Who feels something HUGE is coming out of this series of Road Trips for me?

Who feels something HUGE is coming out of this series of Road Trips for me? 
I feel like I have been on an Initiation, a Soul searching Vision Quest and a recalibration all at once.
When Adaya took this photo the other day I was like WWWHHHHHYYYYYY have I done this intense and invigorating series of road trips?! 
I have been stripped bare, stripped back and only my Soul remains is what it feels like.. nothing else matters, nothing else is there, nothing else remains, but this slate of pure Platinum Light Frequency that IS who I am.
WWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYY has everything happened the way that it has?!?!
And yet - I know the answer to all of those questions.
I know there is still way more unfolding than I am aware of.
There is a HUGE Universal unfolding of my Life Purpose and 'why' all of everything that has happened on these road trips, and still is happening - there are so many pieces I am still unaware of.
And yet, still, I surrender to each and every part of it that has been unfolding.
I have felt the deepest grief on every leg of these road trips that began in February for me and I have also felt the most free and liberated I have ever felt in my entire life.
I have let go of more things, people, emotions, patterns and deep core to my heart feelings and reflections of my heart that I didn't plan on, nor knew was going to happen.
And yet - there is still more to go.
This is way more than Patriarchal and Matriarchal Healing going on here.
This is core to the Soul of who I am healing going on.
I could write a book about it! Ah, lucky I am 😉
This is clearing out everything that has been holding me back to this day from me living my best life and coming into the highest version of who I really am.
These road trips and every destination and everything that has happened within these?
Has been the releasing all of that has been covering up who I really am.
And who I really am, is only just beginning to come out.
You think you get triggered and upset by the freedom loving, no bounds held, no limits, complete independence of self and the life to do what I want to anywhere, anytime me that I already have been?
Oh, you may just want to unfollow me now then 😉
I'm only just beginning baby! 👑💎
I will livestream about it all soon, when we are settled at our next destination of course and tell you all about it as I do ❤️
3 Days of driving just gone, with one 12 hour day drive in that, which was not planned and unexpectedly 'had to happen' - for another 2 full days driving ahead from tomorrow, bare with me whilst I get to your messages, emails and comments - I see you!
Lots of driving, lots of reflection and processing time.. I do love driving, I do love road trips, or I wouldn't have done them.. has just been hard leaving this last destination without my little Moo!
With arms, heart and LIGHT wide open, deeply vulnerable and deeply surrendering to what the Universe has in stall on this next leg of our journey, I am grounded, I am present, I am here, returned to wholeness of that which I always have been - but now, without the facade I have been hiding behind and didn't even know it.
Stripped bare, without a care
But with much grief release,
To feel my Heart in deep relief,
Broken Open, to the core
The deep wounds ripped out, roots and all.
The hidden masks thrown to the wind
Forever Free to Be Me,
My Platinum Light, Incarnated Angel Self
Forever more, on the Ocean Shore,
Grounded in who I am,
Deep Wholeness coming back to the core.
I used to be happy go lucky, but these series of Road Trips have pulled out of me - the emptiness, the holes that were sitting there in my energetic field and body covered up, unfelt.
And now, those have been literally ripped out, stripped bare.
The Ice, my Frozen Heart, has melted ❤️
And with that - the Return to Wholeness prevails.
I feel like I can be happy now - with the Whole Happy, rather than an empty happy.
Ah, so much to say. It's book time 📖🖋
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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