Throat Chakra

Speaking AND Living Your Truth ๐Ÿ’™The Power of Shadow Work

  • Speaking AND Living your Truth
  • Knowing what your truth is and what someone else's truth is - so you live the life you are born for, not a Shadow life
  • Shadow Work
  • Light & Dark Energy
  • Creativity

Other Throat Chakra Resources:

Here is a selection of Blogs & Livestreams I have done, that will give you a deep understanding of your powerful THROAT ๐Ÿ’™

Blog - Let's Talk Taboo Stuff
Blog - When You Gain A Deeper Understanding
You Gain A Deeper Sense of Compassion
Blog - It totally pains my Heart
When I see other people ripping them to shreds
Blog - Why You Are Worried About What The Government Is Doing
Blog - Implementing Boundaries, The Energetic Fallout
Blog - You Are Not Separate From Any Of It

Honouring Our Throat Chakra & Shadow Work

Releasing Roles to Free Your Soul

Honouring Your Light Side In Shadow Work

Picking Up Other's Subconscious Stuff

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