You’ve never been too much....

about hannah how to find your life purpose Apr 12, 2021

You’ve never been too much....

Your Life Purpose...

Your Innate Soul gifts...

Your Divine Destiny...

Is calling, that’s all.

There comes a time in the spiritual journey where your Destiny calls you into greater Service.

That time, has come for you, as you have found yourself reading this right now.

There comes a point where you begin to value your worth.

There comes a point where you rise to your next level by saying no to things that drain your energy, deplete your Soul and sink you further into depression.

There comes a time where you set stronger boundaries around 'giving free spiritual help and guidance' and honour your Life Purpose Destiny that is so clearly being shown to you because more and more people are asking for your help. 

There comes a point where you draw the line and even though for a period of time it becomes excruciatingly painful/hard to hold that line, so much that you walk in complete blind faith as if the ground is not beneath your feet anymore because it literally isn’t, as you shift out the old paradigm web that once held you and transport to an entirely different reality.

Sometimes your entire external environment shifts and changes, sometimes it stays exactly the same - but you are changed. Everything is changed. 

You no longer tolerate what is pulling you down, depleting and draining you.

And you only, say yes to your Soul.

You only say yes to what calls you.

You only say yes to the things that brings you alive.

People fall away, people shock you with who stays and who goes and sometimes that breaks your Heart in the process, but you know you have to keep going. You know you have to continue in this direction, or it would be like Soul Death if you didn't and you're not doing that again! 

The pain of not doing it, of not walking your Divine Destiny, is far greater than what is dissolving and crumbling away beneath your feet, than what is shocking you in your life of who stays and who is leaving... or that you have left.  

Your Divine Destiny IS you and all that you are - and right now, that is what is happening, that is what is transforming, THAT is why all the crumbling and rapid fast 'unexpected' change is happening, right in front of your eyes - because your Divine Destiny, the core of who you are is required in the world, to guide, to lead, to shine, to be the Spiritual Leader, the Cosmic Guide, the Heart Felt Healer that you are - the World is awaiting you and it is your time. 

There comes a time when you take a leap of Faith and the divine guided action that is the ONLY path you can follow now - is the Leader of your Heart, Your Soul, your Beingness and is what brings you alive, is what... Leads your life. 

With your choices, with your belief systems that you are consistently upgrading, shifting and changing to match your Highest Destiny, that you are... leading with your Heart in all of your actions, even when it doesn't make logical sense - you just KNOW this is the path. 

Because you know what is coming for Humanity and you know your time is now. 

You've always been waiting for this moment. 

Time to Shine precious one. 

Aligned action, now more than ever, Your Destiny - is all that is required of you right now. 

And that, is born from and within your Heart. 

Let your Heart lead you, let your Heart - guide you. 

You were... born for this after all. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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