'She had a demon in her Hannah!' - I have heard this so much recently

'She had a demon in her Hannah!' - I have heard this so much recently with several clients and other messages that I have received from people, that I need to speak to this publicly. As my response is always the same. 

'She had a demon in her Hannah! I felt so shit around them, they drained my energy, they sucked the life out of me 'this person' did and I can still feel it today, even though I have no contact with them!' 

No - they didn't. 

Now, you might argue that and perhaps just read all the way through first. 

They might have a demon/entity/bad spirit attached to them now - HOWEVER. 

This is the most important point that I need to you to take away from this - that ANYONE who is behaving like they 'have an entity (I will just use the word entity for ease of writing - but you can replace this with your terminology demon/dark spirit etc). 

Anyone who is behaving like they have an entity attached to them - do you know what this is? 

Is that they...

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Past lives, wounds, beliefs & carried realities

Past lives, wounds, beliefs & carried realities...

We are at a point now, as we come into balance of finding your truth, speaking your truth, or not, learning how to ride the waves and taking responsibility and ownership of behaviours, patterns and 'shadows' that have been around for way longer than centuries.

Whether you believe in Past Lives or not, the reality is that everything is energy and time and space do not really exist, there is only this present moment right now and whatever 'spiderweb' you are carrying from somewhere in your past, is what we will be living and playing out.

Until you become conscious of it and it shifts, it disintegrates and you create a new reality.

It can be a-likened to stepping into a vortex - yes you create your own reality, yet, there is past stuff there, webs, entangled from every inch and era of your past, that you are somehow still entwined with and this shows up in your reality until you become conscious (darkness to light, shadow...

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There is this nothingness, but there is everything at the same time.

There is this nothingness, but there is everything at the same time. It has felt empty, but it actually isn't that either. Something has deeply changed, and nothing has the same meaning anymore. 

That... space.. in between the in breath.... and the out breath.... 

There has been intense months of deeply recoding my cellular structure, deep down core DNA shifts and changes, solid years of internal work and this past year of recoding at a cellular level in ways that I have never done before - right now? It feels like it has hit physical reality. 

Changing my food intake this past month, my cells, my physiological and my bio-chemical way of processing has changed. 

I have not had ANY processed foods, no sugar, no carbs and about 1% vegetables, no supplements for this past month (moving into week 5 now). I have taken herbs consistently to kill parasites and pathogens... within 3 days I noticed HUGE changes, within 10 days, it was like a miracle pill... my body...

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