Yesterday we went for a mini road trip to pick up our two newest family members 🐀🐀

2020 obliteration about hannah reality awareness Sep 21, 2020

Yesterday we went for a mini road trip to pick up our two newest family members 🐀🐀

Only God knows why on Earth we drove two hours away to pick up the Ratties, even though there were some closer to home to us. 

I know there are several reasons why the Universe took us THERE of all places.. but at the same time it was STRANGE. 

I was feeling off... it was weird, I was feeling all sorts of things and realised I was probably picking up the woman's energy who had the rat babies, because of some issues prior to us arriving. 

I just wasn't myself. And yet, I was also conscious that I was subconsciously aware of entering Brisbane, where all the facial recognition ID has been turned on everywhere all over town....

I was also aware of where we were even heading to on the South side of Brisbane, wasn't the highest of vibe places.... 

But fuck knows why Spirit is taking me to all these sorts of places! Like Victoria and all that I uncovered there... 

We arrived early, so we drove further to explore and use the time before we got there. As we arrived in Beenleigh, which I had never been to, but driven through on the highway about ten zillion times, living in Queensland for 18 years now, driving to Brisbane-Gold Coast OFTEN to say the least... I had never stopped at such suburb before. 

As we drove through... something caught my eye. 

I was already very aware that 5G was well turned on in Beenleigh.. but what caught my eye, took me by surprise..and even the fact we were naturally driving towards such 'wasting' time before our time to pick up the Ratties. 

Immediately it brought back the memory of the extra large Golf Ball on the huge pole in the centre of Warrnambool in Victoria where I stayed. In Beenleigh, on the hill surrounded by bushland on a huge piece of land, where it is neighbour to neighbour of  built up housing, town houses and unit blocks everywhere else, is a huge Golf Ball Satellite Dish. What simultaneously flashed up before my eyes, was also the Satellite Golf Ball Dishes out in Pine Gap, that has been much talked about. 

I was shocked and... whilst we were wondering what to even do in Beenleigh, not that I wanted to, but we arrived early, looking on the map, Zarraffas coffee was there, perfect - my fav on the road coffee. So we headed there, Siri guiding us. 

Little did I know after what seemed like way back roads (of course!), that it is actually the big factory/warehouse for Zarraffas not their cafe I can drive through! #right. 

And low and behold.... down the end of the long dead end street... was the road, closed up, with land all around and 'Private Property' on the sign and padlocked gate, that leads to... you got it - up that bushland hill to the Satellite. 

Some strange looking houses placed far apart on that road, but the 3 either side of that private property road, were barb wired fenced up, and one of them... looking down the drive way, had a concrete statue... of a CHILD on the rainwater tank looking thing... NO SHIT. I was in shock and said to my dear friend Deanna, 'Is that weird?!' I think I was trying to say, AM I REALLY SEEING THIS FOR REAL?!?! WHAT. THE. FUCK. Adaya was like, 'Mum, this is dodgy, can we get out of here, like now?!' Yep. Outta there! **cue V8 roar ** 🤣 #nojokebut

Not sure I am even wanting to drink Zarraffas anymore after seeing the location of their Queensland depo on THAT road! 🤔 

It was quite amazing to me it was a private property road, not a government road to get in there to that bushland to that Satellite dish tower thing... the golf ball thing... 

It was all... weird. 

We picked up the Ratties after more weird shit going down there and was grateful to be on the stretch home. 

It was just. Weird. 

The entire thing. 

Why am I being shown all of this? From old mate's place in Victoria, to LOVING Warrnambool and how not until yesterday, did I click with the massive out of the norm Golf Ball on the huge pole in the centre of that town... I know Warrnambool has 5G on already too but... the Golf Ball (satellite)... 

I know I am being shown all of this for a reason that, after contemplating all of it and it still in my mind and not knowing the bigger picture yet... I got the message this evening, that I won't see the fuller picture in it's entirety until 2025... of why I am being taken to these places to be shown what I am being shown. 

I have felt like there has been SOOOOO much distraction and interference with me getting my work done these last few weeks, I know I have just moved house and am still reeling off coming down off 5 months on the road and remembering what it is even like to have a house again, let alone a Home and what it means to even have a fridge or a pantry, or... water and electricity. 

Back in 2011, when the doctor told me I had to have my gall bladder out, I said no thank you! And the next day went full strict liver-gall bladder cleanse for 4 months raw vegan style, following Markus Rothkranz protocol. 

Back then, I absorbed all his content like food for my Soul and read one of his books where he talks about if there are issues in your life or you can't pay your bills - get rid of EVERYTHING and go naked in the desert for 40 days. Which is what he did. It always stuck with me I guess. 

This being on the road thing for 5 months? 

Felt like that. 

And coming into this Home and finding out groove with things like... electricity and running water again, after going off grid for 3 painful months, I feel like I am coming back from something similar to what Markus talked about. 

When we got to our new home.. we had like 2 forks, no teaspoons, 1 plate and.. gosh knows what happened to everything else for our kitchen we lost along the way at different places obviously! 

It wasn't until we were doing normal kitchen again and kept opening the cutlery draw, to.. nothing... I was like.. gosh, we have to buy everything for our home. 

I don't like buying cheap stuff because it always breaks or lasts like 1 wash, I would rather wait and get the good things. 

And yet, this arriving here, being on the road for 5 months, has still been a settling in. 

I had wondered if my howling my eyes out in bed last night before I fell asleep, realising how 'alone' I am, came from something beyond me. I know it had deep ties into what I have been shifting out of my gall bladder, with this 12 month commitment that I have made starting a few days ago and what is energetically/physically shifting out of me from that. 

And yet, the being alone cries, was about family.. but then it dropped deeper and hence making me wonder where it was coming from. I knew it was me, and mine, because when I am feeling someone else's stuff, I usually need to cry but can't to an extent, but this was deep. And so I dropped deeper in the howling tears to see where it was coming from/leading me to. 

It dropped back to Humanities core.. as I was travelling why I have ALWAYS been alone. I have lived in Queensland by choice for 18 years on my own and just always... be on my own. 

It's just... interesting... and being shown all of what I am being shown, something is shifting here... something is... unravelling that is for sure. 

It dropped back to when we ORIGINALLY split from our pure human genetic DNA code and how we have been separated ever since. 

Once I 'found' that in the core of my howling tears, it all made sense. Talk about DEEP shifting right at Soul DNA molecular level! I was super conscious of choosing to release that deep, embedded stuck code that was looping out and has been playing out, not just for me, but for EONS of time for HUMANITY. #disintegrated 

There is a reason that my Soul, in it's plan of this lifetime, has taken me to these places I have road tripped to... even yesterday. Something big is coming of this and I am getting ready, even when I feel like I don't know what I am doing anymore... I do. 

It has felt like a whirlwind and a chaotic pace all at the same time, but that is me. 

I am chaotic by nature and my Soul THRIVES on last minute plans, on getting shit done at last minute, on having ten things on the go at once and then changing it all ten times. 

I used to think that was bad until recently... 

Until recently I learned that, that is who I am. 

And that what I was actually feeling was all the judgements from people looking in on me, thinking how unstable I am. 

And yet, here I am, still doing my purpose work, since 2005 by the way. Yes, some instability there I see! 

Change is my middle name and you can't create a new system with a chaotic mess, making the changes of the old. 

That bigger picture reason I have been taken to these back road places, being shown the dark underworld of human history and the humans we live today... isn't for no reason. 

I wasn't given the humbling gift of Reality Awareness, Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity back in 2005, for no reason. 

I haven't been... for years online stating how much I walk in the dark and the dark is where I transform the underground to the Light... 

And then all this underground comes to Light. 

Kinda ironic right? 

I guess I am not the Life purpose Queen for no reason. 

For as long as I have been conscious, I have said, that when every one is living in complete alignment of their Life Purpose, our World that we all know in our Heart and see with our visions, will reign. 

Symbiotic by Nature we are. 

And when we all align to the Harmony of our Life Purpose Soul work... 

Will we all be Free 🕊💎

Freedom Consciousness Mission every single breath. 

For it is, already here, simultaneous realties merging, anchoring in the now, even with what I have been shown...are you? 🕊💎

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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