When you walk a different path to modern society, just expect people to not understand

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When you walk a different path to most of society, just expect certain people to not understand and just judge you, put you down and more without even taking the time to want to ask you more about what you do, rather, they will just tell you how wrong it all is, how wrong you are and how you should do something different.

Keep doing what you're doing anyway.

It took me quite a while to be okay that people didn't get it.

I wanted the world to wake up when I did - how come they just don't see this! This makes total sense!

I went through many phases to get to this place of being okay with people not getting it.

But it didn't come without pain.

Still today, I cop it at times, but my skin is thicker so to speak - but, it doesn't mean that I don't have feelings and it doesn't hurt at times. And yes, of course, it hurts more when I am vulnerable or not feeling as strong on some days!

I used to shout it at the top of my lungs (well almost!) to everyone I came into contact with and I used to look at them blankly when they told me they didn't understand, or why am I even doing it, this spiritual stuff, or that I am crazy.

A LOT of people left my life when I first woke up in 2005.

I'm sure my family thought it was just a phase... yet, here I still am.

I feel like there have been 3 main phases for me.

I used to tell everyone I met or that I already knew, just out of pure passion and how much sense it all made - it was like the world finally came with a road map, a manual on how to do this place we call Earth with my spiritual awakening and that this is the answer to everything.

Then, I realised how many friends I lost and it wasn't out of 'Oh I need to not be who I am or I will lose people' - yet, I came to realise that they just don't get it and I left the drug scene and pretty much all of the people in it I used to hang out with, let alone the fact they called me crazy and more I'm sure.

Then, I found people who kind of got it and I felt accepted me and my crazy ass new era belief systems - you know, the sort thing that has the power to change the world. Little did I know they were bitching about me behind my back... but of course, the truth always surfaces and yes, I found that out too - and confirmed all the weird ass intuitive nudges/feelings I kept getting about them, but pushed it out of my mind, because - no, that's not what THOSE sort of people did. But yes, it was.

And then, I broke away from that scene too.

Then I learnt this incredible thing called Attraction Marketing and started calling in my Tribe.

And fuck I am so glad I did.

I am so glad I called in my tribe - you guys!! I built Reality Awareness to create community of Souls who GET IT.

I am so glad that my tribe totally get 100% with no doubt whatsoever this next wave ascension that has the power to literally change the world.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do." - Steve Jobs. #soultribe #alreadydoingit

Yet, there are still people around who don't understand what I do, nor care to understand, and it is this skin I talk about - yet, not in the traditional sense of the thick skin meaning.

This one, that I speak of - is holding space for that person, even when you are triggered yourself by what they are saying. And I am not perfect.

This one, is being able to acknowledge how you are feeling and call upon people that can support you to deal with the feelings that have arisen from the situation (soul tribe).

This one, is totally feeling exactly how you are feeling to allow the energy to pass through you - and to trace the source of what's hurting you about it inside, so to clear what part of you still calls that situation in for = what reason?

The point I am sharing here, is that no matter how far along, or whether you are just starting, if you come into this spiritual journey and start taking your passion and making it your career - you will always get people who just simply do not understand what you are doing.

The ones who are your Soul Tribe? They will listen, = LISTEN - and then they will do the work themselves!

They don't rip you down, they don't play small talk, they don't bitch about you behind your back.

They do the fucking work and move through their own shit. They own their reactions and do the work. #simple. But not so for everyone.

When they are people 'close' to you, they usually don't care to try and understand, because they just think what you are doing is wrong. They are usually copping flack from people around them - that don't know how to explain what you do, or why you are doing it, and so they get triggered and take it out on you, making you wrong and why can't you just do normal society already. #notachance

It is here your Spiritual Skin needs to be strong - to know how to hold space whilst they are speaking what is only, their truth for them.

"I stopped explaining myself when I realised people only understand to their level of perception."

It took me a while to get to embody this truth as well. And now, it is what helps my Spiritual Skin at the same time, intuitively tuning into what is really going on for them and understanding this to have a stronger stance on holding space rather than trying to explain anything, because they just don't get it.

Holding space for someone, is more powerful in waking someone up, than trying to explain a logical explanation that, when someone is in their emotional stuff, never hears anyway.

I am living how most people won't so I can do what most people can't.

My skills are where they are at, because I have listened to what's within, no matter the pain from the outside it has caused.

Most people won't sacrifice what I have.

Most people call me crazy.

Most people don't understand how I can create what I do and what on Earth for.

Most people think I should 'get a normal job'.

You've got to be fucking kidding me. Tried that - I didn't care for my Soul to be squelched and deal with the physical symptoms that come from being so far out of alignment that my body literally breaks down. Just like a car would on a rough road that is 'off track' if it weren't the off-track car to do the job.

Yet, these 'most people' - I don't have in my close field anymore... but there are some I can't totally disconnect from right now, even though I have distanced myself well away, when they make themselves known, the sting is still there.

And I acknowledge how I truly feel.

And I clear my energy.

And I ask what this situation taught me.

I ask, what it's gift is in it for me.

And I move on.

I've realised, that I am growing at rapid rates and there are only few, who keep up with me.

There are only few, who accept this in me and 'stay there' with me, even if they don't 100% get it.

They see my vision, even if they don't totally get it.

They know the depth of my purpose, they feel it in their bones, even if they don't totally get it. #soultribe

I realise that:

~ people are stressed out
~ that 99% of what people say about me, is their own fears, misunderstandings and not willing to be open to try or want to understand and is not about me
~ that people don't get me and that's okay
~ that some situations are blown out of proportion
~ that all people have feelings and I have no idea what that person is going through to make them act that way, but they must be hurting deeply in some way and are being misunderstood in their own lives and not supported in a way that they need by the people closest to them.
~ that they are feeling powerless about a situation and anger arises from this
~ that they want a different scenario and are not receiving it

I also realise that:

~ it's not my job to make people understand me
~ it's not my responsibility to wake people up
~ it's in my highest good to hold space, but know where my limit, my boundary is with that is as well
~ there are many, many people out there, namely my clients, students and tribe that 100% get this and are listening, intently and making changes with exponential results along with it
~ it is my job to create a life

Because they:

~ know the truth of the 5D and beyond reality shift right now
~ have felt it in their bones and are taking 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING in their life right now
~ know that love has the power to transform
~ sense energy beyond the normal old realms of the past spiritual era just gone

We are in a new Spirituality Era now. The energy is different. Consciousness is changing. People are waking.

You either grow and shift with the changes, or you stay stuck, anxious, frustrated and you know, breaking down on the off road track, that isn't meant for off road.

When you feel different to most of society - own it.

When you are not surrounded by people who get you, support you and HAVE your back, instead of bitching behind your back - leave them and choose to create a life where you only have people around you that love you, care for you and support what you do and who you are. Only YOU can take responsibility for the type of people you have in your life. Thats on you, to not tolerate crap anymore and create energy and vibes in your life that reflect love, support, care and damn well fun for life, because that is what life is for - LIVING with Joy, not pain. Those days are over, but only YOU can change that. 

Your tribe IS out there.

It is why I called in my tribe.

This is what Reality Awareness is about. A place where you belong. You're not crazy, but you're crazily Gifted my love. 

And I deeply LOVE YOU for heeding that call.

It is a Soul Calling Thing after all.

Walk Your Own Path.

And walk away from anyone and anything that pulls you down.

You're worth way more than you think you are.

Own it.

And stay strong in your worth.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen👑

P.S. You have a message, you have a calling, you have a gift and you're here to change the lives of many, many humans.

You've always being different and you know that there is more. 

Your Soul craves the place of peace and harmony for all beings, for our dear Mother, for all that exists. 

You're ready to step up your Gifts, because this... is what you're born for and are tired for not living the life you know... is your Destiny, click here: https://www.realityawareness.com/trust-your-intuition