What a crazy topsy turvy upside down day it feels like!

What a crazy topsy turvy upside down day it feels like!
When nothing goes to plan..
When everything seems to block you..
When deep Peace undertones are always there, but waves of agitation and frustration ensue gah... what is ACTUALLY going on today?!
No... I was very aware of what is/was going on... let alone am I deep in my liver cleanse/gall bladder flush right now - the liver/gall bladder is located where our Solar Plexus is, which is where we trust ourselves, our self esteem, self worth lays, which is where we come into deep alignment with our Higher Self, which is where we feel empowered or disempowered.
And what I have been deeply discovering this last few days on the liver cleanse?
Is how much I have NOT been being myself! 😱😱😱 WWHHHAAATTT!?!?!
And yet - this does NOT come at a surprise to ME!
I have been feeling this for a while, but also, not knowing who Hannah is now. I am definitely not who I was 5-7 years ago, even though there are many people who still view me as that person, I am not that Hannah anymore. I have integrated her and she has grown, DEEPLY.
And yet - with that, I am still learning this new Hannah.
However, I have also been carrying around a lot of crud that is NOT ME! I wouldn't be surprised if calcified stones come out on this cleanse! DEEP OLD stuff... and gosh, no longer in alignment with this new Hannah vibration that is for sure.
The point of me sharing this is the biggest realisation I have had - is how much I was trying to be like others! It's tricky to explain but let me try and do so.
I have been building this business for several years now and I thought I knew who I was when I began, but then I evolved into this amazing incredible, super accurate on point intuitive healer psychic medium that can read you and EVERY part of your many lives unlike any other (Yes, I DEEPLY see this part of me and owning it)...
However, as my business grew, I seemed to forget who I was in that or why or what I taught or... SOMETHING!
And yet, these road trip adventures and now grounding into our new abode, plus the acute clarity that has come this week on Third Eye Chakra week (Seeing the Truth), has enabled me to come into a deeper relationship with myself, my business, my entire LIFE.
Gosh, it is tricky to describe... I guess... I am just going to have to SHOW you 😜🤩
I know I have been bogged down by life for the last several years and carrying the load of single mumming, let alone everything else, choosing to live on the other side of the country away from my family and anyone I know/knew, since I was 18.
And 'landing' here?
If anyone who knows me, and has done the Archangel Activations - know that Archangel Chamuel, his 'symbol' - is green rolling hills, with the beautiful orange/yellow sky sunsets...
And only this past week, has this been brought to my attention...
"When you come into alignment with your Life Purpose, everything you want and everything you need, let alone the supportive, loving, high vibrational relationships come into this picture." - that is, on the green rolling hills with the orange sunset skies...
Well, you've seen where I live now... actually ON those green rolling hills!! 🤣😌 I guess I haven't been dubbed The Life Purpose Queen for no reason eh? 🤣
I guess that is why there was so much agitation this morning.... FOLLOW WHAT IS ALIVE FOR YOU - NOT, what brings you agitation or brings you down.... that equates to 'out of alignment' and not where you are meant to focus your energy - AT ALL!
ONLY what brings you alive... and for me, that has been to let go of some big choices and situations, that I thought I HAD to do... but I realised they are NOT me... and now... I get to do all of me... I get to BE all of me...
And yes, who else was I meant to be anyway?! Other than... me?
🤣 I know I know right?!
See you soon! With more of ME as I release these layers and uncover the ME I knew, deep down, I was always born to BE! 🤩🥰
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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