The truth about this line of work

awakening your life purpose how to find your tribe trust your intuition Sep 20, 2022

The confronting reality of stepping into this line of work is that it brings up family subconscious stuff. Most of the time they are supportive in the beginning. And then things start to happen, you go deeper, more confident, more... happy - you're on PURPOSE YO!

Then, the excruciating part comes - they turn away from you tell you not to do the thing. You are floored. Question everything and wonder what is actually happening here! You didn't see this one coming 😳

After time, you realise... 'the reason why' is that this entire time their own subconscious stuff was surfacing 🙄

We forget at times, we are Healers and that we naturally bring up people's buried emotions - that is a Gift, that is seen as a curse to the untrained Healer.

That - includes family. So often on this path, we are so excited about our dreams becoming reality, we share it with them in excitement. As we progress in our Gift, we get more excited and share more!

Cue - the fallout - as the energetic resonance dissipates and they only wanted you to 'go away' and tell you to stop doing this thing, because their buried stuff was surfacing.

Amazing thing is, they secretly watch you from the sidelines, learn and put into practise and even tell you the health and wellness shifts they are making in their lives.

Sometimes they will admit their faults, other times not, they will just start talking 'normally' to you again, sometimes you have a big d&m and your entire relationship shifts.

This is the hardest thing when stepping into this line of work is the energetic fallout that comes from your vibration shifting and that means every relationship in your life will go through a cleanse. Some will disintegrate, some will leave for at time, others will evolve and grow with you.

It is so important to be around like-minded people when you are on this journey and especially when transitioning into your full-time career as a Healer.

Do you have the Kindred-Soul friendships and Soul-Tribe that keep you focused on your Soul's Mission?

Let me know below 👇🏻❤️

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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