You don’t have to cultivate ‘spiritual vibes’ - you just ARE spiritual.

You don’t have to cultivate ‘spiritual vibes’ - you just ARE spiritual. It is in your fucking BLOOD baby.
You don’t have to ‘try’ and connect to Spirit. - you ARE connected to Spirit - it is who you ARE - it is in your BLOOD.
You have a depth of connection that you screw your nose up and wonder how this is not normal for everyone. You do not need to take any mind altering substances that ‘allow you to connect to your higher self’ = because that is normal for you and don’t understand how life can be any other way.
Some people ‘try’ and be spiritual, others just ARE - we are the Ancient Blooded Healers and we have a gift, a depth and intuition that has been innately built upon eons of time.
Sure, I SOLELY believe that anyone can train and become a psychic medium intuitive healer galactic ‘spiritual’ being - but there are some that have this gift innately and are born for it and others… well they just TRY and be it and you can smell it like a dog shit gone wrong from 50,000 miles away and that shit stinks baby!
If someone tells you you can’t do something and shouldn’t use certain words in your business and then they go and do it in their own life and business (who the fuck does that anyway!??!) - feel the shock, dissatisfaction, disarray of such an out of integrity piece that makes your jaw on the floor and some, be sick, cut those fucking cords, dust yourself off, shine your light again and know you’re the fucking leader that actually activated THEM - because that is what you DO - you’re an Ancient Blooded Healer and Life Purpose Activator - YOU WERE FUCKING BORN with it some people just aren’t. But they can try.
Remember, just because they are spiritual, doesn’t mean they are conscious.
Step up and LEAD. It is, what you were born for.
Love, Hannah

The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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