You’re a creator of your own reality 🔥

eclipse season how to find your life purpose how to let go of a relationship how to trust your intuition Mar 31, 2024

You’re a creator of your own reality 🔥

You’re a manifesting queen 👑

Every time you re-gain your power and step into that, manifesting the fuck out of the reality you desire, it seems like the world crumbles around you, family, friends, clients and people you don’t even know on the internet pull you down.

It seems that the eclipses, the moon, the retrograde or something else get’s in the way.

But this honey, is a sign:

You’ve passed the test ✔️

You’ve landed the next iteration of you 💎

You’ve arrived at a potent level that the ripple has already gone out to the Universe - but most importantly - come rippling back, elevating you to the next level 💧

And it’s rocked the boat on all levels. And yet, you’re still sailing with your dreams in sight 🛥

It is a skill and practise to hold this ripple in a way that elevates you instead of floors you. It is a skill to take your power back and hold it, to not let these external circumstances or people or the moon pull you back down to the level you just stepped up from.

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Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑