Some people won’t get it and that’s okay.

how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition life purpose accelerator Oct 23, 2021

Some people won’t get it and that’s okay. I’m here for the ones that will feel the depths of the darkness, admit it and be sooo darn conscious of it they rise like the Mother of Dragons out of the fire #inallseriousness 

Not slap toxic positivity out over the top and ‘she’ll be right mate’ ‘just think positive’ ‘just be love’ 🤮

I’m here for the leaders the rebels the change makers the ones that break the rules step out of the box and live according to their Soul.

The messy, the raw, the chaotic, the falling apart and brought to their knees and rise again through the fire to burn some more. The ones who are the ‘love’ in the LIGHT and the DARK - the entire damn spectrum. Those ones. And only those ones who get that. Not everyone does. That is okay, this just isn’t for you. 

I am here for the ones that talk about the hard stuff, the depression,  the suicide, the murders, the genocides - the level of darkness and chaos that is the reason the world is upside down but no one wants to deal with and yet say ‘with love and light and positivity’ want to change the world. No. Just no. It doesn’t work like that. 

Give me the messy, the raw, the chaotic, the falling apart and some anyway. For these Souls are  the ones to change the god damn world. The ones who have  walked the darkness are thinly ones who know how to navigate it. I am here for the cartographers of the lands most dare not venture into. 

I’m here for the ones that can’t work a normal job without changing all the systems in the place and holding their ground until the toxic relationships move on out of their own field and their surroundings as if by magic because they are solid in their truth, have solidified what they will tolerate and not tolerate in their life and create and environment that they are ready to obliterate any mistruth in the face of their Soul knowing  that this is what they were born for. 

I’m here for the ones that don’t fit in feel different always have, that people on the outskirts lean back lift their nose and head back to the safety of their crowd. That is not us. 

We are fine after we cripple to our knees, our tears become the tornados in the sea with the wildfire of the divine chaotic feminine roar that comes to life in the rawness of our truth that makes people rise to walk in the flames or crawl back to the safety of the herd. 

The herd is our pack, but we are not born to live with the pack. 

We are born to protect the pack. 

We realise that the pack don’t get it and probably will die not ever knowing the truth in this life time.

We realise it is our duty to stand in the face of adversity even when our own pack turns on us - we still stand true in knowing that they do not know - ‘Forgive them father for they do not know’ - is the truth of the Christ Consciousness (never was a person) that lives in our Soul that we know what we are fighting for, standing for, living for, what we were BORN for. 

I am here for the ones who take a stand for what is right even when the entire pack turns against them - I am here for the ones that hold the line even when it is rough, even when they want to give up because they know…. 

That they were BORN FOR THIS.

To live in their truth, to live their life, to live what they know in their Heart and Soul is the correct essence for them to bloom forth with the divine passion of LIFE and to hold this line until death do us part. 

I am here for the ones that live on the outskirts that hold firm with the direct line to all of us that do.

I am here for the ones ready to step up in their spiritual business, who are ready to take it to the next level, who are ready to stop playing small, for the ones know they are born for the conscious  evolution of the revolution for the ones ready to change the game in their own life and are ready to be of service online, world wide and create a global community with their passion, their purpose, their innate gifts and talents. 

I am here for the ones that have that innate connection to Source that is so natural, so pure, so clear and screw their nose up at others who are not like this, but then drop deeply into the realisation of who they are…. 

The strength and innate connection that is so normal - becomes your conscious super power and in that moment…. 

Your entire life changes and you BECOME what you were always born for. 

Have you, felt that shift? 

Have you, felt that direct moment when you BECAME what you were always born for? 

To step away from the norm and create your Spiritual, Soul Healing business, that thing you do soooo naturally everyday anyway - to LIVE what your Heart and Soul has always called for?

Or are you, ready to? 

My Inner Circle is open… it is here, your world transforms into what you’ve been BORN for 🦁🦅

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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