You sat there waiting, watching and wishing...

You sat there waiting, watching and wishing it would happen. You forgot who you ARE. 

And then you remembered and a FIRE washed over the ENTIRE Earth.  

It burnt through the very beings that were holding you back, that were dark, that latched on to your dear life and sucking your soul dry leaving you with no motivation, nothing good to say and just plain down in the dumps. 

Your SOUL FIRE returned in the blink of an eye with the depth of clarity that you have seen since your Soul began at Consciousness of itself. 

You remembered who you are a blink in the etches of time whilst you are all of time itself. 

You came here to remember yourself. 

You came here to help others remember themselves. 

You came here to ignite a movement on this earth. 

One of Consciousness.  

One of Love.

One of Heart. 

One of remembering everything that they made you forget. 

That they made…. Humanity forget. 

But you haven’t. 


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Do not let the voice of what you really want to say be suppressed

Do not let the voice of what you really want to say be suppressed 

Do not let other people influence how you feel about yourself because they are judging WHO YOU ARE - meaning - what your HEART COMES ALIVE DOING, SAYING, SHARING, BEING - EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE. 

You may think I am speaking about the post I 'reacted' to yesterday - but this is deeper than that.

I am human you know! I wasn't upset about it (the post yesterday) - just found it funny to be honest. I know some of you messaged me about it, I wasn't upset at all. I get a lot more messages like that than I share, I just... shared that one - because I FOUND MY VOICE COMING BACK - BEING WHO I REALLY AM - SAYING ALL THE THINGS #finally  I lost followers over it. I had other people talk about it - saying I was wrong for sharing it  ffs. 

I feel like I’ve just come out of a big dark tunnel of several years.

I feel like I was in a space where everything I said and did was wrong.

I would share my heart,...

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It's not a matter of IF or HOPE - it is a matter of CHOOSING it to be this way.

It's not a matter of IF or HOPE - it is a matter of CHOOSING it to be this way.

It seems that so many client conversations in this last week I kept sharing the same advice - it isn't a matter of IF or HOPE - but you have to choose that it will be successful and there is no other way! 

It isn't easy stepping out of the norm and following your Heart and Soul's Passion - but when you KNOW there is no other option (well of course there is right?!) - but you CHOOSE no other option than to MAKE it work - you make it happen - NO MATTER WHAT! 

In the start and at times along the journey - usually every time you up-level:

You WILL come across naysayers that talk you out of your dreams. Walk away from them and don't share your dreams with them. 

You WILL come across people who tear you down because of the way you are living your life. Walk away from them and don't connect with them.

You WILL encounter tough times, hard situations that make you question and doubt EVERYTHING...

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I am getting strong messages today - so you... are needing to hear this? 

It is time to take it to the next level. And I am talking about your Business baby! 

I feel like I am repeating this message to sooo many clients and private messages right now - so what is your next level in your spiritual business and/or consciousness business work? 

Now - you also don't have to be doing the spiritual business industry for this message to apply to you! 

However, there is a strong theme in the collective here and the biggest message I am being called to share here is that the common theme with stepping up and out with your spiritually based business is: 

  • What will they think of me?
  • Who am I to do this work?
  • I don't have the correct or enough skills 
  • I'm not ready yet, I need blah blah before I can start 
  • What will my...
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Soulmate Friendships 😍😍😍


Soulmate Friendships 

Here is a free training video I did in my Reality Awareness Facebook Support Group, (which is free to join and you can join our tribe here if you're not already in there with us: ) 

On Calling In Soulmate Friendships! 

Here are the links I mentioned in the video training: 

Rose Bush Analogy: 

Picking Up Other's Subconscious Stuff:

Soulmate Friendships Audio Affirmations: 

Soulmate Friendships PDF Affirmations: 


Do you have them? Or do you not have ANY friend around...
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