Spiritual poo's 💩 & RELATIONSHIP PATTERNS ARE STORED HERE - Sacral Chakra

Spiritual poo's 💩 & RELATIONSHIP PATTERNS ARE STORED HERE - Sacral Chakra
The old patterns are STORED here. The new patterns are stored here. Sounds weird right - in your Sacral? You’d think it would be brain right?
However, at the Sacral - when we talk about this deep seated nourishment, this deep seated contentment, this Buddha belly of contentment - it would make sense right?
We are not just seeing or knowing here, we are feeling it at one of the deepest parts of the core of our being - that place where true nourishment was first EVER felt in this physical life. So of course - this is where the first ‘imprint’ if you may, of what this actually FEELS like, lives. Is stored.
Clean your Sacral - clean your life.
If you want to re-create, re-embed - you know, control alt delete patterns for good - look to your Womb. And the Womb before you. And before that. The Triple Goddess Healing & Integration Meditation - does just this (you can find that on my website under audio meditations). It clears and re-patterns/re-writes generational lineage of this exact space.
The Third Eye Chakra and the Sacral Chakra and DEEPLY connected.
At the Third Eye we see what is going on with relationships, we see the threads, the dynamics, what plays out, what is connected, what web links to what, what cord is where, this life, past life, future life, who is beside you in the physical world and the spiritual world.
At the Sacral Chakra, we are nourished by them (relationships)… or not. If we continue in the unhealthy patterns, our gut suffers. In physical health - our gut LOOKS like our brain - so our gut health is imperative to a healthy brain/mind.
Hence why the WHOLE method is important - not just the spiritual work - or not just the physical work - it is ALL THE WORK.
Hence why when we crave a particular food (stomach/Sacral) it can remind us of childhood memories and ‘fill us up’ because we are actually craving the emotional connection to our family.
Yet, if we don’t eat the foods we used to eat as a kid and we do just what I mentioned (clean out), we can feel sick from the actual food, because our physical body/vibration doesn’t match that anymore. Yet - when we can tap into the spiritual/emotional connection here like I just mentioned - it will be the fastest way you loose weight ever.
When we start working with our Sacred Womb, (Sacral) (Men! You have one too!) you may have clean outs at the toilet unexpectedly and you haven’t even changed your diet! The emotional clean out is REAL. This is called a spiritual poo 💩
Working deeply on any spiritual, personal development inner work can trigger a spiritual poo
Writing a blog, filming content or other ways you are downloading your Life Purpose work, your Sacred Divine Mission can cause a spiritual poo - you are cleaning out from deep in your Sacral - it's okay! It's normal! 💩
It is here at the Sacral Chakra where the DEEP FEELINGS of the patterns are coming out. Uncontrollable crying 😭 shifting and feeling OLD OLD OLD patterns, from childhood and deep beyond, from the separation from a loved one in your past somewhere along the line. Clearing emotional and energetic space... for the new patterns to embed.
At our Sacral Chakra, this is also our place where we gestate our Life Purpose. And if you have ever started a project and then left it in the past - you will also have grief around this too.
This is also where are manifestations are given birth, it grows in our womb (Sacral) and then births through our Base Chakra - just like a baby. Hence, why I am deeply passionate about working with the Chakras coming 'down' and commencing at the Crown.
If you have been doing a lot of internal work recently, you are probably feeling a lot of grief and unsettledness and relationship patterns are shifting and changing in your physical reality more than ever before in your life.
This may be uncomfortable to you, yet, this what is happening? Is the physical manifestation of your reality starting to shift and change - the reason you had been doing all that inner work to begin with - it is just sometimes (most times!) when reality starts crumbling and shifting it can be heart breaking and we fall apart - this is also normal! Just our societal collective deems it not - it is healthy to honour how you REALLY feel.
You have attracted these new situations and people in your life, you have been working damn hard for them and now they are here. It may not be what you are used to - but you have done the work to get here.
Don’t let sabotage kick in and push them away. Grieve the process from the old to the new… and anchor this new in… it has been, what you’ve been doing all this work for after all right?
If you are in a place where there is... no one... crickets... lots of... s p a c e..... know that in the space, Universal Law - when there is a vacuum space gets filled up. When you can get uncomfortable in the space, you are allowing the more aligned Souls, the more aligned Life Path, the more aligned everything you have been working through - to enter in this space.
Just like there is space between every rolling wave, so to is it important to have space in our lives to reconnect with our Souls, allow the grief to create even more space energetically and be washed clean by the new energy that comes into the space because we have consciously allowed it.
There is space in between birthing contractions of a baby being born...
Allow the new you... to have space to be born too.
Love, Hannah
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