Struggling to find your Life Purpose?

finding your life purpose how to find your life purpose life purpose life purpose accelerator Jan 24, 2023

Struggling to find your Life Purpose? 

God is not going to just rock up at your door and show you the answer! 

No, God is not going to tell you your Life Purpose.. 

You are the one who understands your Purpose. 

And when you are feeling so lost, spinning your wheels and arrive a place where the rug gets pulled out from under your feet and you’re just standing there turning around in circles like your own compass point, wondering which way to go - the answer is 


You get to decide where you want to go, who you want to become and what you want to do. 

Yikes! Scary huh?! 

No, there is no big guy in the sky that is going to come down and tell you which way to go. 


The issue is, is that society has been trained to listen to others, to listen to authority (school for 18-24 years anyone?!) and then we wonder why we have lost our way, don’t know who we are and don’t even know what brings us joy, makes us happy or that we want to do 😳

The realisation is, is that you have been trained that way - is that you can be untrained!

But the most scariest thing on the planet? 



Is the reality that YOU get to choose!

The fact is, is that too many people actually don’t WANT to change. 

They don’t WANT to do the work to untrain themselves of how they were raised, brought up or taught by society. 

Because that is just plain scary! What do you mean I get to choose?!


Because - you are scared of getting it wrong, of standing out from the crowd, of being different, or worrying about what other people are going to think if god forbid you actually do what  YOU want to do. 

The good news is, is that you can heal that too… 


You have to WANT to. 

The other good news is, is that there are HEAPS of people on the planet that do whatever the fuck they want to do, don’t give a shit what other people think of them (even though they have bouts of it, but have learnt to do it anyway!) and create the life they want to create - not what society told them is a good little boy and good little girl doing what they are told. 

The fact is, is that you can change your reality, you can untrain yourself and find what you really want. 

The reality is, is that most people are hurt, damaged and traumatised by their past and have discovered coping mechanisms like drugs, alcohol and netflix have become their best friend, too afraid to leave the house in case someone gets them.

No, God is going to come down, knock on your door and tell you to get up and do this and that. No.

But someone might come knocking, nudging you to come out, have fun, do this and do that and get out of the house and lighten up a bit. One could…. see that as God knocking. 

The question is, are you waiting for the helicopter to come get you, when God is sending all these people and you KEEP SAYING NO??? 

Yes, you need to heal. There is a time and a place for it. 

There is a time and a place for getting out and doing the thing, no matter how much it feels like dredging through mud in the start - because I guarantee you - it will feel like that - in the START! Then, you will find it gets easier and easier and you will start to find that the mud gets harder and no, you won’t get stuck if you just step up and out of the mud - you just step out the door and get going.  

It doesn’t mean you’ll be happy and smiling right away, you’re probably thinking about getting back home to your best friend awaiting the next 8hr binge on season 7. 

And yet… you began. 

You began hearing the call and actually listening to the sound of your Purpose calling you. 

You see, it doesn’t come like a ding dong road map encyclopedia blueprint that gets delivered to your door. 

It comes in little twinkles of intuition that keep tap, tap, tapping you on the shoulder. 

It comes when someone wants to take you by the hand and come out to dinner. 

It comes when you really keep thinking about taking that walk to the beach. 

It comes when you follow every little seemingly insignificant thing you WANT to do. 

When you follow the little things… they turn into big things. 

But you have to start paying attention. 

To the knock, knock, knock at the door. 

To start saying YES instead of no. 

To start saying NO so you can have space for yourself to hear your own twinkling of tap, tap, tapping, knock, knock, knocking. 

Because you are praying, you are asking… but you’re not hearing the answer, when it is right in front of you - every single time you ask. 

You are being guided, but are you going to get up and start following that? 

You are the blueprint. It is not outside of you. 

It lays within your heart. 

It is what you want to do. 

Not, what someone outside of you or some authority figure wants you to do. 

Because inside of you - is the thread, connected to God, to your Intuition and it is speaking to you, answering you and nudging you… 

All the time. 

If you are stuck, traumatised - then get support with a trusted mentor who you KNOW can help. 

But you have to WANT to. Because you can have all the sessions you want… but you have to WANT to. And then one day you WILL be ready and you will shift. 

Because you will have had enough of waiting. Waiting around for no one that is even coming or caring. And you will realise that you had the answers all the time anyway and what on earth did you waste all that time for? 

But you go gentle, you go easy, because you realise that… 

You were healing. 

And healing on your own no less. 

And you did it. 

And you set yourself free. 

Found your purpose along the way - because you began… 

Listening and following those little knock, knock, knockings, even when it was dragging you through the mud… 

And somewhere along the way you stumbled across your Purpose… 


And show others that they can too. 

You became THE WAY. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. For ONLY those who are ready. 

Ready to heal. 

Ready to shift. 

Ready to find. 

Ready to BECOME. 

Your Life Purpose. 

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