Sometimes we never know the reason we walk to certain lands

how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition Apr 03, 2022

Sometimes we never know the reason we walk to certain lands, venture to our destinations that we find ourselves in.

There is a pull, a tug, a nudge and sometimes it is a strong deep inner knowing that you have to be here, you have to go to a certain place, you have to travel in this way and arrive at this particular place. 

It feels right, it feels amazing.

Sometimes bad things happen in good places and we are left wondering why…

We are left questioning if we made the right choice, we are left asking… but why? 

And yet, it is all part of the destiny of your choices, it is all part of the next step.

It isn’t that you made a bad choice, it isn’t that you weren’t supposed to be here - because you wouldn’t have ended up where you are. 

This feeling… sets a restless Soul on fire.

For adventure.

For travel.

For freedom even though there are no gates holding you in.

When the Soul is restless - it is because there is more.

In the mess, in the fire, in the facade of holding it all together - there is an excruciatingly ambivalent fact that there is just something - else.

The reality is that there will always be something else, always be more, always be - the restless Soul.

Until you are brutally honest with yourself -

Until you give yourself permission to do all, be all and have all - to UNLEASH. 

No limits.

No restraints.

No submission.

No pieces holding you back.

No weight.

No burdens.

Because if there is this 👆🏻 you’ll only be keeping your own Soul captive. 

You’re the only one locking yourself in your own damn cage.

You already have the key.

But you have to make the choice - to set your own Soul free.

No one, can do this - but you. 

No mentor.

No partner.

No family.

No person - other than 


The question is - do you really back yourself that much? 

I think you used to.. but you lost that.

And amongst that, you also lost the love for yourself. 

Not anymore.

Sometimes we never know the reason we walk to certain lands, venture to our destinations. 

You have arrived where you are, you are restless - because there is something bigger you are to receive, to give yourself god damn permission to have the entire vision..

Not just some of it.

That’s the only reason your Soul is restless.

And you god damn know it.

Stop playing small. Stop settling. 

The World ain’t built for that.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑 

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You don’t do it how you used to. 

You’ve grown tired of being tired! You’ve reached your line in the sand and that - is the reason you’re here.

To release the noose around your own neck.

To charge on in the direction of your destiny forgetting anything you thought you wanted because you realised…. It was never about that.

It was always.. the way of your Soul and how could it have been any other way.

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