Protecting Your Heart, Protecting Your Energy

healing grief heart healing how to protect your energy Aug 17, 2018

Protecting Your Heart, Protecting Your Energy

The word ‘protecting’ is a bit contradictory - when it comes to talking energy and your feelings for - 

The more you 'protect' how you are feeling

The more you try and 'protect' others how you are feeling, or wanting to protect them from something that is going on that is making you hurt, you are actually:

~ denying the truth of how you are feeling 
~ closing off your heart 
~ closing off to the people who mean the most to you 
~ isolating yourself 

And what actually happens in this space, is that the people you are protecting from feelings, actually don't feel protected - they feel abandoned, isolated and actually feel the energy you are trying to protect them from - more deeply. 


Because energy is energy - it is a bit like the shadow, whatever you are trying to hide, push away and 'not think about' (pink elephant anybody!?!) get's stronger - it's right there. 

Whether you are going through a tricky time with your partner and trying to hide you feelings and 'hide the stuff' from the kids - they are feeling it MORE. 

Kids, (and us!) are like sponges and we feel EVERYTHING. 

So, a simple explanation to your kids like, 'Mummy is feeling upset today, and Daddy had a huge day at work and is needing some space. My heart is a little bit hurt and is feeling sad. I am supporting myself with help from (name the counsellor/person you are receiving help from), they are helping my heart to feel better again and I am also taking care of myself by getting an early night's sleep tonight. So if you are feeling anything of this, it isn't yours darlin, it's mine and I am taking care of it, so you don't have to carry me or take care of me okay?' 

I personally do an energetic clearing with Adaya when I share these sorts of things with her and we call upon the Archangels and more. 

I find that when I do this with her and I have done for many, many years, she doesn't take on my stuff. And when I notice she has taken on my stuff or someone else's stuff where she's been, her behaviour is extremely different and I know when it's 'her' or if she is carrying someone else's energy and I bring deep awareness to this for herself too. 

Back to the protecting feelings thing... 

When we feel hurt by something someone has said to us - we immediately put a wall up around our Heart. 

This could literally be like a shield of armour, or a brick and we start building these walls around our Heart. 

Say you were having a conversation with someone and they said something about someone you cared about. Immediately - you want to protect the person you care about. 

And so, our first immediate response, is to shield that person you care about, with the shield, so they don't feel it or more. 

Yet - what you have just done, is not protect them (even though you are meaning well), yet, you've now put a barrier between you and the person you care about. 

What has also happened in this process, is that you feel sad/hurt that this person could even say something like that, and so, you have also, put a shield up towards the person who said something, to protect the hurt you feel. 

Yet - what the most potent thing to do? 

Is be very clear about your feelings... 

"I am feeling sad when I hear you say _____________. I am hearing that you feel ________ about _________ are you worried for me/feel that I should do something else?" 

When you can empathetically listen to someone (which yes, takes practise, practise, practise and skills of Non-Violent Communication and more) - this is like holding a mirror up to that person - which

1. you don't take on their energy/emotions/feelings/judgements and

2. it gives them an opportunity to become conscious of the reality they are sharing (as most people are not consciously aware of the projections of their own shadow they speak in everyday language - especially when they are triggered about something). 

Yes - it takes deep practise, practise, practise to hold space for someone - ESPECIALLY whilst you are triggered... 

And this - triggerred space? 

A trigger? 

Usually means - you are HURT in some way, shape or form, about what someone has just said and done to you/said/done about someone you care about. 

If you don't know what to do with that hurt:

~ some bury it and push it down and continue people pleasing all parties involved... (this leads for unconscious attracting situations that we don't want and that get's tiring, endless people pleasing and forgetting your true hearts feelings - despair and exhaustion anyone?!)

~ some speak their hearts truth and step into holding space - but deeply knowing when enough is enough and choose where alignment of their heart is and deeply TRUST that by doing what is right in your own HEART - your complete open heart - that it is for the good of all concerned. (If you want to know more about how to hold space for someone when you are triggered I did a livestream on it a while ago, you can watch it on youtube here: )

This has come up several times in the past few days, there is a deep collective thread being cleared right now = 

Clairaudience is being cleared out - how you HEAR your Intuition - hehe - one more letter on that word and it makes HEAR T #loveit and I have never noticed that until this moment writing to you!


The Ears, the Heart and the Base Chakra ARE SO DEEPLY CONNECTED = and there is huge Clairaudience healing and clearing going on right now - which is no surprise after the huge eclipse portals we've had recently and how much Third Eye clearing and healing has been going on with past lives, contracts, vows and RELATIONSHIP awarenesses going on right? 

When you clear your Ear Chakras, your Heart is deeply activated, the RECEIVING feminine energy that your Ear Chakra's are based on, deeply pours down through your Throat and into your Heart. 

And then your Heart recalibrates and FEELS what has been sitting there all along, that is now 'defrosting' if you may, and the Base Chakra is where you feel SAFE in your HOME - meaning, body/soul Home too - and this allows for deep healing. 

When you 'defrost' these feelings and let them release, meaning - those walls, that you have placed, brick by brick, every time you feel the grief bit and bit and bit, whenever it arises, you let it flow, you are melting, defrosting a lifetime of walls... 

And yes, in the start, you wonder if it is ever going to stop - but once the 'backlog' has gone... ah, the FREEDOM of the little bits as they arise - yes - FREEDOM

FREEDOM OF FEELING - all that LIFE IS right in front of you 


The more you release your armour and FEEL, the more your Heart muscle becomes stronger and that 'holding space without being triggered' - is actually: 

That you come to a place, where you can hold space whilst being triggered and process what is going on internally for you at the same time. 

Yes, that is depth and layers of awareness within oneself and again, practise, practise, practise. 

Plus - and important note - is that if you are feeling low, tired, self care empty - then of course, holding space for your own self let alone someone else at the same time, is almost impossible. Almost.. 

And it is in these moments, knowing how to 'leave the space' and take care of yourself, without abandoning the person more and letting them know where you are at, what you are doing and come back to the space. 

Ie, I am needing to take some time to process what I am feeling right now, I will speak to you/come back to this space ________.

When you build this Heart muscle and can understand the grief process - which is soooo important, I can't stress this part enough - that understanding the grief process and knowing how to support your own feelings through that, not only helps YOU to not put those bricks or armour of protection up around your own hurt (which energetically cuts you off from the people you care about the most) but you are able to hold space on a deeper level, because you have an understanding of the emotional process that you and/or the person is going though in that moment and know what to do with that space. 

If you want understanding of the grief process, I wrote a blog about that in detail, that you can read here:

Is that when you have a deep understanding of the grief process and how a tiny change can trigger it - and you know how to move through it fast for yourself, you can hold space for others in it - you become this power house of grounded awareness, understanding and deep, deep support for many people at once, including yourself. 

PLUS you can process 'on the spot' or over a short several days or so (with practise!) and so you process - instead of building bricks and isolating yourself from the ones you care about the most. 

The other aspect of this - is that the COURAGE that this Warrior has - is being the Spiritual Warrior - not the worrier - (very claircognisense - transformation in action)

You can be courageous of Heart - by feeling and processing through the aspects of the grief cycle - fast. 

And you become grounded as you are not carrying uncomfortable emotions - you felt them as they happened and so they passed through you, instead of being stuck in your energetic field and holding them back/down (pink elephant anyone!?)

When you do this - you don't fear speaking to the ones you loved about what is going on in your heart, because the process of your own emotional understanding, of the hurt, and more - has shifted instantly, as you become aware of it (with the basis of the grief cycle and knowing how to support your self through it let alone others) and when you are clear in it, it is clear in it for others - and the awareness of the energy, instead of hiding it, burying it, or placing the shield up to 'keep negativity out' - the awareness of it - shifts it - instantly. 

This doesn't mean you don't need time to process.... it just means you don't need to carry the burden and the weight of that armour... which only attracts... more of that... 

Yet, the free flowing energy through your Heart - all aspects of it - is what allows... more energy to flow through you... positive or negative - that doesn't matter - because you allow it - all - and your Heart muscle, becomes so strong that you tap into the truth of what is under it all.... and you ride this and travel this, faster and faster every time, with deep loving presence and attention. 

Deep Love, and Deep Connection to All That Is. 


Who you really are... 


Who they really are... 

And the rest... 

Doesn't even matter... 

The matter..... 

Is the Connection... 

And you've just... 

Reconnected back to Source.... 

To your Heart... 

To pure... 



Who you really are... 


Love ❤️

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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