All that was lost
All that was stolen
All that was taken
All that was hidden away
Got buried deep down, so deep, so that I didn’t have to feel it anymore.
The crevices so deep they covered themselves over with the melded lava 🌋
She locked herself away, feeling that was the best way to never get hurt, rejected or tainted again ⛓
But that only caused more isolation that plummeted her to the depths of something that she thought was where she was meant to be, to... live... from this place of rbis big black hole 🕳
It’s been a journey and here in this air bnb I am rediscovering all parts of myself I long lain buried, tucked away for fear of them being trampled on.
I thought I was protecting myself by covering up my true self...
For when I was my true self, every time, someone would trample me down... and I would bury myself once more. Hiding away more and more pieces of my Soul, for fear of getting thrown away again and again.
And yet... the RECOVERY has been in me rebooting my own computer system (my body, brain and my heart)...
And remembering the core of who I am.
I had been in service to so many... I had forgotten myself..
I have been in giving mode... I had forgotten to be in receiving mode...
I had been in finding love mode... I had forgotten to BE LOVE mode...
Through the mists... the fog is fading...
Coming through the depths of how I ended up here through World events leading me to one of the coldest parts of Australia and the snow I had been in the previous 18 months, even though I lived in the subtropics and went through a summer, it was like I was walking in snow ❄️ 🧊
This, fascinated me and for ages I have wondered what this was about.
A few days ago, when it energetically snapped... the core, began defrosting when I realised... the snow, the cold, the ice...
Was a representation of
Or still is 🤔
From all the trials, tribulations, pains, hurts, betrayal... gah. I don’t need to list it, you get the picture! And I’m sure, some of you are probably nodding in agreeance or crying with resonance 😭
So, Huge.
But, so grateful.
My Soul sure knew how to crack me open 🤣
Following my Heart the entire way, made me find my Heart, not realising how frozen I had let my thorny ice maiden Heart become or stay stuck in time...
No wonder things have been ‘hard’....!
The melting that’s been going on this past few days has been next level and the floodgates have opened in all that was held back can now flow free and.... breathe again!
No wonder I consistently attracted emotionally unavailable men #mirrorreflection
No wonder I let everything my Heart loved - go.
And forgot who I was in the process of becoming myself.
But maybe that’s what I had to do, to solidify and ground into the truth of who I am.
I knew who I was and that intimidated those around me, and now.... and so shrunk and dimmed my light #nomore ❌🙅🏻‍♀️
Now, the depth of who I am has been reclaimed from the depths of the frozen lake, the frozen river... the frozen OCEAN of all that I am.
The surges and swell is increasing and the love in my Heart can be felt once again.
The love for myself...
The love for my life...
The love for what I do...
The love for who I am constantly becoming...
The love for my next level...
The love for the things I love doing...
I thought I gave it all away...
And physically I did...
And in that, buried those parts of myself that brought me joy.
And now, they have surfaced, and are here to stay.
Grounded. Here. Present. Open Hearted Love for all of Life, deep forgiveness for all that has been, all that is and all that will be.
This space...
The ice has melted...
The last time I walked off the property I have just been on, bawling my eyes out as I said goodbye to the land 🌳 asking why, why, why did you bring me here?! As I stared at the huge gum trees as I walked to my parrots 🦜 grave to say goodbye one last time, I froze as in my Clairaudience, the sound from Frozen 2, the movie came in my ear as clear as day... that catchy tune that led her to her Home, to discover the truth of who She is.
I've been following my intuition. The. Entire. Way.
That was several weeks ago now... and I just dropped to my knees at my parrots grave bawling my eyes out not knowing where I was headed or what the Universe had in stall for me at the time..
But my frozen Heart realisation came and in that moment I FELT I was ready for the warmth again now ☀️ until then, I was happy in the cold, with my cold frozen Heart 🥶
But you can’t change the world with a closed cold frozen heart.
The world needs love, to be loved and be loved.
Not more walls.
No wonder my Soul took me on this journey.
So I could LOVE more ❤️
Reclaiming myself, reclaiming and recovering myself... Unhiding those sacred treasures of my Soul... the masks 🎭 have truly come off...
So I could LOVE more ❤️
Who would’ve thought eh?
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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