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The more you align to your TRUTH. The more you align to your SOLAR PLEXUS. The more you empower yourself by doing WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU - EVEN when it goes against ALL CURRENT systems on the planet here - YOU TRUST and do it anyway.
Yes you may need to walk away from people and situations that are not aligned anymore. Yes you may feel grief about leaving situations or people leaving you, you thought never would. Or that you have ended up in situations you didn’t think you would be in at this time of your life. What this is called? Is ALIGNING.
“Its not who you are moving away from - it is what you are ALIGNING TO” #focus - but honour the grief and letting go process at the same time. #important
What happens - when you are listening to your intuition, when you are trusting it - even when it doesn’t make logical sense - what happens when you live in accordance to your inner guidance this way?
Is that you not only live in truth and integrity. But you attract people who are doing the same. And the people in your life - who aren’t doing the same? Yes, they may fall away.
But what also happens?
Is that - when you have someone around you, who is not living in their truth, maybe they have been lying to you about something, even white lies - do you know what happens Is that yes, you might sense something is off.
But what truly happens?
Is that THE UNIVERSE SHOWS YOU. I have been in situation, after situation, where I have given full faith, full commitment, dedication and more to a relationship, situation and taken people’s word for something… and if they are lying - I get shown. Simple. The universe shows me. Whatever is not in alignment = WILL come up and out. #simple
When your vibration of your body and life is a certain frequency - what is not in that frequency, cannot stay in that environment and if something is off, and you are not listening to it, or that you already know and not wanting to see it, or that you are just fully trusting a person, WANTING to listen to their words, but something is off - THE UNIVERSE WILL SHOW YOU.
You won’t even have to go looking for it. It will randomly show up in your Facebook feed. You will randomly get a message from someone showing you the truth of the situation. You will randomly do something out of the norm that you then see it and are like, oh, is that why I randomly did that thing I don’t usually do. Okay then. Right.
Sometimes the truth is hard to face, yes. BUT THE UNIVERSE WILL SHOW YOU.
Because when we are in this space of deep trust, we get on with our Life Purpose. We do our thang. We take care of ourselves, we create our life and more. We just do us.
Our Solar Plexus, located between our Heart and our belly, is associated with the colour Yellow and is bright like our Sun in the sky. Or is it?
Is your Solar Plexus, bright like the Sun? Or is it dull - check in now with your Solar Plexus? Use your Clair Organs to know that answer right away, or get a sense of it, or maybe you see it. Trust what you message you get about your Solar Plexus being bright and open, or dull and closed… or something else… are their objects or otherwise in there, that are not supposed to be?
“Archangel Micheal 100% Light, can you please clear my Solar Plexus Chakra now, and please remove anything from there that is not supposed to be there, that is not mine and please clear the energy in my Solar Plexus now. Archangel Raphael of 100% Light, please fill me with sustaining healing and replenishing, nourishing energy now. Thank you.” = Breathe deeply for minimum 3 deep breaths to absorb this now.
Our Solar Plexus is where we take back our power.
We put into motion those things that have been long put off. Those things that are dragging us down. Those things that have been on the back burner for ages, or you’ve tried to block out of your mind - it is time to action those now.
Why at the Solar Plexus?
Because this is where we feel empowered or disempowered. This is where we feel the sense of being in control, or out of control. (we are never in control of anything btw) This is where we take responsibility for our lives or throw all responsibility out to the wind and await someone to save us.
This is where we come to realise that fuck, actually, no one is coming to save me. I am the only one that can do this. Time to sort my shit out. And - NOW 👑🔥 Straighten that Crown darling!
You’ll find yourself clearing out old cupboards - even the skeletons in the cupboard.
This week expect to be sorting out contracts from your past as the Solar Plexus isn’t just about feeling empowered, but about releasing the contracts, vows and things you wrote down in time a long time ago, coming up in your face for history to be re-written so you can have not only a clean slate for your tomorrows - but enabling a higher manifestation power for freedom without the old weights of your past energetically tying you there.
If you resonate with what this is speaking to you here, a revisit with the Past Life Meditation that you have may be in call this week, before you go to your appointment to just release any other threads still there for you and free not only you, but the entire situation. (If you don’t have my Past Life Meditation you can get by clicking here: https://www.realityawareness.com/past-life-integration-healing-meditation)
This is the biggest Chakra - ha, well, actually - they are all super important in their own way - I guess, it is a very strong important piece to the puzzle - our Solar Plexus - because it is our:
~ self worth
~ self esteem
~ belief in self
~ trust in self
~ trust in intuitive messages
~ how we ‘hold ourselves’ in the world
And a lot of past life trauma lives in our Solar Plexus.
When we were killed in the past for living your life - you may be carrying a sense, that you’ve done something wrong - for BEING WHO YOU ARE.
So at that time of death, you vowed to never do that again because - well, I am going to get killed!
It is a strong part of my course - Trust Your Intuition - that the entire of Module 5 is based on this, for believing in yourself, trusting yourself and empowering yourself - to go against all odds, and trust your intuition this time, to bring to Earth - what you are here to do aka your Life Purpose which comes through your Intuition - which if you don’t trust yourself, or have beliefs sitting there (a lot of beliefs are stemmed/based in your Solar Plexus)
The hardest thing to do - is trust yourself - when it seems like everything and everyone is going against you right?
Here at the Solar Plexus we learn to trust ourselves, empower ourselves and take radical responsibility for EVERYTHING IN OUR REALITY. If it there - you called it in in SOME WAY.
Why? Because it is there to make your more conscious of yourself. What a gift right? More conscious awareness of yourself.
Even the hard times.
Even the ones that ripped your heart out and stomped it on the ground. Twice. Thrice.
Even the situations you didn’t even know how you were ever going to come back from!
All of them.
They all made you more conscious of yourself and your life in some way shape or form.
They woke you up in one way or another.
They knocked your self worth down and down and down.
Until you realised… that you became… more… from them.. from…. that situation…
Even through the grief.. even through the pain..
You realise.. That something… Has changed, deep within you.. BECAUSE of that., you are NOT the same person you were when you started that situation/relationship. And at the Solar Plexus - you start to regain your power, you step UP and do the damn work - because you know… That - if I am not there for myself - who is?
If I don’t step up and fix that thing… who will? And so you start to take steps, no matter how hard they are, or that feel like you are dredging through mud at times… You turn up, and you turn up again and again and you do the damn work and you realise that…
The more you do it, the more you… feel better, even if only slightly… because you know this is leading you somewhere -
That you’ve always wanted to go.
Somewhere, that you are not entirely sure exactly where it is leading you, you do, but you don’t, but you FEEL it in your bones, that for the first time ever - something just feels right about this.
For the first time in your life, LIFE is starting to make sense as all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and you feel… a deep sense of trust in the UNDERLYING process, even though you are grasping to hold on for what seems like dear life at times about the entire process at the same time.
And you drop, deeper, into TRUST, as you just know deep down, this is all meant to be happening, in some way shape or form and you just keep
Turning up….
And trusting the next step..
And the next step…
And the next step…
Even when it doesn’t make logical sense..
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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