It doesn't feel nice, it isn't pretty!

It doesn't feel nice, it isn't pretty!
When you clear energy, or begin any process that takes you into a deep healing space, it usually isn't pretty!
It is VERY common to feel, when you do a healing/clearing/ritual releasing process or any other process for yourself or someone else - you may feel:
  • heaviness 
  • start burping 
  • start coughing 
  • feel like you want to be sick, but you know you won't physically, it is an 'energetic sickness' 🤢
  • crying 
  • going to to the toilet 💩
This is the CLEARING.
And it's not pretty most of the time!
I hear many people come to me and tell me that they heard, 'No, no, don't feel that, you can't feel that or you will manifest it in your reality it, don't focus on it.'
I CRINGE when I hear this!
Because when you start to feel energy like this - ESPECIALLY when you have chosen to do some sort of clearing/healing/intentional releasing process - this heavy, burping, coughing and every other thing you feel in this space - IS CLEARING out of your system.
No, you won't manifest it - because you are clearing it!
Sure - choose not to if you want to, choose to ignore it, push it down and bury it again, try to 'clear it with a meditation' if you may, so you don't feel it with your beliefs of manifesting it if you focus on it, and choose to stay thinking positive instead - you just cut yourself off from the deepest and what becomes the simplest form of healing if you practise this, that can be done anytime, anywhere you start to feel it rise.
Yet - the burying it in your subconscious, TRYING to push it down so you don't feel it are the VERY things that will manifest it. Let alone how exhausting that is holding down that much energy that was only trying to come up and out!
Our subconscious beliefs and feelings ARE what manifest our reality.
Sure our conscious mind does a chunk of it, yet, our subconscious holds more weight when it comes to manifesting our reality.
So the next time you choose to intentionally do a clearing and you start feeling any of the above symptoms - know that this IS the clearing and healing going on.
Allow yourself to burp, allow yourself to cough but most importantly ALLOW YOURSELF TO CONSCIOUSLY FEEL IT.
This CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of you consciously feeling these uncomfortable feelings IS the LIGHT that shifts the DARKNESS.
Your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of this CONSCIOUS FEELING of these feelings, no matter how uncomfortable IS the HIGHER SELF/HIGHER VIBRATIONS shifting the LOWER VIBRATIONS - with conscious awareness.
No, you don't need to be conscious of what you are clearing in the moments.
Sure, you may get intuition later on about what you just cleared.
Yet, you don't need to know exactly what you are clearing to consciously let this come out of your system.
This sort of conscious clearing and healing can last for anywhere from 15mins to 40-50-90mins.
Now you might think that is a long time, yet, in a healing session, they are standard healing times roughly are they not?
Do you truly allow yourself even that much conscious feeling time in your reality everyday anyway?
So, when these waves 'hit' - especially when you are doing a clearing/healing or releasing some sort of blocks from your life with what you have been working on, you now know that this is clearing out of your system and although it doesn't feel nice in the moments - you are clearing it consciously with the Heart and Light of your awareness.
Remember we are FEELING Beings - that means we feel EVERYTHING - not just the good stuff.
When we clear out this heaviness and all that, that entails - that means lighter vibrations can 'sit in that space instead' - as there is now room in your system for such higher vibrations to 'take their place'.
Yet you can't go pouring water in mud and expecting it to magically be crystal clear.
You need to shift the mud out first and clear the space yes?
In these moments of feeling this heavy energy, burping or whatnot, I am always asking my Spiritual Guides, Archangels and Other Beings of 100% Light to help me clear this out and metaphysical surgery usually starts occurring at the same time, or they just hold and expand my Heart Chakra to encompass me, so I don't feel alone on such heavy energy shifting moments when it can feel too much at times.
Yet, I let myself go there, because I know that I am shifting something big out of my system and now you have the permission and know you can feel this consciously by choosing to allow the waves to rise and flow through you too, so you can shift it out too.
Creating space in your subconscious, free from all the hurts, pains and trauma is what you want after all isn't it?
To set yourself free and have space in there to allow the light and higher vibrations into your system yes?
To return to - Homeostasis yes?
Conscious Feeling.
All of it, will set yourself free.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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