Throat Chakra

Speaking AND Living Your Truth πŸ’™The Power of Shadow Work

  • Speaking AND Living your Truth
  • Knowing what your truth is and what someone else's truth is - so you live the life you are born for, not a Shadow life
  • Shadow Work
  • Light & Dark Energy
  • Creativity

Here is the Throat Chakra eBook you can download and work through. I highly recommend writing down your reflections/aha moments as you work through the eBook to ground & embody your new found awareness into your reality. You can watch the video now, or work through the Throat Chakra eBook first. Trust what you feel called to do. Love, Hannah. The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘


Other Throat Chakra Resources:

Here is a selection of Blogs & Livestreams I have done, that will give you a deep understanding of your powerful THROAT πŸ’™

Blog - Let's Talk Taboo Stuff
Blog - When You Gain A Deeper Understanding
You Gain A Deeper Sense of Compassion
Blog - It totally pains my Heart
When I see other people ripping them to shreds
Blog - Why You Are Worried About What The Government Is Doing
Blog - Implementing Boundaries, The Energetic Fallout
Blog - You Are Not Separate From Any Of It

Honouring Our Throat Chakra & Shadow Work

Releasing Roles to Free Your Soul

Honouring Your Light Side In Shadow Work

Picking Up Other's Subconscious Stuff

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