In The Liquid Crystals (TLC) - Lapis Lazuli is Realisation. I add - of the Truth.

In Sept 2018, for my 33rd Birthday, - I had this tattoo of this Snake, representing the Coiled Serpent - from King Arthurian times - the 3 bands - tattooed across my arm. It is DEEP for me - what this represents - those, that have read The Mists Of Avalon - will get, the DEEPNESS that I mean - for, it is on my arm.. I am, the High Priestess of Avalon. Well, I have been… in that lifetime.

In July 2019, I drove to the Gold Coast, to listen to Justin from TLC talk… and in that talk, soooo much shifted for me (the powerful activations you receive from listening to a person, if you know how to receive the activation gifts through their messages!) And at this talk.. I wasn’t going to, but blessed her be, my best friend Jade, prompting me to ask him what my Soul Crystal is. I almost didn’t, almost asked him something else, then a sign came, and I knew, in my Heart and Soul - to ask - Lapis Lazuli.

Sure enough.. I am Lapis Lazuli ðŸ’¥

When I arrived here, at Luca’s divine energy of this land, that is right at this moment, Home - you can imagine my… awe… when here, almost ‘awaiting me’ - was this divine, you guessed it - Lapis Lazuli Skull!

This Skull and I, have had a relationship ever since! ðŸ’€

And alongside it, some cold hard smack bang TRUTH’S of REALITY! Lapis is good for that 😉

I remember in May 2014 or ’15 I can’t remember which one, I remember I took Lapis Lazuli Liquid Crystal by itself and I was in a mess of a time in my life! I was wondering what to do with my life, with my work, with my relationship - everything! And I didn’t feel good!

I remember so clearly, sitting at Moffat Beach, which was my resource spot with my coffee, from my favourite coffee shop at the time and staring out to the ocean, when I ‘just happened’ to look at my coffee cup and on the cup, was an image of Snake - wrapped inside a Dodecahedron - my Geo Vehicle! (which is like a Sacred Geometry shape, that you travel in - if I am remembering correctly! I am not trained in TLC - Jade is, you can watch her Wisdom shine through by watching our livestream together here about TLC: ) WOAH! I immediately text Jade and I didn’t even remember she had put my Geo Vehicle in it too and just… signs everywhere.

And here I am, surrounded by Aquamarine Energy - via these gorgeous Eucalyptus Trees, which is the Essential Oil for Aquamarine in TLC - and Aquamarine’s Gift? Simplification. #ofcourse "Aquamarine, also appears when the doors to much needed gifts from other lifetimes are opened to us or when the Higher Self needs you to sit and listen." - from Aquamarine, The Liquid Crystals, by Justin Moikeha Asar. These Gifts are being amplified out here, that is for sure! Let alone making me SIT! ðŸ¤£

After four years of building what I have online, sitting in that office, that dedicated office, that created the solid, solid foundation, that I can now get in my car and work on the road, with the freedom that was the sole purpose (well, one of them!) of building solid foundations in the first place, now I am surrounded by Eucalyptus Gum Trees and my deep consciousness of the deep connection to Aquamarine on a daily basis - the Simplification? Well, being here off grid is definitely that!

And yet, it has been testing me to no end. The other day I was having a deep n meaningful conversation with my Soul - about the Life Path Contract we chose, to have sat in that office for 4 years solid, not moving from that desk very much at all, for 18 hour days for 18 months for a chunk of it that was such a pivotal time for me - that now, here, in cold country Victoria - bit of a change from the humid ocean breezes back home!

On Friday, we drove 3 hours South - my Soul was calling South in a big way and I needed to explore that place on the map, that my Soul had called me, even before I left to come here, I needed to go ‘there’. Do you ever have that? Look at a map and NEED to go to a particular place?

Driving that Great Ocean Road - there forest there - oh gosh, the Forest had me! #melted It was like all the Forests I had ever been to in my life around Australia combined into one, then it had its own divine energy of it’s own signature at the same time - my Soul was Home, fulfilled, at Peace and so grateful we went on a 450km round trip road trip to explore.

Standing so close to the most Southern tip of the Great Ocean Road - the ice blue waves rolling in, knowing that just further South (well, a fair bit South!) Antartica lays… and that energy - that is feeding my Soul right now! 

People have been asking me how the cold is going - especially with -2 degrees outside temp registering on my car dash at 7:30am in the mornings!

And yet, the Cold - is doing something to my Soul.

Living in Queensland, in the sub-tropics for the last 16 years, the last 2 years I have been deeply over the humidity even though compared to further up North, it really isn’t that bad.

What I find intriguing, is that ever since the Triple Goddess and Triune God Meditations (from The Divine Balance, click here for these: streamed through me in August 2018 - I have been in ‘Snow’ ever since! Through these meditations, we go deep into the Snow Forests and this energy has been with me ever since. Perhaps it was preparing me for being down here, I am not sure - yet, this is also when the 18 hour work days through the 18 month stint also took me on this journey - I was in a long winter and loved it!

I was super conscious of it, being Summer and a Summer gal all those years before, surfing, festival sun loving Hannah and yet - that last Summer I was indoors, didn’t really want to go outside much and the Snow, was all I could think about.

I am still not sure why that is - yet, it was definitely an incubation cocoon and a creative cycle that saw me build what I have today and now - physically being in the South and the cold - it is like FOOD FOR MY SOUL!

Standing on the waters edge, receiving Antarctica - brought me so much relief or something, so intrigued about this and deeply…. Listening for more information about what this is about for me!

Being out here has been HARD for me - yes I have been quiet, super quiet even and it has been grating on my Soul and making me sad, upset, breaking down and WTF am I doing here at times! Simply because what was me and my Soul doing, having a  chat, planning out our time on Earth before we came that yes - let’s build a successful online business for 4 years then go off grid! Ha WTF right?! 🙄🤣 No, in all seriousness I ain’t been laughing about it! AT ALL! 🤬🤣 Can kinda laugh now, but you know! Hence - the DNM with my Soul the other day!

That - we contracted/planned to even come here and before I sat down to write this, this morning, they reminded me - of 2006 - when I was living in Brisbane. It was a year after I had my spiritual awakening that saw me move from the Sunny, Ocean fuelled Sunshine Coast, to no ocean Brisbane and I suffered not having the Ocean at my doorstep as my resource to cleanse me every second of the day especially when I needed it!

However, that was one of the most profound bubbles of cocoons that I have ever had and I was deeply reminded of that just this morning. I was there for 18 months (that 18 month healing cycle again! If you haven’t watched the profound 18 month healing cycle video, please do here, especially if you can’t stop crying!

They reminded me of this cocoon in 2006, that was the crucial time I took myself off recreational drugs, was in training as a Lightworker Practitioner, working in Brisbane city in a menswear/upmarket suit store for men, and religiously going to Ashtanga Yoga 3 nights a week after work - for 18 months. That was one of the most healing cocoons I have ever had.

And this, 3-4 year cocoon of building my online business - feels the same… and then I look at where my 2006 healing cocoon took me after that - and aliken it to now and… has given me some sort of relief, some sort of direction this morning - in a way, even when I have no idea where my destiny lays right now - well, it is here right now, but intriguing this even came to me this morning.

So yes, I have been quiet - but sooo frustrated and trying to figure out how - and yet - these cold hard Lapis Lazuli shake ups have been… exactly what I needed of course!

All the things I had been putting off in my business because ‘I could do it all myself’ - well, out here off grid, off line - that ain’t a thing is it! Besides, whoever built an Empire on their own? Well, they simply didn’t did they? They may have started off on their own, but no way did it expand on their own! And I guess, that is why my Soul, contracted with me to come here - to FORCE me - cold hard Lapis Lazuli TRUTHS in my face - just to make sure I am hearing myself correctly - oh, yes, lets come where Lucas even has a divine Lapis Skull too - just so you know, you’re on the right path…

And always have been.

Simplification (Aquamarine, Eucalyptus)… Realisation (Lapis Lazuli, …. Expansion…

I’ve been in a healing, creative cocoon for the past 4 years, just like back in 2006… and yet, coming here - you would think, would be ‘time to come out now’ - however what this last few weeks has done - has sent me DEEPER into the Mists - DEEPER into the subconscious in such a tangible, REAL way.. it is sooo intriguing to me and ‘forcing’ me to create deeper, more solid foundations, that are DEEP and this…

Of course, now I ‘Realise’ the Truth of why my Soul brought me here and of course, grateful for that!

‘Even if the World wasn’t falling apart, I still would be coming.’

I knew I had to come here, not knowing why, and now I do.. I am sure there is more to be revealed through the cold, the ice and the deep, DEEP Mists here, (and I do know parts of it definitely I am excited what is about to birth - yes, it’s coming! So looking forward to this powerful time coming up! Keep an eye out for details soon!), these DEEP Mists of Avalon - so grateful to come this DEEP.

Yet, that has always been who I am… Perhaps the Ice, the Snow, the Cold, is taking me deeper into the memories than I ever have gone before â„️

I like it. A lot. I love it.

Lead me Soul - I’ll follow you wherever you go. In full faith, in full Trust, always ðŸ’ŽðŸ•Š

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

P.S. Life Purpose Accelerator has been extended! Due to this huge recalibration - Life Purpose Accelerator Applications have been extended and are open if you are daring enough to follow the call of your Soul into the DEEPEST parts of yourself.

My gift - is DEEP. Deeper than anyone and that… scares a TONNE of people!

However, many come to me, many hate on me, call me names, throw shit at me, delete me and then can’t stop looking at my profile! At my content! And my GIFT!



You, dear Lightworker, dear Ancient Blooded Healer - would’ve experienced this too. And it ain’t easy holding this level of DEEPNESS - but this is who you are and this IS your Gift to the world.

Many get stuck on ‘how’ we are supposed to market ourselves, how to put our gift out into the world and after 15 years of this line of work and building purely online the past 4 years my gift is shifting to support you to bring your Gift into the world at this CRUCIAL time that the planet is awakening and preparing for US - the Ancient Blooded Healers to lead, once again.

Your Soul - wouldn’t have called you to read this far, if this wasn’t for you, it is a Soul calling thing, click here for all the details or send me a message with any questions:


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