Everyone wants to open their Third Eye, to activate and 'see' the colours in the auras, to 'see' the Angels, to become more Clairvoyant. 

Everyone wants to see - or gets upset or worried they don't have the gift, or are doing something wrong when they don't 'see' - however, there are many reasons why you don't see. 

There are several points to this that I want to cover here... 

#1: Your Third Eye shouldn't be forced open. In fact, it won't open when you force it. That's like a controlling parent yelling at you to clean your room or else. No. Not very conducive to opening up to someone/you right? Your Third Eye is no different. It isn't something you force. You cultivate the relationship with it.

#2: Your Third Eye needs to feel safe to open. If you are in a situation in your life, where your relationships in your everyday life make you feel unsafe, scared, there is fights or disagreements more often than not or like you can't be yourself, your Third Eye definitely won't feel safe to open.

See your Third Eye like small child in a cold dark room, it is going to be scared. Doing 1 meditation and expecting it to open just won't happen. You need to tend to it frequently, regularly for it to feel safe - you are building a relationship here, trying to open it in a 1 time in meditation.... just no.

Hey, anything is possible, sure. But reality is, is that you are building a relationship. You can say hi to someone, but you don't know them from one meeting.

Get to know your Third Eye by meditating and tending to it regularly. 

#3: Past Life Trauma is common for your Third Eye to be tightly shut and also scared to open again! It is super common for Ancient Blooded Healers & Lightworkers to be carrying Past Life Trauma in their Third Eye. If you haven't worked with my Past Life Healing & Integration Meditation (which can be found on my 'Audio Meditation' page on my website), then working to release Past Life Trauma from your system, should be incorporated into your journey. 

Again, this isn't a one time thing. This is a journey. You have lifetimes of stuff to unravel here, it won't happen overnight. But making it part of your personal and psychic development journey is manageable and how you work it into your everyday life. I teach this deeply in my course Trust Your Intuition. 

#4: Your Third Eye, is a muscle. Just like going to the gym - you aren't going to be strong and fit from just one session. Your Third Eye is the same. One meditation, one healing, is not going to build the strength your Third Eye needs to be strong enough to 'see'. Regular meditation and other psychic development exercises on a regular basis, if not everyday is key to having a strong vision that enables you to 'see' through your Clairvoyance. 

#5: Your Third Eye - makes up just ONE part of your intuition. A lot of people come to me and tell me they can't see. I respond back with - hmmm, do you see Angel Numbers? Do you see 111, 222 and other numbers like pretty much all the time? Do you see shapes in the clouds? Do you see numbers on number plates? Do you see shapes in your coffee cup? When you say you 'don't see the colours' - you are affirming to yourself a reality where you don't 'see' - you are in essence shutting your Clairvoyance down further. 

Start by affirming and recognising what you DO see and you will find that it increases. There is more to your Clairvoyance than just seeing colours in a meditation or shapes in a meditation. 

  • I am highly Clairvoyant
  • I see so much through my Third Eye now
  • My visions are becoming super conscious to me now
  • I am in love with my Third Eye 
  • Third Eye, how can I support and tend to you today?
  • I love seeing the colours, I feel safe in seeing what my Third Eye is showing me
  • My Clairvoyance is becoming stronger and stronger every single day and I am so grateful 
  • I honour the time I spend with my Third Eye and love how close our relationship is becoming
  • I am becoming acutely clear in understanding what my Third Eye shows me
  • I heed the guidance my Third Eye shows me

#6: You begin with sensing things, then colours, then shapes, then full visions. Some people don't realise (realisation is key of Third Eye language 😉 - realising the truth, the truth, is ALL about the Third Eye ðŸ¤©), some people don't realise that when they are beginning to sense things, like sensing a presence in the house - is actually acutely connected to your Third Eye.

If I asked you, "What did it look like?" - your sensing - would put a picture together of what is looked like. Maybe you 'knew' it was a dark shadow - you are seeing that - because you can see the dark shadow as you said it, as you knew it was there.

This is an intricate connection to your Third Eye and you can also see (pun intended) how deeply connected each of your Intuitive Organs are connected and understanding this intricate part of your intuition, learning how it communicates to you - is definitely a skill that takes practise and is what I teach deeply in Trust Your Intuition. 

#7: Your Third Eye is super sensitive to harsh, low vibrational energy. If you are in an environment that brings you down, that is full of low vibrational energy, harsh energy, fighting, negativity, watching violent/fearful movies/shows or somewhere where there is a lot of addictions present, your Third Eye is sensitive to this energy. Remember, it needs to feel safe to open. If your screen is the last thing you look at when you go to sleep or watching shows that are less than loving and heart opening, your Third Eye isn't going to feel safe with that ingestion into your eyes as the last thing you see before sleep - or in general. 

Best having a sacred ritual before bed, that doesn't involve looking at a screen, so reading a book, meditating by candle light, having a sacred ritual to deeply clear the day and connect with your Soul... and Third Eye, will align you for not just a restful sleep, but opening to your Dream state too. 

#8: In the start, you will probably not understand the visions, energy or colours you see through your Clairvoyance. You begin sensing things (like the presence in the room example) - and your Third Eye is already speaking to you. 

Then you begin seeing colours in your meditations or just in everyday life, seeing sparkles or clouds of colour. These different colours also speak different meanings to you and what your Third Eye is showing you with different colours. 

Then, you begin seeing shapes, colours and whole pictures together. Or individually. 

Some of the things you see in the beginning may not make any sense what so ever. The fastest way to be understanding what your Third Eye is showing you, is to write down what you see in your sacred journal. Even if what you write down never makes any sense, in the long run, the muscle strengthening you have been creating from all the times you wrote it down, one day, all fall into place like a beautiful big jigsaw puzzle coming together and all of a sudden you are just extremely prolific at interpreting all parts of intuitive insight from all different avenues, not just your Third Eye. 

#9: Your Dreams are deeply connected to your Third Eye. If you dream, your Third Eye is open. So no more saying you don't see okay?? Because you ARE. The sacred night time rituals increase your dream state, as does getting to sleep before 10pm max, as does writing your dreams down, just like any other visions or messages from your meditations. If you want stronger intuition, write down with pen and paper all your visions, colours, even when they make no sense what so ever or you just get a feeling in the meditation or you fell asleep - write it down.  

#10: Just because you don't see dead people, doesn't mean you are not seeing with your Clairvoyance. As discussed, there are many different ways your Third Eye 'sees'. Just because you don't see the ghostly outline of a figure in front of you - doesn't mean your Third Eye is shut! 

You may sense that a person/presence is there. If you asked yourself what are they wearing, what do they look like, I bet you would be able to describe them, you would just know what they are wearing, what they look like or how tall they are. You just know. Or, you get a feeling about what they would look like, which is your knowing (Claircognisence) and your feeling (Clairsentience) speaking to you - that gives you a picture of what they look like standing in front of you right? Then you 'see' the visual from that, and so you are 'seeing it' - yes? 

Your Intuition is so intricate and detailed and the depth of relationship that you have with how your intuition speaks to you is definitely unique and takes practise and time to learn - just like any new relationship does. 

So don't get dis-heartened when you meditate or you get tripped up on my words when I am asking you what colours do you see in the meditations of mine that you listen to - tune in with your other senses. 

We are always strongest in one of our intuitive muscles, so always start with what you are good at and as I teach - build your other muscles too. 

I bet you are way more Clairvoyant than you realise - so start affirming so beautiful Soul! 

Your Third Eye is right there awaiting you to return to it... but you have to continue there, not just once or twice. 

The relationship you have with your Third Eye and Intuition - is a lifetime relationship, so are you making it priority in your days, your weeks, your - everyday normal life? 

I am highly Clairvoyant. 

I am seeing more and more every single day and I deep understand the messages my intuition is showing me.

I trust, my intuition.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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