What if?

What if, I was becoming more kinder and kinder with every word I spoke to myself and others, even in my mind?

What if, I was really mindful of the energy I am creating around me - by the way I think and talk about myself and others to other people?

What if, I decided I only saw the good in others and ignored the rest?

What if, I was so clear in my energy and boundaries that I was able to say no easily to what is not aligned with me and my life?

What if, everything I thought about happened in my life?

What if, I realised my true power is this?

What if, the magic began, when I began becoming so, so kind to myself?

What if, my life was filled with joy and love?

What if, my life was completely mine by design - every single aspect of it?

What if, my choices were automatically elevated to the highest version of myself?

What if, my life was filled with so, much, fun?

What if, my life was so easy and full of flow?

What if, I became so aware of my thoughts and feelings?

What if, I automatically knew how to support myself with my thoughts and feelings to the highest possible outcome?

What if, my Soul knows exactly what to do every single time?

What if, my Soul is always connected to Source?

What if, every time I connect to my Soul, I automatically connect to Source?

What if, every time I connect to my Soul, who is automatically connected to Source, that enables limitless possibilities to flow through me and flood my life, with joy and ease?

What if, my divine guidance and intuition is totally accurate?

What if, I completely trusted the messages from my Soul?

What if, my intuition is so clear and accurate, every single time?

What if, my Soul is leading me to my highest Life Purpose Destiny right in this moment?

What if, every time I doubted myself, I immediately stepped into trust and faith automatically?

What if, my vibration is becoming higher and higher?

What if, I am totally grounded and able to hold this higher vibration automatically?

What if, I completely trusted my Soul in the messages I am receiving to hold this higher vibration automatically?

What if, the more I practised embodying my Soul’s calling every moment of every day, by automatic response of who I am?

What if, I am totally aligned with my Life Purpose?

What if, I always make the right decision?

What if, my Heart is always totally aligned to the truth that is right for me in my own life?

What if, my Life Purpose, naturally awakens, by me trusting my own intuition, my own Heart?

What if, I trusted?

What if, everything I do is correct?

What if, I have always made the right choice?

What if, no matter what anyone says, I deeply and completely love and accept myself?

What if, no matter what is happening around me, I deeply expand my powerful Heart to hold me and expand it into the space?

What if, every step I take on the Earth, I do so consciously with pure Love?

What if, I feel deeply connected to my Heart and honour it’s callings to me?

What if, I feel the presence of the Earth and my Spirit Guides all the time and feel comforted by them?

What if, I am totally present with everything I do?

What if, I am completely clear about what someone else’s energy is and what my energy is?

What if, I intuitively just know what to do every single time and do it automatically?

What if, I just trusted myself in what I know is right in my own Heart?

What if, I just love myself exactly as I am?

What if, I remember to ask for the Archangel’s of 100% Light to surround me and fill my Heart with Divine Love right now?

What if, I just trust?

What if, I just expand my Heart into the space, including, filling my own Heart?

What if, I just Love?

For you, when you start doubting yourself or are feeling lost, confused or something else.

This, my dear, is for you to just remember the magic of What if?

You don’t need to know the answer this moment in time, but you do need to open your mind and ask to drop into the space of limitless possibilities and….. trust.


Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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