"Because they hate me."

"Because they hate me."

I would always come back to this. 

"Because they hate me."

For sooo long, many years, up until about 2 years ago... in session with my mentor at the time, I would always come back to, "Because they hate me.".

I can feel it from people. 

I would become friends with them, or meet new people or... have known them for a long time. 

Then they would become weird towards me. Distance themselves from me. Talk behind my back and I would just FEEL it all the damn time. 

And it broke my heart. 

Super lonely. No friends. No family. 

For so long, I felt this, over and over and over today. 

And yet, I have realised what it is. That one particular session with my mentor that day, unlocked something huge, that took me some time to process, or even feel the benefits of the work we did that day - because I would still FEEL the hate that people had for me - especially from the ones closest to me and still today, at times, it breaks my...

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I thought something was wrong with me... but then I realised...

I thought something was wrong with me... but then I realised... 

I am DEEP. 

I speak in energy. 

I don't speak in labels. 

I don't do names. 

I am not attached to physical reality or physical signs. 

I do energy. 

I speak in energy. 

I sense energy and I sense it deep. 

There is no separation between the veils, between the dimensions. 

I thought something was wrong with me... but then I realised... 

Another layer of my Gift was surfacing that takes me deeper into honing who I serve. 

I thought something was wrong with me... but then I realised... 

I don't need to censor or filter who I am - for the language I speak is understood in a split second by those that walk the underground along side me. 

We are the Ancient Blooded Healers. 

We have been around since the dawning of time. 

We know this place like the back of our hands - it is our Lands. 

So don't despair when those don't get...

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The more you align to your TRUTH. The more you align to your SOLAR PLEXUS. The more you empower yourself by doing WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU - EVEN when it goes against ALL CURRENT systems on the planet here - YOU TRUST and do it anyway.
Yes you may need to walk away from people and situations that are not aligned anymore. Yes you may feel grief about leaving situations or people leaving you, you thought never would. Or that you have ended up in situations you didn’t think you would be in at this time of your life. What this is called? Is ALIGNING.
“Its not who you are moving away from - it is what you are ALIGNING TO” #focus - but honour the grief and letting go process at the same time. #important
What happens - when you are listening to your intuition, when you are trusting it - even when it doesn’t make logical sense - what happens when you live in accordance to your inner guidance...
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It doesn't feel nice, it isn't pretty!

It doesn't feel nice, it isn't pretty!
When you clear energy, or begin any process that takes you into a deep healing space, it usually isn't pretty!
It is VERY common to feel, when you do a healing/clearing/ritual releasing process or any other process for yourself or someone else - you may feel:
  • heaviness 
  • start burping 
  • start coughing 
  • feel like you want to be sick, but you know you won't physically, it is an 'energetic sickness'
  • crying 
  • going to to the toilet
This is the CLEARING.
And it's not pretty most of the time!
I hear many people come to me and tell me that they heard, 'No, no, don't feel that, you can't feel that or you will manifest it in your reality it, don't focus on it.'
I CRINGE when I hear this!
Because when you start to feel energy like this - ESPECIALLY when you have chosen to do some sort of clearing/healing/intentional releasing...
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Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 21st Jan ‘19 ✨


Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 21st Jan ‘19 The Awakening Spiritual Gifts of the Empath, Atlantis & Egypt’s Consciousness has truly risen, what a powerful Blood Eclipse Moon hey?

Full Moon Ceremony Live Online:

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