When you feel yourself dropping into a negative spiral - first check

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When you feel yourself dropping into a negative spiral - first check - is it mine? 

If you find yourself 'out of the blue' starting to worry about things that you usually don't worry about...

If you find yourself feeling like you need to cry but you can't quite seem to cry, but feel on the edge of a break down even though you know you don't usually feel that way... 

If you wake up and feel like death warmed up, heavy and immediately start freaking out about things you just don't usually worry about because your faith and how you live your life ALWAYS wins over anything else - it is just how it is....

If you find yourself just not feeling yourself and feeling like you want to give up hope and walk away from everything that is so important to you.... 

If you find yourself wanting to move and fantasise about being anywhere but where you are...  

If you find yourself depressed lethargic and just not yourself when you usually you are alive, happy and energetic.... 


You can use it over and over in your head like a mantra - It's not mine. It's not mine. It's not mine. It's not mine. It's not mine. It's not mine. It's not mine. It's not mine.

If it is not yours, it will start to dissipate. 

If it is yours, you will be shown and you'll FEEL it. 

If you resonate with any of the above mentioned - you are 99% of a chance - carrying someone else's energy. 

Check - 

  • Who have I just had contact with? 
  • Who am I trying to separate myself from? 
  • Who has it been quite traumatic, or just deeply connected to/very in my life lately that I am trying to move away from, or intuitively know I have to?
  • Who can't I stop thinking about - especially in an obsessive kinda way?
  • Who did I just have contact with in the last few days/week or month that really rocked and knocked me? 
  • Who am I angry at, jealous of or just annoyed with what happened in my life 'because of them'?
  • Or simply - have had contact with them?

You can also place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask - whose energy am I carrying? Who is this?

These questions will help you to tune into who and what is in your energy field, that you carrying, consciously or subconsciously. 

In my free Clear and Activate Pack - are a series of meditations that will deeply clear this out of your system. Make sure to watch the mini training video series, that helps you to understand how, what, why we carry someone and most importantly, clear it out of your system. 

If you 'out of the blue' start feeling off, not yourself or feel a pile of emotions, worry or want to walk away from it all, I guarantee you're feeling someone who 'used' to be close to you, that you once loved, looked up to, adored and thought you'd be around forever - that are no longer in alignment. 

When you feel these feelings - you're feeling them, you're carrying them and it will make you judge everything you've ever deemed important to you. You'll start eating crap food and just feel unmotivated with.... life. 

It's not you - and you know it. 

So clear your energy, shake it off, literally shake off, jump up and down, exercise, move your body - shift your energy and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and what is IMPORTANT TO YOU. 

Integrate the Shadow of why they are in your life (also in my Clear and Activate Pack) and walk away without looking back.

You got important Soul work to do beautiful one! 

Like - LIVE YOUR DAMN LIFE! Ain't got no time for that shit! 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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