any dinner, sort the animals and get the house ready for sleep. 

I have realised I LOVE doing these things as the Sun is waning in the sky. And I set myself up for Night. Whether that is an early night's sleep, whether that is working on a Soulful project or chilling watching my favourite netflix or book that I am reading.. because most often these days my almost teenage daughter is content doing her own thing, so I am finding my own things... as I always have. 

Reconnecting back to the Seasons and the cycles of my natural rhythms has brought everything back into alignment (of course!). 


Just like the cycles and rhythms are always changing, everything I choose to do on a daily basis changes. 

However, I also know what supports me. I know what my heart needs. I know what daily tasks I NEED to get done - soulfully CHOOSE to get done - the very things that I know make me sleep better at night, knowing that I have done the things my Soul knows I need to do for my health, for my Soul Led Life Purpose, for my everything - EVERYDAY. 

Some people question wonder and think they can't create a Soul led life - because they are waiting for the perfect day and that it will all just land in their lap that they can just walk out of their day to day job and straight into their Soul led Purpose that it will all just be there. 

And yet, that is a fallacy. 

The truth is, is that it is a daily practise. The moment by moments, the micro moment choices. 

The choice to watch netflix and spend two hours on the hone to a friend instead of using that time to build your Soul led life. 

And yet, some just keep waiting for that day that it will all show up. And yet, they haven't done the micro - DAILY - CONSISTENT moments - FROM TODAY and still wonder why things haven't happened for them yet. 

It will never turn up... unless you do. So what are you waiting for? 

I remembered the cycles and dropped it all. 

I created my own cycles.

I created my own movement.

I created my own rhythms and created momentum that now carries me.

Now, I am marrying that up with the natural cycles and rhythms of the World and what energetics that grounds down to Earth - very Ear Chakra Consciousness - grounding your ideas, grounding your Soul Led Life - into physical reality.

Soulful. Led. Present and consistently in Expansion. 

That. Feels. So. Divine. 

I think I'll stay here a while. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. I didn't get here by thinking the same things, by hanging out with the same people, by behaving the same way, by doing the same damn things. I had to change. I had to find a way. I had to do the work. I had to surrender to things I didn't want to do at times. I had to figure it out. I had to - I made a CHOICE to. 

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