Release Yourself From Restrictive Blocks In Your Reality

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Release Yourself From Restrictive Blocks In Your Reality

It was never about them anyway...

"Oh my god I can't believe they did this/said that/how can they have/why did they...."

Whatever is turning up in your reality is 100% your responsibility.

It doesn't matter what 'they' did, what 'they' said, what anyone thinks, does or speaks... because on some level, it is your responsibility.

In a sense that, if you are truly the creator of your own reality = that means that EVERYTHING that is showing up is in some way shape or form, something you brought into your reality through your consciousness on some level.


It is bringing a deeper conscious awareness of yourself, that is all. It is helping you to become more conscious of yourself. 


Notice most, what you are talking about, preaching about - having a reaction about with other people and what  'is on your mind about what they said' - your conscious awareness is trying to wake you up, to your next level of healing - which is, ultimately?

The answer to your asking what is blocking you from receiving xyz in your life. 

When you deeply get this and look at everything with this intuitive eye, you shift your reality in exponential ways that people question - how did you do that?!

This is different to 'taking responsibility' for people. Totally different.

Taking responsibility for someone's behaviour is NOT your responsibility, yet, the you taking responsibility is about releasing blame of other people and realising that you, your consciousness, brought into your awareness that event/person/circumstance -  you read that article, you experienced that person, you lived through a situation for some sort of reason, even if you can't see or understand 'what' that is yet.

Yet, if you are tuning in and asking the question, you will realise the lesson quite quickly.... you will go 'ah, ha, yep, got it.' Practise, practise, practise. 

How do we do this? The fastest way is Shadow Work - seeing your reflection, understanding why it has shown up and integrating it - returning to Wholeness - therefore healing the 'holes' in your Aura at the same time. #realityshifter

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This is taking Responsibility for your reality. 

Responsibility is Divine Step #8 in the 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose. 

This is realising there is some reason or rhyme, that this situation came into your life.

Some reasons things happen:

  • to make you clear on what you don't want
  • to make you clear on what you do want
  • to get you on your Life Purpose path
  • to realign you back to the truth of what you want
  • to find yourself
  • to remember what it is you actually want
  • to become clearer and stronger in YOUR life, rather than being influenced by the people around you

The thing about Responsibility, is that it sets us free 🕊(and Humanity free!)

You have no one to blame but yourself... yet, it isn't about blaming.

It is about Empowerment 🔥

"You created this situation and you have the power to change it." Is one of the cards out of the Archangel Michael Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue.

It is that any situation on the planet, you have the power to do something about.

The slightest step in forward movement in your life, effects the entire planet.

The spiderweb effect is at play every single moment in time, in every single space and area. We are all connected.

When you step up, so does the Planet... so does a web of consciousness.

Some step up with it and shift paradigms, shift realities into a new and higher level and some don't and they stay where they are.

Your choice. You choose. Every single moment in time.

Every single time you open your mouth, you are making a choice.

Every single moment in time, with every single action you take, you are making a choice.

Are you taking Responsibility for that?

Are you truly aware that you are the Co-Creator of your own reality?

Your choice... every single time.

What do you, choose today?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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