You're the Stars and the Moon πŸŒŸπŸŒ™

about hannah how to find your life purpose reality awareness Mar 26, 2021

You're the Stars and the Moon,

You're the Earth and the Sea,

You’re the Wind in the Air as far as the Eyes can see

You're the Breath that Fuels the Fire,

You're the Lava that creates the Earths' attire,

You’re the Gift, a treasured Star in this World,

Let your Light be seen, Transforming Darkness to Light, 

Light up the World with your Divine Spark with all your Might, 

You Captivate and Hold that which Generates Gold,

You're the mighty roar of the Ocean Storm and the Crystalline calm of the Larimar Seas. 

You hold the Gift that World has been waiting to See, it is time to Shine and let your Soul be free πŸ€πŸ•Š


Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘

P.S. Reality Reconfiguration, Quantum Portal Sessions with Hannah - have arrived!! 

~ Ethereal Guidance
~ Time-Lapse Quantum Portal Recalibration Analysis
~ Quantum Atomic Field Activation
~ Physical Organ Analysis
~ Galactic & Earth Based Home Recalibration
I have been guided to offer these Quantum Portal Sessions that Reconfigure Your Reality working through your physical, ethereal, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
As we step into the Quantum Portal over 1 hour on Zoom together, the session is recorded so you can re-listen anytime and all the work begins.
Ethereal Guidance: All the Guides will turn up in the space, from your known Guides, Galactic Family, Angels, Animal Spirit Guides, Shamanic Guides, New Realm Guides, some you will know, but it has been known for new Guides to turn up in the space as well.
These Guides help facilitate the session, share any messages and healing that is required in the space, from deep trauma healing, to activations and upgrades to your energetic system, to messages that they have been wanting you to know.
Time-Lapse Quantum Portal Recalibration Analysis: is also carried out and shown in the session, from past lives, this current life and future lives that are required for upgrading and transforming, that are crucial elements to your Wholeness Recalibration, Deep Rapid Healing and Clarity of Life Purpose Direction to integrate back into your everyday life.
Quantum Atomic Field Activation: is also carried out through the Quantum Portal Session, that allows for the integration of the Light Body to be stabilised as we work through your physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies of your entire system - a release from the 3D and anchoring into 5D or higher - whichever is required during your Session, is what will be facilitated.
Physical Organ Analysis is also scanned, with any clearing, healing and activations required also given through this Quantum Portal Session.
Galactic & Earth Based Home Recalibration is anchored in through your physical, mental, auric and spiritual fields, with any limiting belief systems shifted out and recoded so that you can allow your Life Purpose Blueprint from your Original Soul Birth Home to be activated within your everyday life, deeply realigning you to your True Origin Life Purpose Blueprint and Path.
Send me a message for more details and to book your place.
Deeply honoured to be holding these highly expansive and transformative Reality Reconfiguration in the Quantum, to accelerate the reason you’re on this Earth πŸŒŸπŸŒ™