Past lives, wounds, beliefs & carried realities

Past lives, wounds, beliefs & carried realities...

We are at a point now, as we come into balance of finding your truth, speaking your truth, or not, learning how to ride the waves and taking responsibility and ownership of behaviours, patterns and 'shadows' that have been around for way longer than centuries.

Whether you believe in Past Lives or not, the reality is that everything is energy and time and space do not really exist, there is only this present moment right now and whatever 'spiderweb' you are carrying from somewhere in your past, is what we will be living and playing out.

Until you become conscious of it and it shifts, it disintegrates and you create a new reality.

It can be a-likened to stepping into a vortex - yes you create your own reality, yet, there is past stuff there, webs, entangled from every inch and era of your past, that you are somehow still entwined with and this shows up in your reality until you become conscious (darkness to light, shadow to light) of it and shift it.

I was shown the visual of you live, as you do, and then stuff get's stirred up and triggered in whatever way - to become more conscious - of yourself, of others, so you can release that spiderweb, raise your vibration, shift your reality to new heights.

Until then, you are carrying all your previous lifetime spiderwebs in your field of energy and they are attracting those that also have theirs.

You get intertwined to get clear, to shift, to spin a new web - a conscious one, one that you want.

One, that contributes to the Awakening and Shifting of Humanity into deep conscious awareness of self. 

In these triggers, these wounds of the past, is a belief and this is at the core of the spiderweb.

When becoming conscious of a carried reality of somewhere in your past, whether this lifetime or before, you have the power to choose another belief and spin another web.

The question is - will you?

Do you even know how to do any of this?

Do you even see your reality as a myriad of energy atoms buzzing in front of you?

Or do you see reality as something you can't change?

Can you meld time?

Can you reality shift?

Can instantly shift?

Can you dig deep into what lies beneath?

Can you see what beliefs lay there?

Can you lift that spiderweb?

Can you spin the web you want to, by dismantling the old or completely walking away from and spinning the one, creating the one - you want? 

Do you? 

There is a lot of people going through huge transformation right now: 

  • past life releasing of relationships 
  • transformation through fire (burnt at the stake)
  • reclaiming of past life gifts and why you were killed for them in the first place that stops you from stepping up
  • physical body transformations/detoxification 
  • releasing fear and everything that has been causing it - on a physical vibration as well, supporting your body through pure health 

It isn't about what is happening around you in your reality, but what you are doing to transmute and transform through the events. 

It isn't what happens to you, but what you do about what happens to you. 

It isn't happening to you, but it is happening for you. 

We are coming into this peak change of reality leading up to 2020 and beyond - this period leading up to end of January is HUGE transformation and change in direction - you're either stepping up and doing your Soul Purpose work and what you are born for  - or you are not. 

Which one, are you choosing?

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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