This is for you, if you don't know what you want or where to start and get irritated with everyone shining their light in your face.

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Do you want to know a simple but hugely powerful process to start getting out of the mud and start finding your Purpose? 

This is for you if you don’t know what you want, not sure what brings you happiness anymore and are walking around aimlessly lost and see all these people happy and talking about purpose and it just irritates you and omg wtf just fuck off with that shit! 

Most times, you are carrying a heavy burden of your past that you haven’t shaken off yet and it can be soooo irritating to see those with clarity and purpose and well you’re just here just.. yeah. 

Okay, so, to have a ‘clear out’ you may need private mentoring. 

But you can also start here: 

Get out a piece of paper, blank if possible and with colours if you have them, if not just use whatever pen you have. 

Draw a straight line down the middle roughly. 

Then up the top, write how old you are now and down the bottom of the line/page, write 0 when you were born. Now, go through and start from where you are at your current age, ‘scan’ back through the timeline, your memories of what sticks out at you the most. 

For example: 

Lets say you’re 35 and then at 33 you had a divorce, so you’d make a little notch on the line and write that. Then when you were 31 you found out your wife cheated on you, so you’d write that too a tad further underneath the 33. Then at 28 is when you got married. So, you’d mark that down the line. 

You think back down the line. Yep, at 24 is when your Father died. So you mark that on the line. 

Then you remember when you were 21 how you went overseas and met this girl who you absolutely adored, but she wasn’t interested in you. 

As you scan back further/older, you remember something massive that happened when you were 15 that has scarred you and you kinda forgot about how big that was until you think about it now! 😳

Then you drop back remembering when you were 10 you moved house and had to change schools and how that affected you because you didn’t want to leave your friends and life was shit after that move. 

Then you realise your sister was born when you were 5. 

Then you remember how mum told you your dog died at 3 and you remember loving that dog. 

Then you were born at 0. 

Phew 😳. 

These timeline points might not seem much, but they etch marks on our body, mind, muscle memory and play out in our reality today. There are many ways you can heal, work with and shift etches or scars I call them. 

One simple way I will share with you now, is working with my Inner Child Meditation. You can use this Inner Child Meditation even if you are 35 and realise how much it hurt you when you got that divorce and were cheated on at 33. Technically it is ‘the past’ and ‘younger’ than what you are now. 

You can use this Inner Child Meditation in a few ways: 

  • Set an intention to what ‘age’ you want to go in and heal and speak to (for example, I want to speak to myself when I was 33 and heal that)
  • You can ‘go in with any age surfacing that needs to heal’ and see what age you turns up in the space - it will be the most pertinent and powerful point to heal right now 
  • Have your colours ready if you can, you might want to draw/colour/write messages on each part of the timeline as you work with the meditation. 
  • You may need to spend more time on each or a particular timeline point. You can repeat the Inner Child Meditation everyday for a week on a particular timeline point for example. 
  • You can use this process, once a week for a month or six months, to deeply heal these timelines
  • Know when something ‘hits too deep’ and book support with a mentor (important) you don’t have to do this on your own anymore. 

You can also just sit in meditation or contemplate ‘going back’ through the timeline and think/remember about things and choose to release it. Be okay if tears or anger comes up and let yourself release as much as possible here in each space. A lot might surface that is ready to purge when you do this. 

Points to Remember: 

  • This is a HUGE process - go easy on yourself!
  • You may only get one timeline point in a session of doing this with yourself - be okay with this
  • Especially if you have not healed any of this past before. 
  • This is a big process, be gentle with yourself. Yes, I said it twice, it is IMPORTANT. 

Be okay in the space once you’ve worked with this process. Then, be conscious to start thinking about ‘now the slate is clear, what do I want to do with my life?’ or a simple question to move forward on this clear slate is, what is the next most aligned action I can take right now? And you might get the message to go to the beach, read a book or take that class that you’ve been thinking about. Start there. 

Whatever you do, just start. 

And know you can. 

Click here for the Inner Child Meditation:

Remember, you can. 

You just have to… start. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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