There has been a lot of darkness around...

There has been a lot of darkness around... but a lot releasing from Lightworker's and Healer's at the same time.
With whatever 'waves of light' or such is happening and we are ascending into the Light or such - the darkness cannot stay in this vibration and is falling away, retracting almost - and gripping on as it leaves our field.
The web that we are stepping up and onto - it cannot come with us.
Many people have been messaging me about this and I feel I need to share it here.
People with and without help from Healers are releasing from their field:
~ tentacle/octopus like black entities/suckers
~ slimy black snake/serpents
~ implants with tentacles that reach deep into the body and suffocate certain organs
~ curses, hexes and spells
~ entities and cords that are literally sucking the light and life out of you that disable you to function
~ Beings appearing that are a 'tiny bit off' - but appearing as kind hearted Souls, but something is off and this has shown through some of my clients as projections of themselves as children that have been releasing the trauma and memories from their system - patterns are being removed from our energetic field.
~ Lots of Crows and Ravens about symbolising the coming change and the end of a cycle. They also represent and give warning of impending danger/disruption, so if you are feeling to move on from a location or situation, then listen to that internal guidance sooner rather than later, as your intuition is leading you to where you are meant to be for this next leg of your Soul's journey in this life.
This is not a time to be scared - but know that on these Eclipses the veils are thin and IS the time for these sorts of things to be releasing from our field.
Nothing to be scared of - but when you are being given signs to move from somewhere - trust it, as this is what keeps you safe. Your intuition always does, if you'll only listen to it.
These old patterns appear as:
~ people
~ confusion
~ dark entities/demons/attachments that make you feel like you can't function
~ old feelings and old behaviours (we play them out to release them, but we need to CHOOSE to release it at the same time)
~ relationships go through huge transformation together and rise or break up and step onto different webs
~ feeling like you are in a slump or just totally lost and no desires or cravings for anything
~ or the extreme of craving everything and feeling empty no matter what you do to 'fill yourself'
One of my students shared a video that someone shared of what appears to look like a black serpent/worm, taking Light from the Sun. Now, I am no expert at knowing what reading those screen charts look like what is what on the Sun, but it was kinda convincing.
I was going to do a Live Healing last night, but I was called to work on the Crystalline Chakra Activation Series instead and this makes sense as there is more 'power' in that with giving people the tools and once I have finished this series, I will do the Live Healing as well, but at this time, so important to keep filling yourself with as much Light as possible as all of this releases from our filed collectively.
I think our Crystalline Chakra Journey will come at the perfect time for what is needed for our planet collectively of course! (Starts in a few weeks!)
You are right on path if you are feeling right now:
~ A sense of urgency to get things done, finalised and finished
~ Moving locations/planning future plans of moving asap
~ Discovering deep aspects of your Soul that you never knew existed - well, you did, now you are just discovering a conscious understanding of the you, you have always been and this feels like you finally have direction and life path clarity now
~ You walk forward, but doubt, but know you are right on path even though you can't see the entire path
~ Are questioning certain people in your life or not, cutting ties and moving forward, but wondering if you made the right decision to do this, trust your Heart not your head in this matter for your clarity of your decision
~ Are letting go of everything you've ever known and thought you were supposed to be doing, you could literally be releasing every physical item you've ever owned and stripping bare, both physically, emotionally, mentally and are birthing a new way of being in the world for yourself. Cleaning out cupboards, metaphorically and physically - you are letting go of any attachments that are keeping you stuck and mustering up the courage to truly have what your Heart wants in your life, no settling anymore.
The shifts are here and the shifts are real.
Are you using them to your advantage?
Do you feel stuck?
Or do you feel free?
If you feel stuck - what old are you holding onto and what for?
Are you afraid to truly have what your Heart wants?
To be that free and allow yourself to be free of the pain life that has been until now?
Right now, with these eclipses is choice point.
The ones that have been feeling the deepest level of darkness have already decided to rise and therefore are 'being pulled down' - reach out, get help and support, shift and clear your vibration.
Release it so you can FLY!
It is time and the choice point pivotal energy right now - release anything that is holding you back, physically, emotionally, mentally and strip bare so you can be light to fly with the direction your Heart is calling you to go in.
This is, what this redirectional Eclipses are for after all.
Not that way beautiful! This way! And just when you think it is that way, it can change again...
Go with the flow - let Spirit guide you right now - but remember Spirit guiding you is in direct alignment with your HEART - you just have to open it, to feel the truth of the correct alignment for YOU.
Your Heart, is where your Light is - let it shine bright enough to show you the path.
It has always led you Home - if you truly had the courage to listen to it and act on it in the first place.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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