Sometimes you just need to trust yourself more than anyone else

happiness how to live your life purpose life purpose trust your intuition Jan 19, 2023

Sometimes you just need to trust yourself more than anyone else. 

How do you know if you’re making the right decision? 

You will feel FREE

You will feel HAPPY

You will have ENERGY 

You will feel EXCITED about it

You just KNOW this is right for you

But most of all? 

You will be HAPPY. 

Yes, I said it twice. 

If you’re looking for happiness, if you’re feeling lost and nothing you do isn’t making you happy or it all feels like umph, meh…. - question what you are truly doing - is what you REALLY want to be doing? Are you doing it because someone said that was the way you HAVE to do it to get x-y-z in your career and life? 

What if you literally just followed what you WANT to do to find that thread of happiness and then it all clicks into place because it IS what you want to do? 

What if that deep seated, long held vision - is unlocked by you actually trusting yourself and no one else? 

Sometimes it can feel like A LOT of closed doors that are slamming in your face that can knock you down and some… UNTIL one day, one step, one door - OPENS and it is like the ENTIRE world opens up to you - in ways you didn’t even think, feel or know before. 

And it is like - omg, this makes TOTAL sense! Why didn’t I think of this before, or it all just happens! That. This. 

Trust yourself enough to be in the space of not knowing for as long as it takes until it drops in with that utmost YES clarity that lights you up and is just like OF COURSE this is what I would be doing! 

Let yourself trust your intuition as much as you trust something that is already so stable and you do not even question in your life. 

Let yourself walk in the path of the unknown, of the path that only appears beneath your feet WHEN you walk forward into it. 

The thing with your Life Purpose, is that it is only shown to you AS you are doing the current step and sometimes that is letting your baby sleep (your project) for as long as it needs to whilst you recharge, because in that recharging is not just recharging, it is literally allowing yourself SPACE to be shown what you are to do next. 

The question is, do you truly trust that level of space that is required to allow yourself to reconnect back to the truth of who you are, to what your values are and to what you truly align to, let alone LOVE doing in your life - your way, your style, your unique Life Purpose blueprint that… has always been there - awaiting your quiet, calm, surrender to hear deeply enough, what you are uniquely being guided to do? 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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