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how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition Apr 01, 2022


On Monday whilst laying in the CT machine getting my finger scanned, tears began streaming down my face at the entire incident. When it was over (and omg that radiation I ‘felt’ and made me dry reach of the way back to the car as I was consciously clearing the energy of it, so intense) - when it was over, I sat up and a tear dropped on the paper towel I was laying on. The lady looked at it and I said, “It’s just my tear don’t worry.”

As I stood up, she said, “I don’t mean to pry but are you speaking to someone?” She meant am I seeing a psychologist and was deeply concerned - because I was crying - well, a tear ran down my face….

I looked at her and said - “Of course I am, more than one after what happened!”

Walking to the car the clearing of that radiation was something else, felt like big black goo 🤔 (let’s not go into that one here). 

Anyway, the point I’m sharing is that - then that night the hornets nest let out on my Facebook page, and that didn’t help my already vulnerable state. Cue the next morning and my vulnerable share and livestream that most of you watched from ‘the beast got me’. 

Some may say - “It was the black goo Hannah!” If you know what black goo is you’ll know what I’m referring to - again I don’t want to go into that on these pages here for obvious reasons. I’d like to stay visible thanks.

It could be..

But the entire reason I’m writing this is… 

Tuesday morning my time, I did the livestream- ‘the beast got me’.

That night I went into frantic cleaning mode. It was a fear or angry cleaning mode, it was a super flow mode and cleaned the entire house! 

Something shifted… and my daughter and I were even speaking about it - it felt different this time.

Then, I finished around 8pm and…. I had begun bleeding. 🩸 My Moon flow arrived - right on time. Like clock work my cycle is (there is a trick to getting your cycle regular as fuck with no pills or anything do you want to do how?!) 

When I realised…. It explained everything. Even my vulnerability. even my triggers. Even my deeply emotional state. Everything.

And I have been reflecting on the woman’s comment in the radiologist appointment. 

A tear - crying - is healthy! 

And a day before I bleed - EXPECTED!! 

Imagine a world, where people accept grief as part of a healing process.

Imagine a world where the medicinal system has a grief department and other healing modalities are available in that section too.

Imagine a world where women’s cycles are taken into consideration given the emotions that can be healed through that very potent portal.

Imagine when someone cries instead of being looked at with disapproval and ‘there is something wrong with you, you need to see a psychologist’ they give you a hug and say, “Oh what you went through was horrendous no wonder you’re upset!” 

I know that day is coming even with the current state of the world. 

I have full faith and belief that things are changing. 

After going through all this stuff and never being in the hospital system until now - I know I am there seeing how it works from a patients point of view - so I know what needs to be changed. 

People like us, we are here to deconstruct old outdated systems and create new ones. 

We are the ones that can see the problems before people are even aware of them. 

We are the ones here to teach people it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to be in love, it’s okay to be love, it’s okay to hold space for ourselves, it’s okay to say no, it’s okay to build systems that are not on this planet yet and people call you crazy but then want in because they see eventually see it too. 

It’s okay to be the leader and remember that you’re ahead of your time. 

It’s okay to cry and not have problem understand you.

It’s okay to realise nothing is wrong with you - you’re just human and feel the full scale of emotions and honour your cycle and let yourself drop deeply into this space to only have 2 days later feel on top for the world and declare you’ve had the best week ever - because you follow the flow without judgement and honour the rhythm that you are.

Deeply connected to nature, deeply connected to your inherent being, deeply trusting and supporting yourself on the waves and cycles of life.

Loving yourself more deeply than anyone ever has before and you realise…

That’s the game changer.

That’s the answer to all your issues.

That’s the answer to the core root of all the pieces you’ve been looking for all along. 

And when you realise… you honour it so deeply again and again and that - is a strength people look to you and wonder what your ‘magic’ is - is that.

Pure. Deep. Self love and acceptance that is something you’ve been playing around with lately and it feels so good - I think I’ll stay here 💕

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑 

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Uplifts you. 

Takes you.

Transforms you.

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