Woah, we aren't even Heart yet!

Woah, we aren't even Heart yet! 

This whole Gold Coast thing, is bringing me ALIVE! 

Follow the aliveness, they say. 

Follow your bliss, they say. 

So cliched,  it is is almost thrown out the window. 

And yet, there is sooooo much TRUTH to it. 

Let's be real.... 

All of this came about because I opened myself up to dating again! 

And no, it isn't what you think, I am not moving to the Gold Coast for a man! Or a woman! 

A few months back, I realised I really want a life partner. I think I gave up on it due to, well, my past of course. And yet, recently, I have been feeling, well I really need to open up to this. 

A few weeks back when my daughter went overseas to see her Dad, being out here on 250 acres on my own was... confronting to say the least. 

I realised I didn't want to be alone anymore. 

I also realised a hugely important fact, that there is a MASSIVE difference to wanting and 'needing' a relationship because of abandonment issues from an unhealed past and a deep desire to be in loving union with my divine counterpart - those are two very different feelings. 

It was also a stark realisation of where I am coming from today (these last few months) in wanting a relationship - It has shown me how much I have grown and... what I am ready for. 

After these ideas floating around in my mind, I finally took action a few weeks back to join a dating site (3 actually), as I realised, out here on 250 acres in the middle of nowhere, well, the likelihood of 'bumping' into someone out here, well... 

Of course, if it is meant to happen it will - but have you been out bush where there is no one and tried living for a while? Come back to this one when you have. 

I joined the dating sites and... it was.. interesting. And yet, I still haven't done anything with it. I held off for months, because I thought it might be a distraction. I didn't even sign up properly, as I was still wondering if it is a good idea, am I distracting myself from my work?! I knew I wasn't and yet... I also knew I was holding back, because....

I KNEW that I wasn't happy in my life. 

After 3 days of flicking through profiles, super aware that, I am not happy in my life, so this wasn't a good idea. I would NOT attract my ideal man in this state at all. So SO conscious of it. I made a commitment to myself to find my happiness again, make my life, something I LOVE and LOVED and be happy - and THEN I would actually sign up properly on the sites. 

And yet, if I hadn't followed that nudge to sign up and see what is out there I would still be sulking in my bed about how unhappy I was in my life. 

It OPENED me. 

Needless to say, I haven't logged onto those sites for... a few weeks now. Something shifted in me, it made something MOVE in my life. Some sort of energy block/door open happened. I guess, that was the commitment. To be happy again - THEN date. 

I then began slowly starting to come back to life... asking that one powerful question - Who am I without my trauma, and what makes me happy? What do I love to do? Okay, that is more than one question.. but you get my drift... 

One thing led me to the next, and I took my daughter to a place to look at here on the Sunshine Coast closer to the Ocean. She hated it. I was disappointed. I didn't know what to do. I was at a loss. I don't know. I shook it off and ended up saying to her, well maybe our right house, just hasn't shown up yet. 

I let it go and got back to work. 

Another two weeks went past and then after conversation with her again, something prompted me to look at the Gold Coast. 

My jaw dropped. 


Why haven't I looked here before. 

Well, reality is, I did - when we first got back to Queensland after our road trips last year and it just didn't work then. 

But after being here for over 12 months and keeping an eye on properties - for what you can get up here, compared to the Gold Coast? Omg, WAY better value AND - Close to everything and for a Woman that wants it ALL - THAT is important. 

I was a bit.. meh, I am not sure, and quite detached after the amount of looking I have been doing about it all. There was one there. With sooo many signs. So, hence we went there this last few days to check it out. And go shopping. Because - if we go shopping anyway? We drive to the Gold Coast, because the best shops are there. #nojokebut. Driving 4.5 hours round trip, is nothing when you want something :) 

This time, we stayed the night. And it was magic. And healed so much. And showed me so much. 

If it wasn't for the HUGE Gum Trees about to be chopped down on the property I live on now - I would probably still be here. And not really 'motivated' to do anything to change circumstances (in a way). If you saw my story the other day, I put on there how much the Trees made me cry. SHE IS HUGE. And when I wrapped my arms around her and cried, she wrapped her arms back and said, "It's okay, I am helping you." (yes, the trees talk to me - loud and clear like a person). 

It lit a FIRE in me. I can't do anything to save them. Trust me, my mind went a zillion miles and directions to figure things out. 


I can't do shit here. This isn't my property. I want to do soooo many things to it, but I don't own it. So I can't. You might say, I am sure the owner would let you. I say, what I want to do, I would need to own it. Sure it's beautiful, sure, I live here, but it isn't mine. And THAT.... is where I have lost my purpose this last few months...yes, there has been a big recalibration going on, on so many layers, but this... is where a huge part has come from - and without that communication with her the other day... this wouldn't have happened. 

Literally the next day, I thought I would just check the Gold Coast properties... 'Listed a hour ago.' - Wait what?!?! 


That sort of synchroniscity. #normal. 

THAT I have been MISSING and THAT is what brings me ALIVE. 






Today in Divine Step #9 in the 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose (comment replay below if you would like to watch it) - LOVE - just.. if I needed anymore confirmation, the Universe flowed through me: 

"Remembering what brings me alive.

Remembering what I love

Remembering the Love for my life IS my Purpose. 

If you are not in Love with your life, you are not on Purpose ðŸ˜³

Your Life Purpose is Your Purpose - is You - You are the Life - You are the Purpose.

If you don't love it, you are not on Purpose ðŸ˜³

Confronting to hear, right? Where do I start? 

Start asking that question - What is it that I love? 

It's okay to not know the answer in that question right away. 

Be okay with not knowing when you ask the question. 

You want to be in Love, with Love, for Love of all the things that you Love - because if you're not Loving your Life then who the fuck will?!?

You receive Love, by remembering what you Love and doing the things you Love. 

Thats how you receive Love. 

If you are not doing the things you Love and you don't Love your life, it's going to be very hard for you to receive any Love and you'll be looking for Love in other people and that is toxic asf. 

Because no one can get into your Heart - if you're not in your own Heart! ðŸ˜³ðŸŽ¤ðŸ’¥ðŸ¤¯

If you're not in your Heart, Loving what you do, Loving your Life - nothing can get in there."

Well.... I almost fell off my chair! 

We aren't even in HEART Chakra yet!. 

This is prime Ear Chakra Consciousness - OPENING - to new realities, to new paradigms. NOT the way you used to do things - but EVERYTHING is different here. Everything is the same, but different. This is where you OPEN and as I always say, the Ears, Heart and Base Chakra are always connected. 

At the Ear Chakras, we have travelled through Crown - opening to Light, letting the Light in. At the Third Eye Chakra, complete overhaul of all relationships, past, present, future. At Ears - we are implementing that revised, healed and catalytic change from what we healed in relationships in Third Eye. We have a lighter, clearer, grounded and healed perspective of reality and relationships - WE are relating differently. We are healed. 

How can I let in Love (Heart) if I am not listening to what makes me happy? (Ears)

That tiny crack of an opening has shifted my ENTIRE life. And this is just Ear Chakras! Goodness! But #ofcourse. 

Are you ready, to OPEN? 

To, RECEIVE all that you desire? 

Our Ears 'look' like our Ovaries. They are where realities are born (babies are born) - we gestate our Life Purpose there/here. But if you are closed, how on Earth can you? 

Are you following the inklings, the nudges, even when it doesn't make logical sense? 

Intuition, will never make sense to your logical brain... so just stop doing that. 

Listen to your Heart instead. 

Open... and follow that feeling. 

That... place that has always led you back Home. 

Back... to Love. 

Back... to YOU. 

YOU are The One you've been waiting for. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

P.S. SOUL CALLING is coming - are you? Click here for all the details: https://www.realityawareness.com/soul-calling


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