You sat there waiting, watching and wishing...

You sat there waiting, watching and wishing it would happen. You forgot who you ARE. 

And then you remembered and a FIRE washed over the ENTIRE Earth.  

It burnt through the very beings that were holding you back, that were dark, that latched on to your dear life and sucking your soul dry leaving you with no motivation, nothing good to say and just plain down in the dumps. 

Your SOUL FIRE returned in the blink of an eye with the depth of clarity that you have seen since your Soul began at Consciousness of itself. 

You remembered who you are a blink in the etches of time whilst you are all of time itself. 

You came here to remember yourself. 

You came here to help others remember themselves. 

You came here to ignite a movement on this earth. 

One of Consciousness.  

One of Love.

One of Heart. 

One of remembering everything that they made you forget. 

That they made…. Humanity forget. 

But you haven’t. 

You remembered and now you’re ready to help others remember too. 

By helping them remember their SOULS. 

Because you know… that by you….  Being all of your own SOUL -

You automatically switch others SOUL LIGHT  back on… 

And that….  

Is something no one can stop. 


Rise from the underground because they stole your Soul and took you there. 

NOW you rise from the Darkness like you OWN IT and…. Became it long before they told you anything else. 

You were always awake, pretending they got you. But you were…. Working it from the inside out.  

The cloaks have been dropped…  and you…. have risen with a power that no one can rock, touch or steal..

Because you have become the steel that they tried to rip apart. 

But Ancient Healers Blood - is one that you cannot - for it belongs to our Earth and our Earth  belongs to no one. We belong to no one but ourselves and standing for ourselves we stand for us ALL. 

You came here with a mission and that mission must be lived now. 

Stop hiding, stop being scared - your voice is needed, your Soul Light is needed, your Soul Wisdom is needed because God knows you have eons of it inside of you. 

There is a gift, a blessing, a moment in time right now that is calling you to live, now. 

There is a time for healing, there is a time for resting, there is a time for sharing your wisdom and there is a time for living and honey, all of those? 

Can be lived in ONE DAY.  

The question is - are  you?


Your Purpose calls you forth like the wind over the sea. 

You cannot live another day, without honouring your Life Purpose. 

So, what… on Earth are you waiting for?!?! 

The time… that you’ve been waiting for…. Is NOW. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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