"You go first." - The Universe.

"You go first." - The Universe. 


My Soul is Opulence. My Soul is pure Light. My Soul is pure Desire. My Soul is everything I ever want and will continue to want, even when all my wants are met. 


My Soul is everything to me. 

And it is only now, today... that I realised why I have been through why I have been through... why I lost the connection to my Soul... or went unconscious to the connection of my Soul. 

This is hard to describe, but the best way I can describe it that was the big dawning realisation on the way home from my second surf today.... 

Was how Carl Jung had psychosis whilst he was understanding and creating the work that still lives on today, 88 years after he passed away. 

I used to live in full free flow of my Soul. I used to be 100% Soul driven, care free, deeply Soul led, in full synchronistic flow - every single day of my life from day dot. 

Breaking all the rules of modern day world, living outside the norm and deeply living my life. 

Today, I realised, why and where all this grief has been coming from... yes, releasing paradigms and old life reality structures as my old life completely dissolves to step into the reality I have been working on... since like forever.... 

But these huge releases for me this last 4 months especially... is that now... I have space again in my life... and my SOUL IS ABUNDANCE. 

I had to 'disconnect' actually, more accurately go unconscious to my Soul, because we are never really disconnected - just unconscious - it wasn't intentional. However, I became so busy in my business in the last 4 years that I just... chose to put that first. 

I am grateful that I did, but there are some regrets, even though I say never to live with regret, but I feel that this last few months of grief - has been the grieving from that... of literally - doesn't everyone do this? Just like driving 4 days straight of 8-9 hour stints on my own with our animals and my daughter... isn't... that normal? No Hannah, they don't.... and realising this... that... wow.. what did I do?? 

The entire time? 

I have been trusting my intuition. 

I have been doing what feels right. ALWAYS. 

And yet.. the breakdown from the go go go.. from just having to do whatever it takes.... 

I want to say I lost myself... well I did really. 

I lost the time that I used to take to go to the gym, go surfing whenever I wanted, walk my dogs on the beach, and basically do what I want. But.. I was also on the single parenting pension, also had a lot more time on my hands not running a business... Well, not in this capacity... I used to teach a few yoga classes here and there sure.. but not like what I am doing today. 


With this great huge shifting in my reality right now... that dawning realisation when I was driving home today, I was so grateful for. 

After the second surf taking me out further through powerful 5ft bomb sets pouring through on the incoming high tide.... the power and exhilaration to get out the back before it lands on my head.... I felt ALIVE again. I felt renewed and I feel normal again. 

I pushed myself to get out of bed this morning at 5am for the first round and I am so grateful I did... I was nervous, going to a new beach, one that.. IS my Heart and Soul - that... is big surf for someone who has only been out once in the last 12 months.... then to go back this afternoon... it shifted something in me. 

When I listen to my Soul - it pushes me beyond my edges. THIS used to be normal for me. 

Right now, it is a discipline.. and with the blissed out normal Hannah BACK after twice in one day... I'll stay here with this feeling thanks! Anything that pulls me away from that is just no. Just... no. 

When I listen to my Soul - everything comes into my reality that I have been desiring. 


Abundance is a feeling - your SOUL is a feeling. 

Just like Carl Jung went through what he did to create the impact of reality shifting consciousness on the planet that we still refer to today, I see now...why my Soul pushed me way out of my comfort zone into the dark night of the Soul that for the last few years... has totally felt like that.

And yet... now... with me CHOOSING my Soul over everything - EVERYTHING is right here for me. 


I got in the way you could say.

The Dark Night of the Soul - was nothing but me getting in my own damn way. 

I was sacred of the expansion and so I decided to do it all myself...

I chose to not receive help (well of course I did with some things, but not others and it was the other threads/avenues, that sent me into darkness).... 

I chose to carry the hurt and pain instead of not feeling it that I had buried so deeply because... 

I trusted their words over my intuition... and shut down and did it all myself. 

Grateful... for it gave me the drive to build what I have and yet, here.... it is the unravelling of the things that blocked me between me and my precious Soul, between me and my precious Light, because I chose to hide my Light, for it is what led me to the darkness of the night and yet.... that was a choice I made in cradling my savvy Soul for the highness of the World and yet I AM the highness... I AM the Queen and my Soul is the divine Light that speaks to the world through my living my highest life. 





"You go first." - The Universe. 

Today... after my second surf, it solidified the changes that have been calling my Soul. There has been so much shifting going on in my physical body and life since I have handed over work to my team (I keep find myself saying, what else can I hand over - there is so much and the more freedom I feel from this, the more I WANT to hand over - SO MUCH JUST YES!). 

The changes deeply solidified, the clarity has become clear... My Soul has spoken. 

Today... I realised I was waiting... waiting for the Universe. 

On the clarity on the way home today... the Universe spoke... my Soul spoke - LOUD AND CLEAR.

"You go first." - The Universe. 

Ah... yep. I had been waiting on you! 

Maybe it was the 5ft bomb that cleared my head that I only just made it through without it taking me over with it... but something shifted in me. 

I have always gone first. I have always leapt without knowing "HOW" but I always knew that I would land. 

I have always trusted my intuition and until this last few years - stopped trusting myself and became... well scared of something... maybe just... disconnected 🙃

Maybe... well, I KNOW after that dawning realisation today... I HAD to walk through what I have.... to have this level of clarity, this level of solidarity of self, of trusting myself, more than I have ever done before.... WITHOUT all the trauma sitting in my body, for the timeline that I have been working with right now - has shifted out bone deep trauma that has been the block to the true connection to my Soul more than ever before. 

I thought I was connected before... Now, I am supported AND connected.... and that.. is a powerful combination for a Life Purpose to BLOOM. 

YOUR LIFE PURPOSE IS YOU btw... and if you aren't being fully you.. then how can you even? 

Sure, there are always levels of it, but with the trauma that I have been shifting out from the timeline I have been working with #huge just #huge. 

"You go first." - Said The Universe. 

Right. Got it. 

THAT is why my Soul was calling for today to be full of the Ocean. 

There was so much it wanted to say to me and it needed me to be back to me today to hear it. #massive. 

I didn't even realise I was waiting around for the Universe. 

"You go first." - The Universe. 

Of course, how silly of me. 

It is my leaping into the unknown that makes dreams reality. 

No. Actually. 

My leaping in with crystal clear, precise clarity without knowing HOW - but the acute clarity of my SOUL'S DESIRES - nothing more, nothing less - IS what manifests my highest vision into reality and now. 


The Universe always has my back when I GO FIRST. 

Got it. 

Thank you Ocean of Abundance. 

Thank you Soul, who is a reflection of this. 

Right on the eve of a powerful Dark Moon/New Moon Sacred Ceremony high on a mountain top with some of my closest Soul led soulmate friends, amplifying, exactly what My Soul showed me in the Ocean of Abundance today #ofcourse

The Reflection of my Spirit. 

Me. Right there. Always waiting for me... to come Home. 

To come back to the Light of my Soul that is everything I have ever desired. She's always... been there. 

"The journey shall be taken by the Soul, and there will be challenges, and yet what is required for divine fulfilment will always be available." - Rumi Oracle. 

"You go first." - The Universe. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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I have built my business on trusting my intuition, breaking all the rules and allowing my Soul to lead the entire way. 

Throughout Transcendence Reality Society Trainings... not only is the advanced Chakra Consciousness dropped through recorded and live trainings however, I am always sharing how we support our clients, how we build our Soul led business with heart and Soul, divine connection and.... the mistakes I made, so you don't walk through them and how to accelerate your Life Purpose instead of side swipes I have experienced during the way. 

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